Remember that…

…Not giving a F%*# and moving on with your life – after exposing the hypocritical monsters for who they are – is the best revenge against those who abuse or play with your life.

Stay Strong! Especially those who’ve sent me heart-rending e-mails outlining abuses they faced from systems and the Shock Doc and/or other persons-in-power.

New Year Greetings to my readers. More blog posts coming soon.

In the meantime – perhaps this applies to certain unprofessional practitioners ;) ? (see our blogroll links.)






3 thoughts on “Remember that…

  1. I would like to thank you and all the people who have posted. I do care and it’s been really tuff moving on from all of this. The parole hearing in Abbotsford BC for Mr. Levin was also a bit stressful. I really have no choice but to move on in life but it’s certainly had its moments. I hope all the other victims in this are doing well. I sincerely hope that all victims of sexual assault somehow find their way back to who they are. Its a new year. Please stay in touch. Perhaps we can meet and help each other out someday. Cheers.

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