Aubrey Levin’s wife Erica Levin gets conditional sentence for bribery attempt of juror

Erica Levin will receive an 18-month conditional sentence with house arrest and 180 hours of community service for her failed attempt at bribing a juror at her infamous husband’s trial.

All the details are in the following links:

The Calgary Herald with full details:

…..Saying she had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression at the time of the incident, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Karen Horner handed the 72-year-old woman an 18-month conditional sentence with house arrest and 180 hours of community service.

Horner called Ms. Levin’s crime “selfish” and “reckless.”

“The emotional distress the juror was put through was no fault of her own,” said Horner. “She said after speaking to Ms. Levin she was in such shock she had to get away from the court house and go home. She reported it to the judge after the weekend.

“I do not accept that trying to bribe a juror is the same as trying to bribe a witness. A juror is one of 12 judges. To single out a juror is the same as trying to bribe a judge.”….(contd. in the above link)

From Global News Canada (contains video):

From the French CBC Radio-Canada:

From the English CBC:

From the Calgary Sun:


One thought on “Aubrey Levin’s wife Erica Levin gets conditional sentence for bribery attempt of juror

  1. My name is Shawn, I have posted on this website many times in the past ( an Aubrey Levin Victim) and I recently let go (fired) my civil lawyer Doug Perras at Vogel LLP for incompetence. If you are one of the victims with a lawsuit against Aubrey Levin and others and you are using Doug and Vogel to represent you, you may wish to consult with Mr. Perras at Vogel LLP as to what his strategy may be as it is to my understanding that Mr. Perras is currently representing clients who did not have Calgary Police lay any charges in their cases, did not go to pre lim and or trial. I fired Doug Perras and Vogel LLP for getting me to sign affidavits to allow other clients to see and use my evidence in their cases which is highly unethical and unprofessional. If you are a victim and are using Doug Perras and Vogel LLP, you may wish to consult with other lawyers regarding your case and or situation as the defence parties representing the College, Alberta Health Services, the Peter Lougheed Hospital, CPS, the Alberta Health Region and the civil lawyer representing Aubrey Levin are all aware that this what what Doug Perras and Vogel LLP has done and are doing as well as the 1.4 million dollar lawsuit that Doug Perras filed in the Court of Queens bench just under 2 months ago.

    On October 14th 2015, I was the only victim to attend Mr. Levins early Parole Hearing and at about 9:30 am at the institution in Abbostford where he was in custody, I could barely recognize Mr. Levin as he has had kidney failure and has dropped well over 100 lbs. To this day, Mr. Levin is still not sorry for anything he has done except that he is only guilty of the 3 criminal convictions he is and was responsible for. Mr. Levin still has no remorse for the other victims and the painful reality this has caused them and their families including mine. Mr. Levin had 2 issues while in custody 1). he was caught trying to help another inmate off with his shirt when the other inmate complained he had some pains and or sores on his chest and was caught doing this by prison staff and 2). Mr. Levin was written up for a second incident with a female Jewish prison Chaplin: Its to my understanding that Mr. Levin did not like the way she was teaching the Jewish religion in the prison.

    Mr. Levin looked like a very broken man that looked to me as though he had spent considerable time wrestling with his conscience and had a very difficult time answering the Parole Boards Questions and tried to derail having to answer the questions in full by way of changing the subject. In the end, the Parole Board did not buy any of it or the representive Mr. Levin had hired to help represent himself at the Parole Hearing. Mr. Levin felt bad for the other victims (the 3 convictions) and wished that he could have sped up the court proceedings to save time, the money he spent which he acknowleged was a small fortune, and the greif he caused to the victims and their families. Aubrey Levins bid for early full Parole was denied and can not go home to his wife Erica who is still under house arrest. The Parole Board thought that having them together was not in the best interest of Mr. Levin as Erica wasand is a convicted criminal for taking part in trying to bribe a jury member in her husbands trial. Mr. Levin can not stay and or live with his son Ryan Levin in Calgary or his daughter who currently resides in Toronto and works as a social worker. The Parole Board decided to grant Mr. Levin day Parole in which he must reside at an approved half way house where there will be curfews, a Parole Officer, on going counselling and a firm daily grind. The parole Board decided to grant Mr. Levin Day Parole as Mr. Levin is frail, looks very close to death and is considered a low risk out in the community. I too was somewhat touched by Mr. Levins physical condition as he is no longer the chubby burly man he once was: in fact, I feel a sence of pitty for the man and I feel sorry for him as I highly doubt he will survive another 2 years and its a fitting end to a man that once did what he did to others, called all the shots and had all the power as now, Mr. Levin has none of that and finds himself in a position of where he himself will be told what to do and how to live for the rest of it.

    Lastly, Mr. Levin has been ordered to surrender all his passports, will not be able to just visit his wife Erica when ever he wants to (if at all) and must reside in a halfway house with full supervision at all times for the next 6 months. When I read my victim impact statment for Mr. Levin and the Parole Board, Mr. Levin was umoved and had to sit with his back turned to me and was told to face forward at all times and had to answer the Boards questions, none of which were very easy for Mr. Levin to answer to and for. It is not clear which halfway house Mr. Levin will be heading to as there were talks about him residing in a half way house in Vancuover as he has an ancle who resides in the area or a Toronto halfway house. The Parole Board will inform me when all the details have been worked out. Mr. Levin will not be able to reside with his son or daughter as they never presented a case that would have supported a good living scenario. There were none of Mr. Levin’s family members present at the Parole Hearing (including his wife Erica). Mr. Levin has also been ordered not to have any contact with any of the victims.

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