Global News’ 16×9 investigative series looks into Levin’s crimes

About a week back, Global TV’s 16 x 9 investigative journalism documentary series made a feature on Aubrey Levin’s present and past crimes. Carolyn Jarvis makes an excellent presentation, asking hard questions. Shawn, who often posted on this message board is also featured in the documentary. Thank you once again, for those who took the time and effort to investigate, speak up, and have the guts. Those who documented for years, those who suffered silently, those who could not hold back from investigating and those who broke the news legitimately, truthfully and well, FINALLY on Canadian TV!

Interesting, eh? that when Levin is exposed in the last scene, he is more concerned about his public image getting shattered, rather than any empathy for his victims. The hallmark of pathological narcissism.

p.s. It gives me a sense of quiet satisfaction to see that certain facts that should have been outed decades ago are finally seeing the light of day. So much for the person (the South Africa-born Toronto-based Canadian psychiatrist who graduated from the University of Calgary in Forensic Psychiatry) who made threats to shut this site down, as some of his own skeletons were getting exposed by some comments: let it be known that people who lack a sense of remorse and empathy and only focus on their public image and power-pulls with money and connections, somewhere – even though they try to silence the voices of those who speak up – there are other bigger lights that expose the dark carnage that predators like Levin, and those who defend/support/comply with/learn from  him create.

Thank you Global News and 16×9 team. Thank you Carolyn Jarvis. Thank you Claude Adams. Thank you Shawn Driman. Thank you Mikki van Zyl ,  Jeanelle de Gruchy, Sheila Lapinsky, Simon Lewin, Graeme Reid.

And thank you Michael Smith. R.I.P

And thank you to that entity who has helped tremendously, has been protective of this blog throughout, but prefers to remain, well, Anonymous.


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