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  1. Went for a pre-trial assesments for two agravated assault charges . That greasy bastard Levin scared the crap out of me, called the police and they wouldn’t even talk to me.
    Cops told me that to advise my PO. I told her that he was saying some very disturbing things to me, she told me that there was nothing he could do and that I had to continue to see him .
    I went for one more “session” and as soon as I got there he started to ask me about if i had ever been with men ? And the size of my penis ? And then he wanted to examine my privates . Same as the previous visits.
    When he stood up to approach me i told him to back off.
    My next visit to my PO I informed him that I wouldn’t be going back and he could breach me if he wanted.
    Many many sleepless nights before my trial, even thought about skipping town and running. At that point
    I was convinced that he was going to tell the crown to put me in jail.
    Nobody would listen to me untill he was finally charged.
    And even then the police told me that since he didn”t touch me they didn’t need to get a statement .
    WTF ????

    Lee Pratt

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