White Coat Black Art – a new show on medical whistleblowers

Season Premiere: Blowing the Whistle on Bad Medicine

White Coat Black Art is a new show on CBC Radio 1 hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman, exposing what happens when insiders whistle-blow on serious crimes, corruption, scandals, inefficiencies, negligence and unethical practices in the close-knit medical community and profession.

Details on the show are here: http://www.cbc.ca/whitecoat/2013/09/06/blowing-the-whistle-on-bad-medicine/

The audio clip of the premiere show is here:


I highly recommend you listen to it. Extremely telling. Very eye-opening.



Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden – just a few of the high profile whistle blowers generating headlines in 2013 – which is shaping up as the Year of the Whistle Blower. But who is stepping up and speaking out in health care? As detailed in the season premiere of White Coat, Black Art they are few and far between. As you’ll hear, it’s a difficult road for health care workers to do what’s right, when things go wrong. One young resident tells Dr. Goldman that his name was blackened, his sanity questioned and his career very nearly imploded when he spoke up about a medical mistake.  We’ll also hear from BC doctor Robert Crossland, who says he was run out of town thanks to a kind of “economic terrorism” he faced when he outed some colleagues for bad behaviour. Later in his career he went public with concerns about cuts to the B-C coroner’s service only to have them swept aside with serious consequences, as detailed in this CBC report.

And when push comes to shove and a patient needs a whistle blower to help out their court case – who they gonna call? Medical malpractice lawyer Amani Oakley says, don’t bother calling at all because no one is willing to take the risk of ruining a colleague’s career and hospitals will hide behind privacy legislation.
That left us asking, where does that leave us when it comes to patient safety and protection?
We look to the experience of the United Kingdom, which is still dealing with the fallout from a widespread scandal that saw doctors and patients blow the whistle on negligence  that led to 1200 deaths at Stafford Hospital.  The scandal led British Prime Minister David Cameron to apologize in the House of Commons last February.  And as British lawyer and journalist Andrew Bousfield  (who also runs a website for whistle blowers) told Brian, it it also led the government to appoint that nation’s first Chief Inspector of Hospitals — aka a  “whistle blower-in-chief.”
Once you hear the show, maybe we’ll hear from you?  If you have a comment or your own whistle to blow on the health care system, let us know – email us at whitecoat@cbc.ca or leave us a message at  1-866-648-6714.  
– The above script is from the webpage of the show. Once again, do listen to the show on the audio clip: HERE. Revealing interviews, pertinent questions and good analyses. The UK website of medical whistle-blowers mentioned on the show is: http://medicalharm.org/

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