Technicalities, Excuses & Legal Loopholes as Levin’s case plods on

The duo who had shown no mercy or ethics in the treatment of homosexuals in the South African Defence Force, no respect for others’  legal rights when his patients were molested by him, and no sense of law and order while trying to bribe a juror, now have managed to get their lawyer to pull every legal loophole to be free, and hold up their rights, their “pain”.

And, of course, our dear Canada, with its red carpet treatment to bullies and those who know how to use its govt. system, will bestow upon this lovely couple whatever the duo wish …..I am quite certain in a few years Dr. Levin may even be eligible for the Order of Canada for his selfless service to this country, for his remarkable human rights record and honourable messiah-like work in South Africa……and anyone who called him out will be banished from this kingdom, or even arrested, for daring to call a sick abuser a “sick abuser.” Amen.

Latest developments in the case:

From the CBC:

The lawyer representing a woman accused of trying to bribe a jurorat her husband’s trial wants to talk to the other jurors.

Last year Aubrey Levin was found guilty of sexually assaulting three former male patients.

During the trial a juror had to be excused after she told the judge she had been approached by Levin’s wife Erica and offered cash for an acquittal.

Erica Levin was charged with obstruction of justice.

Before the Crown begins presenting evidence, Erica Levin’s lawyer is asking the judge for the names and contact information of the other jurors.

Alberta’s Jury Act discourages personal information from being shared.

From the Calgary Sun: “Defence eyes juror interviews in case of Calgary senior accused of attempted bribery during husband’s trial”

The lawyer for a Calgary senior charged with attempting to bribe a juror in her husband’s sex assault trial wants to interview other jury members.

Defence counsel Michael Bates argued Monday the remaining 11 jurors could have information to shed light on the case of Erica Levin.

Bates told Justice Sheilah Martin that without the ability to quiz the remaining jurors, who later convicted Levin’s husband Dr. Aubrey Levin of sexually abusing patients, his client wouldn’t get a fair trial.

He wants Martin to order Crown prosecutor Brian Holtby to disclose the remaining jurors’ contact information to the defence, or make the clerk’s office provide it.

For the rest of the article, follow this link:

And….drum-roll, please. Of course, victory for the Levins! Maybe he can become the next mayor of Calgary? He can “examine” his electorate thoroughly with his bare hands, while Toronto mayor Rob Ford applauds him and snorts crack-cocaine. Go Canada!

“Minor victory for accused in Calgary jury bribery case” 



The lawyer for a Calgary woman charged with bribing a juror in her husband’s sex-assault trial who wants to talk to other jury members won a partial victory Tuesday.

Justice Sheilah Martin agreed the Crown would have to provide the identity of one of the remaining jurors to defence counsel Michael Bates, because the woman was on the same C-Train platform where the alleged crime took place…..

For the rest of the article:

Warning: The following picture may be offensive to some as it shows a couple of pathological narcissists and white collar psychopaths who walk away free while many of their victims from decades ago have been damaged for life. But of course, in the eyes of the law, the rights of these two specimens matter more in Canada than the rights of those without money and power, and of course of those who were gay and thereby “deserved” to be tortured by this specimen.

Canada, you always claim, often wrongly, a misplaced “moral superiority” over the United States, but this is a shame, a travesty on your part. Even the U.S. finally convicted Jerry Sandusky.

For decades you gave a safe haven to this torturer who was wanted in South Africa for his crimes against humanity, but – no – you gave him his freedom, his license to practice medicine, a professorship and a lot more. Those who were complicit in this injustice, I wonder how you sleep peacefully at night. But, ah, oh well – anyone who has read the books of the brilliant Dr. Robert Hare (Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits- When Psychopaths go to work”) or his papers  know exactly why…..or more precisely, understand how you could sleep. And we shake our heads at the injustices that go unpunished in this world.

No words. In advance, for we can slowly see what the final outcome of this case may be. Any bets that Levin will then sue the Alberta govt. and wish to be paid by our tax money for the “injustices” perpetrated on him? I wouldn’t put it past this specimen.

Dr. Aubrey Levin

3 thoughts on “Technicalities, Excuses & Legal Loopholes as Levin’s case plods on

  1. Just got the news about Erica Levins ordeal that has obviously started and yes, she and her defence team will drag this out into another 3-5 month trial much like her criminal husband did. If Erica and her lawyers can railroad Alberta Justice and that is just what they intend to do. When this is all over, the jury members will be on the hotseat or perhaps on the stand answering questions and getting grilled. Clearly you and everyone following this can see that both Aubrey Levins lawyers and Erica Levins lawyers are now working together and shareing information on some scale/compacity to bring even more interesting stall tactics, motions and appeals to the court in a last ditched effort to bring the proceedings against the Levin’s to a dead end.

    As I have stated before in other blogs, it is my opinion that Alberta Justice does not care about us, and they could not care in the least about what he did to all those people in South Africa. Clearly the road the Levin’s are taking is the road to avoid prosecution at all cost and that if “we, Go Down”, “they won’t be able to put us in prison before we die”. My biggest fear is just what Justice and Empathy’s post before mine had mentioned and that was Aubrey Levin and his “potential to sue”. You see, that is a very interesting and possible senerio. You see, I know Alberta Justice is prosecuting the offences based on public interest, not on what is in the best interests of us (victims) and the Justice System as a whole. Indeed, it is disturbing to fathom the idea, but it is a very real possability. If Alberta Justice no longer wishes to pursue the Aubrey Levin matters because of the “public interest” ideolgy, they will fold; if this happens, Alberta Justice will most likely not pursue Erica to the capacity in which Alberta Justice is right now at this point. In other words, it will end up becomming a chicken shit mis demeanor, and a small fine. Erica Levin may not even get a Criminal Record for her involvement in this where as most people would already be in prison.

    To be honest, I dont think Alberta Justice is fighting hard enough for the victims in the case and by way of comparisome, if we fought as hard as the defence has, we may have had more convictions against this idiot, as lets face it, the evidence was overwhelming and most of my evidence was never talked about or disclosed in court. I am sure it was the same for the other victims as well. The jury members in the Aubrey Levin trial had better hope that their lives are squeaky clean because it looks as though they (the defence has already retained a private investigator and may already have some time ago) ready to bounce on every detail of their lives and the Alberta Court looks as though they are allowing it to continue. You can see that it is the Levins that basically want to tire the legal proceedings until the courts and everyone who stands against them, gives up, and again, it looks as though that plan has been put into some serious action and while I truly know the Levin’s are guilty nasty people, it may very well be that they will never be punished for what they have done.

    It is totally possible that the Levin’s will walk, and if the crown folds, like I think they will, as I have personally seen the evidence to support this, Aubrey Levin could very well win all his appeals just on the basis of the crown abandoning their position as by then, it will no longer be “Public Interest”. If that happend, Aubrey Levin could then sue and that would become increadibly complex, somewhat time consuming and very expensive to tax payers and keep in mind that this would not include the millions he would be seeking for dammages. Unlike the victims, as we had and continue to wait, justice would be a bit more swift in his case and the Levin’s could sue and collect their payout from the pockets of Alberta Taxpayers within a 2-3 year timeline. This case is no longer about the victims anymore, as this is a fantastic little money making thing going on for the courts, the court people, the lawyers and the crown who are making stupid ammounts of money off of this, just on the overtime alone. Business has been good for the courts here on this issue, but it has been a nightmare for us and is a wake up call for Alberta Justice as this case will haunt them for a many of years to come as the sheer defence and the loopholes being used can and will be used by legal analists in the future to determine better ways to bring forth criminals to Justice and give back the dignity to us where it belongs.

    In conclusion, it is no surprise to see what the Levin’s are doing. They are both fighting with and for their lives which is their right. In many ways, I wonder how much tax dollars are being used to prosecute this man and his wife and I can assure you all that it is well in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and we may get into the millions when we are all said and done here especially if there is a supreme court issue. Aubrey Levin’s lawyer(s) is funded by the Medical insurance group that all doctors pay into in case situations like these come up, and they do. They have the money and resources to viciously defend this kind of crap for years. If a doctor or a (medical college) are being sued, the medical proffesion will hire lawyers who can burn up 5-10 million dollars to defend against someone suing for 150 thousand dollars. Seldomly in Canada, are doctors found guilty of any crimes and even though Aubrey Levin was actually caught on a wrist watch camera Jerking off another guy, society never cared about us anyway and that is why we were sent to see this Monster, so even Alberta Justice has and will take on the view point that that while we may not have deserved what we got and what happend to us, let’s face it here, we are not important, we were not “All Canadian”, or someones “young daughter”. In many ways, I hope that Aubrey Levin sues the government and wins because that is what they deserve for letting in this asshole that is not through with destroying lives here in Canada, now he is going to take on the Justice System of Canada and so far, his legal counsel has won almost everything and has been very effective at making our justice system look like a joke for people with money and power. Not only is this man guilty of murdering spirits and shitting on their souls, he is now effectivley jumping through every legal loophole, and leaving Alberta Justice to choke on their own laws and words. This whole law issue raises only more questions in regards to the fragile nature and the fundamental core structures of Justice where you see victims continue to be victims and a man that has already been sentenced, out in the public enjoying his freedom and brushing all of this off as it were nothing to him, almost like the Levins have been through this before. The scary thing is that this kind of defence could and will now be used by every skilled defence lawyer looking to keep their client out of hell, where the rest of us that knew Aubrey Levin, have been, and some for much longer than myself.

    • Amen Shawn Amen!

      What an amazing post.

      I feel the same way.

      I hope we can all find the strength.

      I’m not religious but God Bless you!

  2. On what grounds would this idiot ex-psychiatrist Dr Levin sue the Alberta government for? After reading this article and even if it’s a rather unusual question to ask but does the Alberta justice system show favoritism to psychiatrists even if the psychiatrist(s)is/are immoral idiots? If I’m permitted to type this but in my opinion if a psychiatrist is inept or immoral that would make him or her a “suckiatrist” so therefore I’m fine with a psychiatrist being a psychiatrist what I’m not fine with is a psychiatrist being a “suckiatrist.”

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