More facts on Levin in Canadian news

Yet another excellent article by Claude Adams, other than the timeline posted in the earlier post.

Another excerpt:

For the men and women of the Greefswald Facebook page, it seemed like justice would never come. . . They’d been waiting 40 years and more—exchanging their stories, nursing their grievances, consoling one another, wondering if they would ever find resolution. Most of them were still teenagers when they say they were traumatized in South Africa. The focus of their anger was Aubrey Levin, and the effect he had on their younger years. But the world had moved on, now they had children and grandchildren. Still, they say they bore the psychic scars.

When I reached Benjamin James in Australia, we’d barely begun to talk when he started to sob into the phone. In Denmark, Gerald Proctor, a political refugee, used the word “torture” to describe what had happened to him. In Johannesburg, Shawn Driman wrote on Facebook: “When I see the face we dealt with at the time, a great wave of nausea hits me.” Another Facebook contributor said: “There is no excuse for inhumanity in the name of science.”

The “face” Driman is talking about is that of a man who was sitting in a Calgary courtroom, fighting charges of sexual assault: Dr. Aubrey Levin, 74 years ago, a respected forensic psychiatrist who had been secretly videotaped touching one of his patients. Levin told police he was testing the patient for erectile dysfunction. Last January, a jury found Levin guilty on three charges, not guilty on two counts, and a judge sentenced him to five years in prison—a sentence Levin is appealing.


The full article is here: “The verdict heard around the world”

As well, here is a link to more articles by journalist, author and producer Claude Adams.

Claude had been one of the early posters on this blog’s message boards asking for more information and encouraging people who knew of Levin’s dark side to speak up. I am very happy that some of the people who wrote here had the courage and ethics to reach out to him.



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