(This page is now open for viewing again, after deliberation with my legal adviser and tracking experts, regarding some comments about another forensic psychiatrist. Two of those comments have been withheld – one for the personal protection of the commentator and another because the commentator asked it to be witheld until he felt comfortable. Those two comments which have been witheld were in response to a comment by Shawn and another response by a woman agreeing with the online pseudonyms mentioned in a previous comment. Please note, that as per our Comment Policy, any personal identifying information such as legal proper names and locations in a couple of the comments have been removed. Readers are free once again to post, but for their own protection and rights of others I ask them to refer to the comment policy.)

This is a support group for all those who knew of the atrocities of former South African army psychiatrist/ Canadian forensic psychiatrist and professor at University of Calgary – Dr. Aubrey Levin.

This site is for those who were victimized by him but didn’t know where to go lest their voices were never heard, nor believed.

This is for those who directly faced his hypocrisy and/or were abused by him.

This is for those who worked in close proximity with him, saw his darker side, yet could not speak up as the face he showed to the world and to those in power was a mask.

This site is also for those who knew the various supporters, financial backers, and “apt disciples” of Dr. Levin, or those who got jobs in the future in the field of forensic psychiatry due to his recommendations. To think that his evil still continues through his supporters, is indeed repugnant.

This is for all those who believe that justice should be served. That a man capable of this massive proportion of evil, who has no remorse, no empathy, should be set free by the Canadian government, even after all the human rights crimes he has committed.

This is for those who believe in genuine justice and have genuine empathy for his victims.

For those who would like to write confidentially, or wish me to present your facts as a post on this blog — about this case, or  any other incident regarding abuse by a psychiatrist — you may e-mail me directly at justiceandempathy@gmail.com. Your name will not be used, unless you wish it to be.



40 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    There is a somewhat similar case in San Mateo California involving child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres. He molested thousands of boys over a 40 year period. Hundreds of these were juveniles sent to him by the courts. At least one was given alcohol and raped. San Mateo has no interest in learning the extent of how many juveniles he molested. We have been impressed with the Alberta’s efforts to reach out to the men who saw Levin in court ordered sessions. Were some of these cases thrown out as a result of Levin molesting them? What’s going on with the Levin case these days?

    Please see : http://www.williamayreswatch.blogspot, which is run by an Ayres victim.

    • No the charges that were dropped against Aubrey Levin were because of a lack of solid evidence, and because of others that refused to testify or did not want to cooperate with the crown prosecutor responsible for taking on this case. The answer to your second question is nothing, Aubrey Levin has been forbidden to practice medicine of any kind, and God only knows what has become of him. I am certain that he has been doing much explaining to his wife of many years. To be honest, I do not know how he can stand living with himself, but I am also quite shure that he himself really does not know what he has done wrong because he is that mighty on himself. I mean when I saw him in court, he had no look of guilt or remorse at all and in fact looked rather tired and defiant. I dont think it will work out all too well for him in the end though. Cheers.

  2. My name is Shawn and I am from Calgary Alberta and I too was a victim of this man Aubrey Levin. I have worked with the CCHR, Calgary Police, RCMP, CSIS and the CBSA. I am one of the 10 remaining men that the crown has not dropped the charges and we will be going forth with getting a conviction. I can only say that the crown, whom I have also spoken with has told me that “we are looking at 7-10 years for this goof ball. I am going to do what I can to have this man deported upon conviction, but this is up to the government and not up to the courts. We will get the conviction(s) and when we do, justice will have been somewhat served. I just feel sorry for the other victims in this who never really had a voice.

    • Hello Shawn, and thank you for joining this board.
      I wish you the best in this ordeal, and like many others who believe in justice – I hope this monster gets the harshest punishment possible and is not treated with kid gloves by the Canadian govt. I also hope the power brokers who have helped this hypocrite do not get away.

      • Hi Brian. It is Shawn getting back to you. I just came from a Brian Adams concert tonight. It was a great show. I never met a Brian I did not like. I am glad you took in what I had to say. I have so much more to say. My life is in ruin, and I am still seeking help for what has taken place. I am shy and reserved. I would like to talk more about this. I know this man very well because I saw him for years and he told me lots about himself. I must say though that I can not and will not talk about the actual case until we are finished with this trash. Leave me a way I can talk with you. Cheers Brian. Thank You for what you said.

  3. Hello. My name is Brian. I came across the subject of the Aversion Project two years ago when my partner and I were planning a trip to S. Africa. After reading this atrocity that has occurred, I have made it my mission to tell the story to the world. I’m truly sadden that this has happened. But what is so terrifying, the aversion therapy still goes on… cloaked in the name of religion. I have corresponded with a pastor in Cape Town, SA. for some time. She has counciled two people that have been through this terrible experience. Unfortunately, they did not want to speak about the subject anymore.

    Shawn, if there was anyway that we can correspond, I would truly be grateful.
    Thank you for your time.
    Much love! Brian.

    • Hello Brian,
      I do hope people like you who have taken up a rational and ethical cause can get together and make more people aware of the hypocrisies of pathological bullies and narcissists like Levin.

    • Brian, we can talk if you want to. I am sorry if I put my intial response on some one elses, reply box. Please leave you coorespondence with me and we can talk. Cheers Brian and thank you for what you had said.

    • We Can talk about some things Brian, just not about the case or the evidence. Leave me a way I can be in touch with you. Cheers.

      • I really would like to talk to you, but I don’t know how to leave my contact info without the world seeing that information. That’s why I haven’t replied in a while. So sorry. I’ll try to conjure up a plan.

    • I am a poet and published two anthologies about poems from the Bushwar. I addressed in my first one “Kleurskakerings van Skarlaken all aspects of soldier life. Even a short chapter of 9 poems on homosexuality. I am busy compiling my Anthology “Wondgom” and I believe that the story of these soldiers 0 victims of Levin and the system needs to go down in history as a lamenting poem about lost of humanity. I would very much like to make contact wit some of the victims. I tried on FB but did not get any response.

  4. Hi Brian, it is Shawn. Could you create a e mail account with someone (like google or hot mail) with a made up name and if you do, give me the e mail and I will contact you. Like you, I do not want people all over the world looking at what we communicate about. I will keep checking every other day. Until then, cheers to you. take it easy Brian, hopefully we will be able to talk.

  5. I e mailed you and you have not gotten back to me. I included you on my safe senders list. If there is nothing you want to talk about, see ya later. I will take you off of my safe senders list and that is it. I have plenty to say: at least enough about this asshole for you or anyone else to write a complete chapter in a book, I am sorry that you missed your chance, cheers Brian or what ever your name really is. Offer resended.

    • I’m sorry, Shawn. But I haven’t recieved any e-mails from you. I’ve been checking four times a day since I posted the last message above. All I have been recieving was welcome to MSN hotmail and blah blah blah. I’m really sorry that you haven’t heard from me. That is the correct email address. I hope you could try again.

      Once again, I’m sorry that you’re having problems corresponding with me.
      Cheers, Brian.

  6. Hello,

    This is Jeremy Nolais with Metro Calgary newspaper. I am hoping to speak with you anonymously about your feelings as the trial for Dr. Aubrey Levin begins.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible at jeremy.nolais@metronews.ca

    Kind regards,
    Jeremy Nolais, Metro Calgary

  7. Hi there,

    I’m also a reporter. My name’s Carys Mills, I’m with the Toronto Star, and I was hoping to speak to anyone here willing to share their story.

    I’m trying to work on a story for tomorrow’s paper so if you could send me an email as soon as possible, that would be great. I’m at carysmills@thestar.ca.


  8. Does anyone know if there are any South African victims of Levin’s therapy, who have immigrated to Canada, and how I might contact them?

  9. I was a patient of Mr. Levin in 1998 (at the U of Saskatchewan), and was wondering if I could ask you a few private questions. You can contact me at the included email address. I’m stumbled on this story just now and am in shock. If you aren’t interested, just fire me an email to let me know and I won’t bother you again.

    • Levin’s “Doctorate” was awarded after his so-called research on conscripts; people who were forced into the abuse… The “This is Your Life” story of one Aubrey Levin, is yet another sad indictment on Society, Psychiatry, Governments and all “Us-and-Them” power relations that allowed this disgusting (insert expletitive here) to go on for so long.

    • Hello Gerald,
      I have e-mailed The Truth and Reconciliation Committee Unit of South Africa numerous times over four years about the SAA and Aubrey Levin’s role at the hospital where he worked for 15+ years. The responses I have received was either, “We’re not familiar with this topic” or “Much of the files have been destroyed or misplaced.” I’m not giving up. I intend to keep up with this story.

  10. Next week… “final submissions to the jury on Monday(21st Jan), Crown prosecutors Bill Wister and Dallas Sopko will argue on Tuesday. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley… set Friday, Jan. 25 to give her final instructions on the law to the jury.”

  11. [Ed: some names have been removed to preserve privacy.]
    I feel sick in the stomach whenever I read on this case. [edited by moderator – name withheld] Aubrey Levin got into Canada because of [edited by moderator – name withheld]. [edited by moderator – name withheld] who earlier studied anthropology got admitted in Calgary University when Aubrey was a high-profile prof there. Based on his recommendation, before all this case started, this [edited by moderator – name withheld] became a forensic psychiatrist and now practices at [edited by moderator – name withheld] . He too, like his teacher has become very prominent, knowing how to play the system, using the media to get attention.
    Why is this important? Because [edited by moderator – name withheld] like his teacher knows the same tactics. [edited by moderator – name withheld] knows how to play women. He is or used to be a regular on online dating sites – has been for years. His online identities are Indy111, Diony111 or 101 and Zarath111 or 101 depending. Also @zarathz1111 Indy for Indiana Jones, Diony for Dionysius and Zarathustra based on Nietzsche. He is highly intelligent and a good writer. He is narcissistic to the core. He is also deeply racist, carrying the values of old South Africa where he was born, but masks it by showing he has worked there for humanitarian reasons.

    I have been investigating this fellow after what he did to [witheld] and countless other women I’m sure. I hope no one goes through what she experienced with this monster. A broken spirit now suffering from PTSD. I have tracked down three other female victims of his but they are too afraid to speak up. He picks up girls who are full of life and kindness, asks them to be sympathetic to him, pretends that he is exclusively into them. Then systematically breaks them psychologically, taking pleasure in the process and then [ed: clause describing explicit actions censored], then moves on to the next victim.

    He performs the strategy narcissists do termed as “devalue and discard” after winning them over with “idealization.” He has an extremely sadistic streak and currently uses his position at [edited by moderator – name withheld] to keep all these girls quiet, intimidatating them from speaking up against anything he has done. After all he is the forensic psychiatrist and the law will listen to him. [edited ] His victims suffer from PTSD after he is finished with them – and the irony is this “shrink” calls himself a PTSD expert.
    [edited comment to keep privacy of names mentioned.]
    Don’t trust always those who show an outward glitter.

    I have more information on both psychos if someone wants to know. I also ask women who have been psychologically broken by [edited by moderator – name withheld] to come forward. [edited by moderator – name withheld] is as twisted as his mentor. Not his fake defenders, but the real victims. Like teacher, like student.

  12. [although this comment is a response, it has been edited to withold any private identity suggested in the previous comment. This line has been removed. The rest is as is:] The rest of the people who visit this site are not at all concerned in the least with this shit heads followers,( because we are insiteful enough to know there must be some dumb asses out there that still believe in him and his silly little theories). the really crappy thing is, you are probably and most likely right, Aubrey Levin has done more than his share of creating bullshit for people, every where he has been. I can assure you, it is almost over: We will deal with his followers as time passes as people like this eventually slit their own necks and become media sensations and that is why they are so smart at controlling some aspects of it. Thease people we are talking about are the types that already have excususes for what they have done and what they plan to do: (slicked toung Devils in well paying jobs with security you, I or any of our parents ever had). Hopefully the punishment comes quicker for those who think like the people you seem to know better than I do. Trust me pal, I was a victim of this asshole Aubrey Levin, and if you think you know this man better than I do, hell, I beg of you to walk a mile in my God Damned shoes sir. This trash is going to fucking Jail. Eventually, hopefully, all people who think like he did will also see the darkness and live their lives in hell as all the other victims were subjected to. As times passes, we no longer have to be victims and we can live our lives as we choose because we have progressed to the level of where we find ourselves no longer chained by the will of evil doers such as this, and we can climb out of the pit that big fat Zeros with really no brains like Aubrey Levin feels quite comfortable in. Aubrey Levin is a big fat and discusting pig pure and simple. He is going to prison where he belongs and with any bit of luck, so to will his big fat nasty butt fucking ugly wife.

  13. To users of this board. I am the moderator.of this site I would just like to re-ascertain that as mentioned in the “About” section: “This site is also for those who knew the various supporters, financial backers, and “apt pupils” of Dr. Levin, or those who got jobs in the future in the field of forensic psychiatry due to his recommendations. To think that his evil still continues through his supporters, is indeed repugnant.”

    Therefore, it is quite all right for ‘Jane’s brother’ to post his grievances against Dr. Levin’s pupil here. Genuine victims or relatives of victims often have no or few places to go to, and institutions in the past and in the present have often aided or shielded abusers. It would be good if victims of Dr. Levin or those of his followers showed empathy for one another instead of hostility or apathy.

    The interesting question is how do these evil and two-faced people get to their positions of power? What does it say about Canada’s own institutions?

    Healing – if there ever can be from this sort of thing, which is often quite impossible – can occur when people can let their pain be expressed in a safe setting without judgement, and in an empathetic setting. The reason internet message boards, forums and places like these exist is because due to certain malevolent practitioners, even a therapist’s office or his private home is no longer a safe haven for victims to reveal their pain. Shawn, you are right that the most vulnerable are the most ripe for victimization by predators.

    I greatly appreciate that so many of you have had the courage to speak up on this board.

    Also, I encourage posters to contact the journalists who wish to know your story. Objective free-lance journalists in my view are more trustworthy and reliable than institutional systems and are more focussed on getting the truth out, rather than covering up.


  14. I was a conscript in the SA Army in 1970-71. I met Aubry Levin when I was a patient at the Voortrekkerhoogte. To cut a long story short, he tried to recruit me to spy on others in the ward ostensibly so he could find out whether they were malingerers or not. I managed to avoid this recruitment and later he tried to get me to report on sexual liaisons that I might have witnessed in the hospital ward. What I remember most and vividly, was his apparent use of sodium pentathol (truth drug). People would go to see him (walking and 100% conscious) at the appointed time and some hours later would be wheeled back into the ward unconscious on a gurney and transferred into their beds. The next day they would either be discharged or sent back to their units.
    It was well known that he had his favorite people (boys) and they would remain in the hospital for long times and never be returned to their units. We all knew he was a cock-sucker………

    • Hello ML,
      My name is Brian. I came across the Aversion Therapy story in SA about three years ago. I have hit so many road blocks that I’m at wits end. I have tried to contact the TRC numerous of times with, “We’ve never heard of this” to “All the records have been destroyed.” I do have a contact in SA. She’s a pastor that has helped out many of the victims in the SAA at Voortrekkerhoogte. Please if you can e-mail me. I would really love to talk to you.


      Thank you, ML.

      • I am a poet and published two anthologies about poems from the Bushwar. I addressed in my first one “Kleurskakerings van Skarlaken all aspects of soldier life. Even a short chapter of 9 poems on homosexuality. I am busy compiling my Anthology “Wondgom” and I believe that the story of these soldiers 0 victims of Levin and the system needs to go down in history as a lamenting poem about lost of humanity. I would very much like to make contact wit some of the victims. I tried on FB but did not get any response.

  15. I just learned of this case and want to thank everyone who has come forward and shared their stories. I am so sorry that you have all had to go through this. I wanted to make sure that you are aware The Awareness Center (international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Assault) now has Aubrey Levin on our sex offender registry. I wish I would have been aware of this case sooner. Again, thank you so much for surviving, speaking out and doing everything in your power to heal.

    I am currently working on putting the page together. If there’s any information you feel should be up, please let me know. http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.com/2013/02/case-of-aubrey-levin-md.html

  16. the provision of documents from the sandf in terms of the promotion of access to information act has provided with a range of informariom.in these documents is a signexd report by levin sending my brother to 4 sai combat brigade Aka greefswals.it does not appear that apfychiatrist or medical doctor were there.

  17. Today is October 09/2013 and Aubrey Levin is going back to Court on October 11th at 10 am in courtroom 1401 to have himself an appeal hearing. With any bit of luck, it will be shot down and quashed. I was going to go to this appeal hearing but will probably be working when this happens. If I am not working, I will be there and I hope some of the other people following this will be there to see what happens. I am not certain if the man himself is going to be there but, he may have to. Then this monster has to have a sentencing hearing and again, I can only hope that it too gets shut down and quashed as both he and his defence counsel has done enough to bring the wheels of justice to a stop. There is still the hope and possibility of this man going to prison where he belongs, so that at least we the VICTIMS get some justice and some much needed closure to this rather painful chapter in our lives. To all the other victims out there, keep your heads held high because someday this will all be over and when it finally is, we can move on with our lives as we will no longer have to go to court or be victims in this anymore. Are you reading this detective Perry Patzwald? Cheers. Shawn Mitchell.

  18. I’m leaving a note here trying to find out more about what has happened to Levin more recently. I am a documentary filmmaker in Canada that has been making films for 30 years. I’d appreciate contact with someone who I can speak to about the most up to date information. Thanks in advance. mark@nomadfilms.ca

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