March 2014 Update on the case

From the Calgary Herald. Original article here:

A jury will not hear from the former forensic psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting two male patients under his care.

Defence lawyer Chris Archer, who represents Aubrey Levin, advised Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes on Friday that he will call no evidence on behalf of his client.

Two men testified during the two-week trial that Levin, 74, fondled their genitals during appointments at his office in Peter Lougheed Centre in 2009.

They also testified at the opening trial in 2012 that resulted in a hung jury.

The trial continues Tuesday with final arguments.

Hughes will give final instructions to the jury Wednesday.

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Earlier from the Calgary Sun: 
“Witness describes alleged sexual assault at trial of noted psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin”
Note: I am often e-mailed information about the case from people who say they know a lot and/or have written to higher-up government officials about their own experiences directly with Levin. The reason I refrain from publishing that information here, is
(a) This is an ongoing case and for the sake of the jury and legal issues, such information should not be printed here, whether true or rumoured.
(b) This site is to ask questions, raise awareness, and document the infamous conduct of Dr. Levin both regarding his past in South Africa and his present charges in Canada, as well as similar crimes. It is always, always correct to place legitimate information regarding the case written by professional journalists in legitimate publications. It is their job to investigate and write, while it is the job of those with information to pass on their leads to journalists and let them take it from there.
In the near future, I hope to provide links to legitimate organizations set up to help victims of conversion therapy, abuse by psychiatrists who misused their power and abuse by clinical narcissists. But apart from the “how” of healing, I’m also  interested on the “why” of the reason Machiavellians and white-collar psychopaths can get away with crimes like these.

5 thoughts on “March 2014 Update on the case

  1. Thank You, it was wise not to put this monster on the stand as although Aubrey is still super smart, he would still cut his own neck and I think everyone knows this to be true. On the flip side, if I was truly innocent of doing something like that to someone, I would want to say something on my own behalf. His silence alone speaks of arrogance and guilt, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Jury sees it like that as well. Cheers and Thank You.

    Sent from my iPhone. Cheers.


  2. I think that Dr should be in jail for the rest of his life he did stuff to me fondle me but I just could not come out and say it cause it wreck my whole life and I just didn’t want it out in the press but now i don’t care anymore cause I think that all the people who he hurt should get some justice just cause most of the people don’t have proof don’t mean they don’t matter They do and another thing they should kill him for his crime I have night mares about him so burn in hell Dr abury Levine and the government should screen there doctors from Justin Daniel Elias

  3. I think Dr abury Levine should be in jail for the rest of his life he did stuff to me he fondle me when I had to see him but I just didn’t want it out in the press but now I just don’t care anymore cause everyone who he hurt should have some justice just cause most of the people don’t have proof don’t mean they should not get the justice they deserve like I wish I would have the courage to go to the cops about it butt they have my file in the Calgary police station so they can come see me and talk to me about it I still have night mares about him

  4. Have faith my fellowman, he is in custody, I never got my justice, much like yourself, but when I think of the 3 that got theirs, I am proud of them, as I am for us and I am pleased and truly happy for them. ( I was one of the hung jury cases that was ultimately stayed) The joy that the knowledge alone in the outcome brings and means significance to us all. For all of us that were accosted by this freak, take comfort in at least knowing he is no longer in his comfort zone (as easy as it will be for this creep in jail), and he will no longer have much time for anything else than to think and ponder what he has done. He has shamed the Jewish people who are generally a very nice people, he has shamed the medical profession, he violated trust, human rights, human dignity, but the one true thing is that he also mislead his wife, lied to her and kept his true feelings from Erica, his wife and was exposed as a man that just wasn’t comfortable telling people he was gay: he never told anyone probably because he didn’t want to lose everything he had (being what Apartheid following cavemen like people were back in the day (malnourished minded monkeys). Perhaps it was just being stupid and desperate or just plain sadistic, one, the other, or both, his wife now has to pay the price that tragically comes associated with regards to actually thinking and believing that her husband is/was actually innocent of everything he has been accused of. I don’t imagine that this women wants to lose everything she ever had, I mean, she has lost her youth, her innocence and her grace and is now facing a serious charge although, most logical people can or will conclude that she probably wont go to prison, and she probably wont even end up with a criminal record. In fact, she will be most likely been given a slap on the wrist, kick in the pants and a 2500.00 dollar fine: if it was you or me and most other people, they would go to prison or in the very least have to do community service work, or a year probation. It would seen that the Levin’s do have serious provincial power(s), however, Don’t worry sir, their Luck has and is going to run out.

    It will be hard to track Aubrey Levin in the prison system, but it can and will be done. If Aubrey Levin arrives at home anytime soon, trust me, it will be known and Alberta Justice will have some questions to answer. His running and hiding days are over and so too is the bullshit, for me, you and all other people. Cheers, now its time to celebrate of sorts, perhaps not to make any sense of anything here but to rejoice that our lives can go on knowing Aubrey Levin’s life most likely wont and that there some justice served. Cheers.

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