Dr. Shock: a detailed look

Recently, the esteemed Canadian magazine “The Walrus” featured an excellent and well-constructed piece on Levin written by Richard Poplak titled “Dr. Shock: how an apartheid-era psychiatrist went from torturing gay soldiers in South Africa to sexually abusing patients in Alberta.”

Here is the link: https://thewalrus.ca/doctor-shock/

INSPECTED from above, there is nothing—just the converging serpents of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, and a plateau surrounded by endless tracts of veld. In 1970, a military camp was built here, overseen by a psychiatrist who believed firmly in the curative power of pain. In apartheid’s darkest corners, he was known as die Kolonel, his camp was christened Greefswald, and no two terms inspired more dread in the members of the South African Defence Force, themselves experts in the creation and dissemination of terror….(continue reading on https://thewalrus.ca/doctor-shock/)


Aubrey Levin’s wife Erica Levin gets conditional sentence for bribery attempt of juror

Erica Levin will receive an 18-month conditional sentence with house arrest and 180 hours of community service for her failed attempt at bribing a juror at her infamous husband’s trial.

All the details are in the following links:

The Calgary Herald with full details: http://calgaryherald.com/news/crime/erica-levin-faces-jail-for-attempting-to-bribe-juror-at-husbands-sex-trial

…..Saying she had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression at the time of the incident, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Karen Horner handed the 72-year-old woman an 18-month conditional sentence with house arrest and 180 hours of community service.

Horner called Ms. Levin’s crime “selfish” and “reckless.”

“The emotional distress the juror was put through was no fault of her own,” said Horner. “She said after speaking to Ms. Levin she was in such shock she had to get away from the court house and go home. She reported it to the judge after the weekend.

“I do not accept that trying to bribe a juror is the same as trying to bribe a witness. A juror is one of 12 judges. To single out a juror is the same as trying to bribe a judge.”….(contd. in the above link)

From Global News Canada (contains video): http://globalnews.ca/news/2001222/woman-gets-18-month-conditional-sentence-after-bribing-juror-in-husbands-trial/

From the French CBC Radio-Canada: http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/alberta/2015/05/16/001-peine-sursis-erica-levin.shtml

From the English CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/erica-levin-not-going-to-prison-for-trying-to-bribe-juror-at-husband-s-sex-assault-trial-1.3076386

From the Calgary Sun: http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/05/15/wife-of-disgraced-calgary-doctor-escapes-jail-time-after-attempt-to-bribe-juror-during-husbands-sexual-assault-trial

Aubrey Levin’s bid to appeal sex assault convictions denied by Supreme Court

Link below from the CBC which in the last week has been riddled with its own top-star’s scandal, as more and more women are coming out with stories of violent sexualized encounters with the CBC’s former golden boy Jian Ghomeshi. (And yes, it did bring back memories for me of the emails I received last year from the brave women who had written about the public persona vs private conduct of a certain Toronto psychiatrist (not Levin) who also had a gig with the CBC, although for the benefit of fact, I will say that those revelations, though dark, definitely did not involve hitting, slapping, biting or anything that physically hurtful and violent. This is not to minimize the pain suffered or its nature.)

In any case, as in the case of Levin or others in positions of power within their respective fields – it goes to show that smiling, charming, seemingly kind and “intellectual” public personas have little to do with the stark contrasts people may exhibit or possess behind closed doors. The hypocrisy of narcissists.


The Supreme Court of Canada has shut the door on a psychiatrist’s request to appeal three convictions for sexually assaulting his court-appointed patients.

Dr. Aubrey Levin of Calgary was found guilty by a jury in January 2013 and was sentenced to five years in prison.

He had asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal of his convictions, but that request has been denied.

As always, the top court did not give reasons for its decision.

Allegations against Levin came to light in 2010 after (read more)

Erica Levin found guilty of obstruction of justice and attempted bribery of a juror

From October 9, 2014; sentencing takes place on November 21, 2014.

From Global News, Canada (contains video): http://globalnews.ca/news/1607464/calgary-woman-guilty-of-bribing-juror/

From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/erica-levin-found-guilty-in-juror-bribing-case-1.2794007

From Canadian Televsion CTV News: http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/guilty-verdict-returned-in-jury-tampering-trial-1.2047378

Calgary Sun (includes video): http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/10/09/levin-found-guilty-of-bribery-in-sex-trial

From The Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/wife-of-psychiatrist-convicted-of-sex-assault-guilty-of-trying-to-bribe-juror/article21034312/ The G&M article is quoted below:


Calgary. The Canadian Press.

The wife of a Calgary psychiatrist convicted of sexually assaulting his court-appointed patients has been found guilty of trying to bribe a juror during her husband’s trial.

Erica Levin was charged with obstruction after a juror came forward to say she had been approached by a relative of the accused.

The juror testified this week that she was offered $1,000 if she found Dr. Aubrey Levin not guilty.

The psychiatrist was convicted in January, 2013, on three counts of sexual assault against male patients and sentenced to five years in prison.

Jurors at Erica Levin’s trial were shown surveillance video of her approaching a female juror at a light-rail transit platform near the courthouse and giving her a note.

Levin, who is 70, told court that the note did not contain money, but a suicide note.

She testified she had gone to the transit station with the intent to throw herself in front of a train, but decided not to kill herself when she realized she needed to take care of her cat.

Levin sobbed as she testified that her husband’s trial was not fair and that gross inconsistencies in the trial added to her depression.

During cross-examination, the Crown pointed out that she had other opportunities to kill herself if she wanted to and accused her of lying.

The juror was excused from the doctor’s trial after she came forward with her allegations.

Levin remains free on bail until her sentencing in November.

Aubrey Levin asked for a reduction in his sentence, but it was upheld by the Alberta Court of Appeal in June.

The original allegations against him came to light in 2010 after one of his patients stepped forward with secret videos he had recorded during sessions with the psychiatrist.

The patient was on probation at the time the videos were taken and had been ordered by a court to see Levin twice a month.

The man said he had told authorities about previous assaults and no one believed him, so he bought a spy camera and brought it to his appointments.

Levin, who immigrated to Canada from South Africa, was frequently used by the courts to assess people and provide expert opinions at hearings.

He served briefly as director for the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon and was licensed in 1998 to practise psychiatry in Alberta.

Levin is no stranger to controversy over his work. He faced heated accusations about his time as a military psychiatrist during apartheid in South Africa, where he earned his degree in 1963.

In the 1970s, he was a psychiatrist at a military hospital where aversion therapy through electric shocks was allegedly used in an attempt to change the sexuality of gay soldiers. Levin is mentioned in a report that aimed to shed light on abuses of gays and lesbians in the military by health workers.

“Levin sobbed as she testified that her husband’s trial was not fair and that gross inconsistencies in the trial added to her depression.” Hm. What about the gross treatment and depression of the victims of the husband in South Africa? Where was ‘fairness” then?  Both Levins display plenty of self-pity; yet, absolutely no remorse for the actions of her husband and her own bribery attempt. In her mind the two of them are still blameless.

From an article on narcissism: “..he (the narcissist) has a diminished capacity to empathise so he rarely feels sorry for what he does. He almost never puts himself in the shoes of his “victims”. Actually, he doesn’t regard them as victims at all. It is very common for the narcissist to feel victimized, deprived and discriminated against. ….Sure, he feels distressed because he is intelligent enough to realise that something is wrong with him in a major way. He compares himself to others and the outcome is never favourable. His grandiosity is one of the defense mechanisms that he uses to cover up for this disagreeable state of things. Narcissists and psychopaths rarely feel sorry for what they did and apologize only if it furthers their interests”

Erica Levin trial updates

Erica Levin trial updates from news sources:

Bribery Accused said envelope contains suicide notes, not cash: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/crime-and-justice/Bribery+accused+said+envelope+contained+suicide+note+cash/10271434/story.html

Closing statements:


…and, more excuses (why would you tell a juror you wanted to commit suicide?) As I’d written earlier once, they’re two of a kind. http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/10/08/accused-had-suicide-opportunity-prosecutor-tells-calgary-court

March 2014 Update on the case

From the Calgary Herald. Original article here: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Former+forensic+psychiatrist+Aubrey+Levin+will+testify+sexual+assault+trial/9619642/story.html

A jury will not hear from the former forensic psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting two male patients under his care.

Defence lawyer Chris Archer, who represents Aubrey Levin, advised Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes on Friday that he will call no evidence on behalf of his client.

Two men testified during the two-week trial that Levin, 74, fondled their genitals during appointments at his office in Peter Lougheed Centre in 2009.

They also testified at the opening trial in 2012 that resulted in a hung jury.

The trial continues Tuesday with final arguments.

Hughes will give final instructions to the jury Wednesday.


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Earlier from the Calgary Sun: 
“Witness describes alleged sexual assault at trial of noted psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin”
Note: I am often e-mailed information about the case from people who say they know a lot and/or have written to higher-up government officials about their own experiences directly with Levin. The reason I refrain from publishing that information here, is
(a) This is an ongoing case and for the sake of the jury and legal issues, such information should not be printed here, whether true or rumoured.
(b) This site is to ask questions, raise awareness, and document the infamous conduct of Dr. Levin both regarding his past in South Africa and his present charges in Canada, as well as similar crimes. It is always, always correct to place legitimate information regarding the case written by professional journalists in legitimate publications. It is their job to investigate and write, while it is the job of those with information to pass on their leads to journalists and let them take it from there.
In the near future, I hope to provide links to legitimate organizations set up to help victims of conversion therapy, abuse by psychiatrists who misused their power and abuse by clinical narcissists. But apart from the “how” of healing, I’m also  interested on the “why” of the reason Machiavellians and white-collar psychopaths can get away with crimes like these.

December update on the Levin trial

From the Calgary Herald. December 2, 2013.

“Hearing to determine admissibility of evidence in retrial of disgraced psychiatrist.”

A five-week voir dire began on Monday to determine the admissibility of evidence in the retrial of former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin for allegedly sexually assaulting three patients.

The trial within a trial will run for three weeks this month, then continue for two more weeks starting Jan. 13. The jury trial, set for eight weeks, will begin March 3.

For the rest of the article: http://bit.ly/1czh7M6