A missed trial. And another mistrial.

From CBC News:


A Calgary judge has declared a second mistrial in the sexual assault case against former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin.

Levin first went on trial in 2012 for nine counts of sexual assault against former patients.

He was found guilty of three counts in January 2013 for fondling men who had been assigned to him as patients through the courts.
Levin was given a five-year prison sentence, which he appealed. That same jury found him not guilty of two counts and a mistrial was declared on the remaining four charges when the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

A new trial for two of those charges began earlier this month in front of a new jury. But on Friday that jury was also unable to come to a verdict.

It’s an outcome the Crown says is rare and frustrating.

“For everyone … part of the process, for the accused, for the complainants and certainly from the Crown’s perspective it is too. We’d like to see finality to proceedings,” said Shane Parker.

Crown considering 3rd trial

Levin remains out on bail pending the appeal of his sentence.

His lawyer said the drawn out process is tough on his client.

“Obviously it’s difficult,” said defence lawyer Chris Archer. “It’s hanging over him. As I’ve said before, he’s 74 years old, so it’s even more difficult when you factor in his age.”

The Crown is considering a third trial, but one legal expert questions that decision because of the costs involved and the likelihood of finding another jury that hasn’t been tainted by all the media coverage.

“These 12 people that sat on the jury could not come to a unanimous decision so there seems to be something that’s deadlocking them. Is that likely to happen again?” said Janne Holmgren, an associate professor in justice studies at Mount Royal University.

The Crown says there’s a lot to consider, including having victims testify again.

“Every time it’s not getting any easier for them, it’s getting harder,” said Parker. “They’re in a different place in their lives now, and we’d have to respect the fact if they said they want to move on.”


Jury deadlocked…

From the Calgary Herald: “Levin jurors struggle for unanimous verdict” by Daryl Slade.

A deadlocked jury appeared to be the outcome again late Thursday afternoon in former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin’s sexual assault trial.

Just after 4 p.m., following about 12 hours of deliberations over two days, the jury sent a note from the foreperson to Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes, which read “We the jury have made every effort to reach a unanimous verdict and cannot.”

After debate with both sides’ counsel, Hughes read the jury a standard exhortation to keep deliberating and make their best effort to reach a unanimous verdict.

For the rest of the article follow the link: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Levin+jurors+struggle+unanimous+verdict/9642904/story.html

Day old article from the CBC:


From the Calgary Sun, by Kevin Martin:

Jurors deciding the fate of convicted sex offender Dr. Aubrey Levin spent another night in a city hotel after failing to reach a verdict Thursday.

The five-woman, seven-man jury ended deliberations just before 9 p.m. despite earlier telling Justice Beth Hughes they were hopelessly deadlocked.

Hughes received a note from the jury around 4 p.m. indicating they couldn’t come to a consensus.

The Court of Queen’s Bench judge asked jurors deliberating Levin’s case to continue to try to come to a consensus.

Hughes decided to “exhort” jurors to come to a decision, but said if they can’t she has the power to declare a mistrial.

For the rest – http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/03/21/jury-cant-decide–no-consensus-in-trial-of-shrink-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-patients

Also from the Sun, “Obstruction Case against wife of Dr. Aubrey Levin has been postponed”:


Looks like the man will get away…..and those who will let him go will get his “gratitude” as he will sue against the province.

Time the jurors read Barbara Oakley’s “Pathological Altruism.” Showing mercy to a sick psycho does not change or redeem him, it gives him power to lash back. Machiavellians never change. They can only pretend.

It only sadly reminds us how little the sexual abuse of men count in our society. Had even a single one of those he touched been a woman, even if the woman may have been a cold-blooded murderer, you’d have seen how all the white-knights and feminist groups would have convened, protested, gone berserk and had the “dirty shock-doc” convicted.

But he abused men.

In our politically-correct society, that no longer matters any more. Men who are victims of sexual crimes – in whatever form – are now second class citizens of the system. Q.E.D.


But of course! “Victims lied or exaggerated,” claims Levin’s lawyer.

Kevin Martin reports the latest from the case. Direct link here:


One alleged victim’s a liar and the other an embellisher, the lawyer for psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin said Tuesday.

Defence counsel Chris Archer said the testimony of two men accusing Levin of sexually abusing them as patients can’t be trusted.

Archer said one, who claimed Levin fondled him at his Peter Lougheed Centre office, made the story up to gain financially.

And as for the second complainant, Archer said the patient misinterpreted Levin’s actions when the doctor examined his penis after the man mentioned he had a mole.

“It was a valid and necessary screen for cancer,” the lawyer said…..

For the rest of the article, follow the link.

And of course, Greefswald, conversion therapies, and other atrocities in the SADF etc. did not happen at all.  All the victims for decades have been lying and exaggerating. That is the only explanation. Even the articles in a reputed newspaper like the UK Guardian are lies and exaggerations. The doc is as pure as the milky white snow of the Canadian winter.

Technicalities, Excuses & Legal Loopholes as Levin’s case plods on

The duo who had shown no mercy or ethics in the treatment of homosexuals in the South African Defence Force, no respect for others’  legal rights when his patients were molested by him, and no sense of law and order while trying to bribe a juror, now have managed to get their lawyer to pull every legal loophole to be free, and hold up their rights, their “pain”.

And, of course, our dear Canada, with its red carpet treatment to bullies and those who know how to use its govt. system, will bestow upon this lovely couple whatever the duo wish …..I am quite certain in a few years Dr. Levin may even be eligible for the Order of Canada for his selfless service to this country, for his remarkable human rights record and honourable messiah-like work in South Africa……and anyone who called him out will be banished from this kingdom, or even arrested, for daring to call a sick abuser a “sick abuser.” Amen.

Latest developments in the case:

From the CBC:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/erica-levin-in-court-over-charge-she-tried-to-bribe-husband-s-juror-1.2503844

The lawyer representing a woman accused of trying to bribe a jurorat her husband’s trial wants to talk to the other jurors.

Last year Aubrey Levin was found guilty of sexually assaulting three former male patients.

During the trial a juror had to be excused after she told the judge she had been approached by Levin’s wife Erica and offered cash for an acquittal.

Erica Levin was charged with obstruction of justice.

Before the Crown begins presenting evidence, Erica Levin’s lawyer is asking the judge for the names and contact information of the other jurors.

Alberta’s Jury Act discourages personal information from being shared.

From the Calgary Sun: “Defence eyes juror interviews in case of Calgary senior accused of attempted bribery during husband’s trial”

The lawyer for a Calgary senior charged with attempting to bribe a juror in her husband’s sex assault trial wants to interview other jury members.

Defence counsel Michael Bates argued Monday the remaining 11 jurors could have information to shed light on the case of Erica Levin.

Bates told Justice Sheilah Martin that without the ability to quiz the remaining jurors, who later convicted Levin’s husband Dr. Aubrey Levin of sexually abusing patients, his client wouldn’t get a fair trial.

He wants Martin to order Crown prosecutor Brian Holtby to disclose the remaining jurors’ contact information to the defence, or make the clerk’s office provide it.

For the rest of the article, follow this link: http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/20/defence-eyes-juror-interviews-in-case-of-calgary-senior-accused-of-attempted-bribery-during-husbands-trial

And….drum-roll, please. Of course, victory for the Levins! Maybe he can become the next mayor of Calgary? He can “examine” his electorate thoroughly with his bare hands, while Toronto mayor Rob Ford applauds him and snorts crack-cocaine. Go Canada!

“Minor victory for accused in Calgary jury bribery case” 



The lawyer for a Calgary woman charged with bribing a juror in her husband’s sex-assault trial who wants to talk to other jury members won a partial victory Tuesday.

Justice Sheilah Martin agreed the Crown would have to provide the identity of one of the remaining jurors to defence counsel Michael Bates, because the woman was on the same C-Train platform where the alleged crime took place…..

For the rest of the article: http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/21/minor-victory-for-accused-in-calgary-jury-bribery-case

Warning: The following picture may be offensive to some as it shows a couple of pathological narcissists and white collar psychopaths who walk away free while many of their victims from decades ago have been damaged for life. But of course, in the eyes of the law, the rights of these two specimens matter more in Canada than the rights of those without money and power, and of course of those who were gay and thereby “deserved” to be tortured by this specimen.

Canada, you always claim, often wrongly, a misplaced “moral superiority” over the United States, but this is a shame, a travesty on your part. Even the U.S. finally convicted Jerry Sandusky.

For decades you gave a safe haven to this torturer who was wanted in South Africa for his crimes against humanity, but – no – you gave him his freedom, his license to practice medicine, a professorship and a lot more. Those who were complicit in this injustice, I wonder how you sleep peacefully at night. But, ah, oh well – anyone who has read the books of the brilliant Dr. Robert Hare (Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits- When Psychopaths go to work”) or his papers  know exactly why…..or more precisely, understand how you could sleep. And we shake our heads at the injustices that go unpunished in this world.

No words. In advance, for we can slowly see what the final outcome of this case may be. Any bets that Levin will then sue the Alberta govt. and wish to be paid by our tax money for the “injustices” perpetrated on him? I wouldn’t put it past this specimen.

Dr. Aubrey Levin

27 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

The following is a link to a powerful photo essay featured on Buzzfeed from Grace Brown’s Project Unbreakable, an online platform that strives to “increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault.”

The photos of the victims are on the following link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/male-survivors-of-sexual-assault-quoting-the-people-who-a. They are also featured at the end of this post.

I wonder sometimes if the act of brushing away the emotional and physical abuse borne by adult men shows a larger problem in our society on how male abuse is something not adequately dealt with in first world countries (or for that matter, other countries, but then many other countries are very patriarchal and the women there already suffer enough, and often much more than the men.)

But I often wonder how abuse towards men is trivialized, not addressed adequately or just laughed off, especially in Canada, US, and Europe. Men who are more naive, vulnerable, sensitive, passive or non-confrontational are often victims of both psychological and physical abuse too, but this is not sufficiently probed into, or even empathized upon – definitely not to the extent women in similar situations receive support and sympathy. Male victims are instead asked to “toughen up,” “forget about it,” “let it go” and so on.

Men, not just in sexual assaults as shown in the photo essay, but  in relationships can, and also do, face abuse and women who are high-conflict types can be very abusive towards them, yet, while ample on-line and psychological health resources exist for women, there are hardly any for men.

And I will not even get into the warped way in which the family courts and divorce courts in Canada, USA and western Europe are skewed against men and their rights. Powerful men in these countries have unlimited clout. But the men who do not possess certain confrontational qualities, and may become silent victims in various circumstances, are almost treated like second class citizens when it comes to addressing issues such as abuse, assault and psychological/physical trauma caused by sexual, marital and/or authoritarian predators.

Have you thought what would have happened if “Dr.” Aubrey Levin had been caught touching a woman patient inappropriately, let alone molesting her? Huge groups would have been up in arms, he would have been locked up sooner, and his breach of faith would have been considered reprehensible immediately. But when sexual abuse occurs towards men and boys, by other men and women, it is often seen as something trivial.

Every month I receive a few heart-rending mails from victims of Levin and of a few other psychiatrists; victims who were not heard, and a few who are still looking for good resources or support groups to help them recover from psychological pain and trauma. The ones he sexually molested were already vulnerable. Some of them were not court ordered, but held normal jobs, and had simply visited him for pills to curb anxiety attacks and sleep disorders etc. and were touched, molested, fondled inappropriately.

I hope to place a blog post in the near future with links to good ethical and objective resources that help male victims. But in the meantime, if readers have any suggestions for on-line or in-person resources that specifically specialize in healing male victims of sexual abuse, please feel free to post as comments, or to mail me the links.

The photo essay of 27 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

 Since sexual assault plagues both genders, here are quotes from the male survivors.

White Coat Black Art – a new show on medical whistleblowers

Season Premiere: Blowing the Whistle on Bad Medicine

White Coat Black Art is a new show on CBC Radio 1 hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman, exposing what happens when insiders whistle-blow on serious crimes, corruption, scandals, inefficiencies, negligence and unethical practices in the close-knit medical community and profession.

Details on the show are here: http://www.cbc.ca/whitecoat/2013/09/06/blowing-the-whistle-on-bad-medicine/

The audio clip of the premiere show is here:


I highly recommend you listen to it. Extremely telling. Very eye-opening.



Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden – just a few of the high profile whistle blowers generating headlines in 2013 – which is shaping up as the Year of the Whistle Blower. But who is stepping up and speaking out in health care? As detailed in the season premiere of White Coat, Black Art they are few and far between. As you’ll hear, it’s a difficult road for health care workers to do what’s right, when things go wrong. One young resident tells Dr. Goldman that his name was blackened, his sanity questioned and his career very nearly imploded when he spoke up about a medical mistake.  We’ll also hear from BC doctor Robert Crossland, who says he was run out of town thanks to a kind of “economic terrorism” he faced when he outed some colleagues for bad behaviour. Later in his career he went public with concerns about cuts to the B-C coroner’s service only to have them swept aside with serious consequences, as detailed in this CBC report.

And when push comes to shove and a patient needs a whistle blower to help out their court case – who they gonna call? Medical malpractice lawyer Amani Oakley says, don’t bother calling at all because no one is willing to take the risk of ruining a colleague’s career and hospitals will hide behind privacy legislation.
That left us asking, where does that leave us when it comes to patient safety and protection?
We look to the experience of the United Kingdom, which is still dealing with the fallout from a widespread scandal that saw doctors and patients blow the whistle on negligence  that led to 1200 deaths at Stafford Hospital.  The scandal led British Prime Minister David Cameron to apologize in the House of Commons last February.  And as British lawyer and journalist Andrew Bousfield  (who also runs a website for whistle blowers) told Brian, it it also led the government to appoint that nation’s first Chief Inspector of Hospitals — aka a  “whistle blower-in-chief.”
Once you hear the show, maybe we’ll hear from you?  If you have a comment or your own whistle to blow on the health care system, let us know – email us at whitecoat@cbc.ca or leave us a message at  1-866-648-6714.  
– The above script is from the webpage of the show. Once again, do listen to the show on the audio clip: HERE. Revealing interviews, pertinent questions and good analyses. The UK website of medical whistle-blowers mentioned on the show is: http://medicalharm.org/

Aversion Therapies in religious and military organizations getting more mainstream coverage

A month back I had posted the cases covered by CNN’s Anderson Cooper nearly 2 years back on the abusive treatment to “cure” “sissy boys.” This article is about similar victims of Aversion therapy who were either tortured, mutilated, abused, murdered or led to commit suicide as a result of the “treatment”.

From yesterday’s (June 25, 2013) Huffington Post. By Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson. She also mentions Levin: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-dr-nancy-wilson/exodus-ex-gays-and-an-effeminate-boy_b_3483580.html

Exodus International leader Alan Chambers apologized recently for the harm done to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people by the so-called “ex-gay” movement. In that moment, the face that came to mind for me was the bruised, burned and emaciated face of 15-year-old Raymond Buys.

In 2011, Raymond was sent to a South African boot camp where boys — especially effeminate boys, or boys who were thought to be gay — were supposed to become men. The camp directors are now on trial for torturing Raymond to death. I am haunted by photos of his emaciated body in the hospital bed where he looks like a victim of a Nazi death camp.

Alan Chambers can apologize for suicides, deaths, lost years and damage to families, but his apology is only as good as real actions to counter the lies spread throughout the world by Exodus and other groups that underpin so much anti-LGBT persecution. Religious people who promoted ex-gay programs must bring the same fervor to saving our lives as they have brought to trying to separate our souls from our God-given sexual orientations and gender identities.

Around the world, effeminate boys and masculine girls continue to be tortured, raped and sometimes murdered with the tacit support of so-called “ex-gay” movements. For decades, they have promoted the lie that LGBT people could be heterosexual if we really wanted to and prayed hard enough.

Even in a country with constitutional protections like South Africa, Raymond’s mother was not immune to homophobia. Raymond’s mother thought her son could man up with a little help from a boot camp.

She was devastated by his death and learned through testimony that Raymond had been chained to his bed for extended periods and left in his own soil. Tortures included being forced to eat his own feces, and camp leaders put a pillowcase over his head and used an electric cattle prod on his fragile body. When he arrived at the hospital, he had multiple burns, his bones were broken, and he was starved and dehydrated. Medical attention came too late.

Too many mothers and fathers send their children to military boot camps or through so-called “ex-gay” or “reparative therapy” programs where debunked psychology is enmeshed with religious bigotry to produce persecution and unwarranted shame.

Alan Chambers’ apology is historic, but apologies from others who left these pseudoscientific programs have not been able to stop the purveyors of “ex-gay” lies. Exodus International is shutting its doors, but Exodus Global Alliance is still perpetrating spiritual violence against LGBT people around the world. Spokespeople like Alan Chambers must step up and condemn these programs as well.

What led up to this moment?

Chambers is not the first “ex-gay” program survivor to come out and apologize. Michael Bussee, founder of Exodus, recanted years ago and now spends his life working for equality.John Paulk, a one-time Focus on the Family star who was once featured on the cover ofNewsweek as “ex-gay,” said he is gay and expressed regret for the harm his work had done.

Some are outed. Paulk only apologized after being photographed in a gay bar. Matt Moorewas caught on a hookup site called Grindr. Moore is still saying that he was using Grindr to just see who was “in the neighborhood.” After being caught, Moore sold his computer, locked his phone, ended his blog and said more “seasoned believers” than he should be in the public eye.

When secrets, lies and obsessions combine with dogma and vulnerable people, it is always a disaster.

For example, Aubrey Levin (dubbed “Dr. Shock”) was arrested in Canada after a career of torturing gay men with electric shock aversion “therapies” in South Africa. He moved to Canada, where he continued to prey on vulnerable men. Finally, he was stopped when one of his court-mandated patients secretly recorded a session where Levin sexually abused him.

In another public debacle, a Florida newspaper photographed George Alan Rekers, a board member of NARTH (North American Reparative Therapy), vacationing with a “rent boy.” He tried to say the man was there to carry his luggage for him.

In New Jersey, Chaim Levin and three other men recently filed suit against leaders of JONAH, a Jewish “reparative therapy” network. Levin’s description of being told to strip naked as part of his therapy is shocking.

Tragically, much of the efforts to convert lesbian and gay people are deeply rooted in misguided religious beliefs. Originally, groups like Exodus and NARTH tried to position themselves as traditional counseling and psychotherapy, but no research has held up under scrutiny, and key players like Joseph Nicolosi and Richard A. Cohen lost all credibility as a result of ethics violations.

There is no viable scientific support for “ex-gay” programs. In 2007, the American Psychological Association assigned a Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. The task force reviewed more than 80 studies, which were overwhelmingly flawed, and none could prove that sexual orientation could be changed.

In 2012, the researcher highly cited by conservatives, Dr. Robert Spitzer, apologized for his own research in which he interviewed people in the so-called “ex-gay” movement and asked them if they had changed their sexual orientation. Of course, a few claimed to have changed, but there was never proof.

With the veil of scientific legitimacy in shreds, the only remaining smoke screen has been religion.

In a 2009 study on “ex-gay” programs, researchers from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force concluded:

Young people are now being used as ammunition in the evangelical Christian and political right-wing’s war against equality for LGBT Americans. Ex-gay organizations, in particular, have taken what used to be an intensely personal process (coming out to one’s self, friends and family) and have created dedicated programs and conferences that link the personal lives of young people to battles over same-sex marriage and the election of conservative political leaders.

When Christians from almost 200 countries gathered in South Africa for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, the “ex-gay” movement was there. This time, it was the Exodus Global Alliance. This 2010 conference was the largest evangelical gathering in recent history. Exodus presenters claimed there are no more than a few thousand gay people in each African country, and that these are all products of the West. They intone that being gay is not a greater sin but say no other sin has a movement for acceptance. A speaker parroted the completely discredited myths about rejection, sexual abuse and distant fathers as “causes” for being gay.

In a world that allows Raymond Buys to be tortured to death because he was a soft and delicate boy, the travesties continue.

Even though nine countries in Europe, several in Latin America, and South Africa have marriage equality, more than 70 countries throughout the world have laws making same-gender love illegal, and in seven countries, being gay is punishable by execution.

What is critical to understand is that conservatives who claim they are acting out of Christian love are exporting these same defamed and debunked conversion “treatments” all around the world as a “gentler and softer” alternative to prison and execution. These same people are perfectly willing to label gay people as evil and sinful and then are surprised when punitive laws are enforced and people in the street begin to take the law into their own hands and attack and kill people they believe are gay.

Just last week, USA Today reported that an evangelical pastor appointed to head Brazil’s Human Rights Commission led the committee to approve a bill to make it legal for psychologists to treat homosexuality as a disorder or pathology. Where is the voice of Alan Chambers on this scandal?

Whether it is in the United StatesSouth AfricaChinaAfricaLatin America or Eastern Europe, homophobia is still at work, and too many evangelicals are still trying to position “ex-gay” ministries as the compassionate approach.

They are not!

Whether it is the death penalty, prison, shock treatment, laws that silence, or conversion therapy, all of it kills. Whether it kills the spirit, promotes suicide or results in the death penalty, carnage lies in its wake.

Raymond Buys, rest in peace. I will not forget you. I will not forget your broken body. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who defend our young people who are LGBT or gender-nonconforming. Your journey ended, but your story continues.

– Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson.

(Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson is the global leader of Metropolitan Community Churches, an ecumenical denomination committed to justice open to all. Dr. Wilson was appointed by President Obama to the White House Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in 2011. She has been a spiritual activist for 39 years as a pastor and a lesbian.)

A link to the sad and horrific case of Raymond Buys: http://www.sott.net/article/261426-Raymond-Buys-15-years-old-tortured-and-murdered-for-not-being-manly