Aubrey Levin’s bid to appeal sex assault convictions denied by Supreme Court

Link below from the CBC which in the last week has been riddled with its own top-star’s scandal, as more and more women are coming out with stories of violent sexualized encounters with the CBC’s former golden boy Jian Ghomeshi. (And yes, it did bring back memories for me of the emails I received last year from the brave women who had written about the public persona vs private conduct of a certain Toronto psychiatrist (not Levin) who also had a gig with the CBC, although for the benefit of fact, I will say that those revelations, though dark, definitely did not involve hitting, slapping, biting or anything that physically hurtful and violent. This is not to minimize the pain suffered or its nature.)

In any case, as in the case of Levin or others in positions of power within their respective fields – it goes to show that smiling, charming, seemingly kind and “intellectual” public personas have little to do with the stark contrasts people may exhibit or possess behind closed doors. The hypocrisy of narcissists.

The Supreme Court of Canada has shut the door on a psychiatrist’s request to appeal three convictions for sexually assaulting his court-appointed patients.

Dr. Aubrey Levin of Calgary was found guilty by a jury in January 2013 and was sentenced to five years in prison.

He had asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal of his convictions, but that request has been denied.

As always, the top court did not give reasons for its decision.

Allegations against Levin came to light in 2010 after (read more)


2 thoughts on “Aubrey Levin’s bid to appeal sex assault convictions denied by Supreme Court

  1. I am so glad and happy that the courts have finally had enough of this guy. looking back over the years and all the struggles I had and still struggle with, all the victims in this and where he was from all got some closure with all of this. now the healing can begin, for many, I am not certain if we will ever be the same again, I mean, I have lost jobs, have no relationships anymore, and I think people can generally see I still have problems associated with this. I am saddened to have learned about all the people Aubrey Levin victimized over there and I hope they too will find a way to make peace with what took place. As for me, I am going to make every effort to attend Aubrey Levin’s parole hearing(s) and I believe the first one is in November 2015. He is currently being held in a regional treatment facility in Abbotsford BC. I don’t feel any empathy or pity for the man. I am glad that this is over and that his luck has finally run out. Aubrey Levin’s wife Erica Levin is in court this October 21 to face her own punishment, all fitting really. They never gave us any of the respect we deserved so its my wish that society will do them the same courtesy. Now that the Supreme Court made their decision, Aubrey Levin nor his wife are not (and never really were) in a position to sue anyone, and make the provincial taxpayers responsible for picking up any more tabs the Levin’s think their entitled to from this province and Canada as a Country. Cheers scumbag, rot in hell.

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