Jury deadlocked…

From the Calgary Herald: “Levin jurors struggle for unanimous verdict” by Daryl Slade.

A deadlocked jury appeared to be the outcome again late Thursday afternoon in former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin’s sexual assault trial.

Just after 4 p.m., following about 12 hours of deliberations over two days, the jury sent a note from the foreperson to Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes, which read “We the jury have made every effort to reach a unanimous verdict and cannot.”

After debate with both sides’ counsel, Hughes read the jury a standard exhortation to keep deliberating and make their best effort to reach a unanimous verdict.

For the rest of the article follow the link: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Levin+jurors+struggle+unanimous+verdict/9642904/story.html

Day old article from the CBC:


From the Calgary Sun, by Kevin Martin:

Jurors deciding the fate of convicted sex offender Dr. Aubrey Levin spent another night in a city hotel after failing to reach a verdict Thursday.

The five-woman, seven-man jury ended deliberations just before 9 p.m. despite earlier telling Justice Beth Hughes they were hopelessly deadlocked.

Hughes received a note from the jury around 4 p.m. indicating they couldn’t come to a consensus.

The Court of Queen’s Bench judge asked jurors deliberating Levin’s case to continue to try to come to a consensus.

Hughes decided to “exhort” jurors to come to a decision, but said if they can’t she has the power to declare a mistrial.

For the rest – http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/03/21/jury-cant-decide–no-consensus-in-trial-of-shrink-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-patients

Also from the Sun, “Obstruction Case against wife of Dr. Aubrey Levin has been postponed”:


Looks like the man will get away…..and those who will let him go will get his “gratitude” as he will sue against the province.

Time the jurors read Barbara Oakley’s “Pathological Altruism.” Showing mercy to a sick psycho does not change or redeem him, it gives him power to lash back. Machiavellians never change. They can only pretend.

It only sadly reminds us how little the sexual abuse of men count in our society. Had even a single one of those he touched been a woman, even if the woman may have been a cold-blooded murderer, you’d have seen how all the white-knights and feminist groups would have convened, protested, gone berserk and had the “dirty shock-doc” convicted.

But he abused men.

In our politically-correct society, that no longer matters any more. Men who are victims of sexual crimes – in whatever form – are now second class citizens of the system. Q.E.D.



3 thoughts on “Jury deadlocked…

  1. Looks like a mistrial. If this happens, the crown will not try any more cases and this man will probably win his appeal. Hell, he will probably walk on those convictions as well. He will sue the province for millions,win and collect/get his millions long before any of the law suites against this guy come anywhere near close to getting off of the ground. This guy will walk because no one ever cared about us or the people over in South Africa. The Levin’s can do what ever they want. Both he and his wig were given free “get out of jail cards” when they came to Canada and our government let him in because of his great accomplishments and the great strides he has taken to help others. I know it’s not what should be, but his freedom is a direct reflection of how bad our society really is. This guy will walk and their is people in jail right now because they shoplifted, got caught with a dime bag of weed, but here we see to (Aubrey and wife) just doing what ever they bloody well want. Ok well, what can ya do?

    Sent from my iPhone. Cheers.


  2. I feel really bad for the 2 other victims here that went all that way to get their justice, and they too were made to look like liars incapable of telling the truth and that they were indeed crucified on the stand. I feel sorry for all the other victims in this, the ones I had never met, the poor souls in South Africa where Aubrey was in his prime of doing unspeakable things to other people who were human beings. As far as I know, the crown will not proceed, and they will most likely not re instate, any of the stayed charges including my own, so what and where do we go from here, I don’t know, but I hope that someday this man gets what’s coming to him. I feel really bad for all the other victims that never had a voice, never got to go to court, some that perhaps today, have remained silent and never told anybody and importantly, we cant forget about all the families of those effected by this monster and all the hardships that have come from our dealings with Aubrey Levin. Lets face it, the defence did not have to work very hard to discredit any of us as victims and that Chris Archer did a better job as a defence attorney than the Crown did at representing us. Now, we have a very real fact and that is, who is this piece of trash going to go after and sue first?

  3. I have “hate” for bad psychiatrists so much so that I have no sympathy for psychiatrists who are stripped of their license to practice psychiatry nor do I pity psychiatrists whose sorry butts are thrown in the slammer.Bottom line? Psychiatrists who are being idiots should be treated like idiots.

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