Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request


Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request

Former court psychiatrist appealing 5-year sentence for sexually assaulting patients

CBC News Posted: Oct 11, 2013 6:45 PM MT Last Updated: Oct 11, 2013 11:51 PM MT

Former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three of his patients, was in a Calgary courtroom today asking Alberta’s Court of Appeal for a new trial.

The three justices presiding over the case are now considering whether or not to grant his request. Levin remains on bail until the decision has been made.

Defence arguments today largely focused on the credibility of the Crown’s key witness and questioned his motivation for coming forward, given he’s launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Levin.

Levin — who is in his 70s — was released on bail in February after being sentenced to five years behind bars.

He was originally charged with sexually assaulting a patient in 2010 after the man who can only be identified as RB under a court order came forward with video he had secretly taken during an appointment.

The video shows the Levin fondling RB.

Levin denies wrongdoing

Soon after, a tip line was set up by police and that’s when several other former patients came forward with their own complaints.

The former psychiatrist has denied the allegations and claimed he was conducting examinations to help with sexual dysfunction.

Levin went to trial on nine counts of sexual assault and was eventually found guilty on three charges.

There were many twists and turns during the trial that was originally set for six weeks but lasted three months.

It was delayed when Levin fired his lawyer, when he was hospitalized and when a juror was dismissed.

The juror alleged Levin’s wife Erica tried to bribe her to acquit her husband outside the courthouse. She is now awaiting trial for obstruction of justice.

Please click on the direct link which contains a CBC news video and a timeline of Levin’s trial.


8 thoughts on “Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request

  1. Yep, just as I thought. Aubrey is a protected man, Alberta Justice can’t seem to corral this quack.

    Sent from my iPhone. Cheers.


  2. I was a victim of this man, I went to police a year after he was arrested as it was hard for me to admit to myself what had happend, I offered to go to court but I never heard back from anyone , I think they thought they had enough complaints at that time , I honestly feel I would be a more credible witness than some of the people at the trile, I made a statement so why can’t I tell the court what happened to me ? It’s really not fair, how long till appeals court reaches a decision and releases it to the public ?

    • Good day my friend, my name is Shawn and I too was a victim of Aubrey Levin. I was one of the 4 men left that were to get a re trial and for some reason or another, the crown decided to ice my case against Aubrey Levin and ultimately deprived the jury of being able to decide for themselves if my charge would have added some icing to a man that has obviously been doing this to others. Brother, I know what it feels like when no one wants to listen, and I know what it feels like when none cares or believes in what we are saying because of the situation we were in at the time. lets face it, we were the undesirable ones and I would imagine, some of our families turned their backs on us. I too felt awful and embarrassed when I went to police. My advice to you my friend is, 1, keep your head held high and continue to be strong. 2, know that you still have this pain, but take comfort in knowing that you still have the rest of your life to live and sir, I hope you will be ok, despite what you have gone through. Work hard to live right and while I know its hard to trust and find joy, you will have to be strong, and like the rest us victims, including you, will just have to look harder for those joys in life and rejoice when we have found it. Don’t let this man fool with you anymore because he is a washed of piece of worm ridden filth: Aubrey Levin is a joke and his light has been replaced by darkness and shame. Stay in the light where you/we/us belong and may you find some peace with this someday. Cheers.

    • good day sir, its Shawn again, hey bud, hang in there. I am truly sorry for your experience, you may wish to contact detective Perry Patzwald of sex crimes unit, I do not have the number with me, but you may wish to speak with him. Tell him the truth and tell him what you know. Perhaps he will listen: perhaps he may have already dealt with you. The first detective I dealt with was a man named Detective Paul Wyatt but he is no longer in the sex crimes unit and has advanced up in his career with CPS. If you feel like I do, go after what you know is true and fair. If they do not listen to you, go to the media because if what you are saying is true, you to need to be heard and your story needs to be addressed just to get some kind of closure with it. As mentioned before, stay strong and be well. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are not important because you are still a man, still a man deserving of your dignity, of trust, love, and respect. while I know and understand all too well about fairness, which none of this has really ever been for us, the victims, I am saddened for you and the other victims who never even got to go to court. Trust me sir, it was terrible and we were all made out to be liars and scumbags, so consider yourself lucky you were not there because it was nasty, and it actually made me feel even worse and more angry than ever before. I was actually better off just leaving it alone and moving on with my life, which was doing good right up until Aubrey Levin’s arrest, now, I have had to relive some of the really crappy past with this looser and now I am just frustrated with the Justice System and am angry and drink all the time. I just hope that you sir do not follow down this path and that you have a good and speedy recovery much like I am hoping for myself and all the other victims. As far as the reservation of decision in regards to Aubrey Levin’s Appeal, I hope he looses and goes to prison where he belongs. With any bit of luck, he will be broken there and will die there. Soon, and probably between this coming Monday and the next 2 months, we will find out if this idiot goes to prison, or gets to put all the victims through this again by way of retrial. Only time will tell. Have faith my brother, everybody knows this man is sicker than we ever could have been. Take much comfort in knowing that he was finally caught and that is very unlikely he will ever find any true joy in life anymore and that this scumbag has only a few more years till death anyway. Be kind to yourself and just be proud of the fact that you are not Aubrey Levin, and that it is no longer you who has to run and hide, that in fact, it is Aubrey Levin himself that wishes he could, but in reality, can’t because he has exposed himself to the world, his profession, his family, his place of worship that he is indeed a man that is in need of help, is in need of something from others: I just hope that society shits on him for what he was doing to us. Cheers. Stay Strong, keep your faith.

    • Hey there, Just wanted to clear up one thing and that is, sir, if you would have been a more credible witness than the rest of us, (victims), you would have been at trial like the rest of us were. The crown shit on us and started dissolving cases it could not recover from, due to their in ability to represent us, the victims with more compassion, but they (the crown has been getting rid of cases that have lawsuits against Alberta Justice in a bid to complicate and avoid paying out to the victims. Trust me, you would have been crushed by the defence as a scumbag motivated by greed, and trust me sir, they would have gone right into your life to dig up any dirt there could ever have been. The fact that you knew this man Aubrey Levin clearly points to the fact that you sir were not there just to say hi, so as far as credibility is concerned, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is if this idiot was jacking you off like he jacked me off. Lastly, it not up to the courts to release details to the public as far as decisions are concerned: this is why we have media, and yes, they will release this information to the public, it will be on the news, so stay tuned my friend, the day is coming when the asshole in question will again be on the news. Cheers.

    • Perhaps the most painful thing with regards to all I said is what you call credibility, firstly, me or any of the other victims really, ideally, and most likely would not have been ideal witnesses for some fairly clear reasons to begin with. Secondly, I offered to take a polygraph, even though I was “NEVER” asked to by police, my video taped statement was never played in court and the court/crown never actually discussed or talked about some of the most damming evidence in court much too the amazement of myself as it simply took more than telling police I got jacked off by a scum bag in a Doctors office. Do you know why the police laid charges? it was because I told the truth, they verified everything I said, and because I told my mother about this guy jacking me off before this asshole was ever charged, Hell, I even remembered the cars and the colors of those cars he drove me home at. I am about as credible as you sir, are going to get, and the crown did not discuss any of this in court. Do you know why? its because they (crown) are actually helping the defence by way of not really caring at all about the victims, (and trust me sir, I know things that you do not). this has all been particularly embarrassing to them (crown), you know why? Because Aubrey Levin worked for these guys, Alberta Justice employed him, and they are sir, are doing their jobs, but also making things as comfortable for Aubrey at the same time, the crown just cant do it that obviously. Search your heart, you know that if it was any body else, that person would have already been sent to prison. This idiot owns what you call a Justice System and he has the cashola to pay off judges and crown prosecutors.

      It has been said that Aubrey Levin’s power is right up there with the highest ranking Masons and other socialite and secrete societal bodies out there. He is a nasty individual indeed, and although he my well be untouchable, and although he may never again see the inside of a prison cell, don’t worry, God will punish this man soon enough, its called guilt, conscience and old age, Just look at him, he is a fat over weight piece of trash that is on his way out anyways. I just hope they don’t burry this waste of skin on Canadian soil, the soil in which our Government failed to screen and let in for the rest of us to deal with. If you ask me, personally, this clown needs a well placed bullet in the eye; one can only hope he gets it like he deserves..

  3. Through out the Aubrey Levin ordeal, the courts seem to be more interested in protecting Aubtey Levin and his rights. What about us( victims) and our rights? No apologies and no justice: forget about dignity because I guess we are not important enough for any of that. It goes to show that the helping profession of what Aubrey Levin was involved in is more interested in covering up their bloody mistakes than helping any of us. Wonder how much Dr Levin and his associates paid off Alberta Justice to keep his fat ass out of the slammer because if it was me, you or anybody else, we would already be in prison where this creep belongs. Alberta Justice is nothing more than a legalized force of corrupt goons and legalized mobsters, nice job Alberta Justice scum!

  4. I think one major thing that people seem to forget here and that is, it does not matter if RB was a scumbag or not, I have never met him and even if no one liked him, me or any of the other victims, this Aubrey Levin character was still caught jerking RB off and was doing this to me and the others as well. I was never being treated for erectile dysfunction, so his defence or excuse is a joke plain and simple. No one deserves what we went through and received from this man Aubrey Levin. Plain and simple, we were sexually assaulted.

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