The Aversion Project in SADF truly occurred, “conversion” therapies have occurred elsewhere, and IT IS ABUSE. CNN’s Anderson Cooper takes up a case in the USA.

About 2 years back, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper in AC360º examined a shocking “experimental therapy” designed to make feminine boys more masculine. See the devastating results in a special report, “The Sissy Boy Experiment.”

A must-watch investigative report:

The systems that supported this, and in my opinion – to an extent even the parents who willingly let their young sons go through this with blind trust in their therapists – are all guilty. Now imagine an entire country’s defense force allowing far worse with electric shocks and much worse, and a sick Machiavellian “doctor” to do whatever he pleased in an opaque system, using it carte-blanche as his grounds for “medical experiments.”

Note how both the therapists in the CNN feature show no remorse, but rather a smug, condescending and self-centred attitude.  Cold-blooded narcissists with god-complexes? You betcha!

Interesting too how the therapist shown in the first case covered by Anderson Cooper proved to be much like Levin at the end, except his partner was consensual, not forced upon. Why do such sociopath “therapists” project their own inner demons on others and instead of healing (or taking their own lives to make the world a better place) put others through torture, as though by forcibly controlling others, they feel they can control their own quandary, and then cause their victims to commit suicide? It is as though they really want to snuff the life out of people by projecting their own self-hatred on their victims.

And how dare they state their methods and completely unsubstantiated theories as “scientific”?? Any hard science research would show, and has shown, that homosexuality is innate – not some sin, crime or “curable” predicament. Was Levin himself – even in his 70s – able to quell his own homoerotic urges? Then, how dare he and those “therapists” like him think they can “cure” others by putting them through psychological, mental, physical torture, justify that abuse in the name of hack-science, and worse, get the blessing of systems which allowed/allow this to occur? Levin’s betrayal is even worse, as he was supposedly trained in “medical psychiatry”, not simply in “therapy” or psychology, albeit many believe his degree itself was obtained fraudulently.  Are so-called “therapists” like these then any better than religious institutions that go through ridiculous rituals to condemn and “exorcise” homosexuality while their preachers secretly sodomize young boys? Hypocrisy. Untold hypocrisy.

The CNN documentary is a great glimpse on how various versions of Aversion Therapy were carried on even in the United States, and the mind-set of those who allowed this to go on. At least their national television can air the investigative reports, and get victims’ families to speak up. Once again, it is great that at least Global TV broke  part of Levin’s story in Canada – but then, where is the greater outrage? Why did the CBC not think of even looking further into it? (Ah – but then again, the CBC has its reasons, eh, Mr. Consulting Shrink?) Why aren’t there more old-school 60-Minutes-type Canadian journos like Claude Adams? Are the new ones too busy covering some pop-star’s love life or some similar bromide?

In the UK, among many other victims of such “aversion” therapies, even the genius mathematician, inventor and scientist Alan Turing was one. He eventually killed himself.

Here is a link to a BBC article on how Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a public apology on how Turing was treated:  Fat chance of Stephen Harper (or any former Prime Minister at the time of Levin’s arrival) ever apologising for how the Canadian Govt. coddled and rewarded a man who carried on Aversion Therapy in South Africa. And the man, the registrar, in Global News’ 16×9 documentary who smugly averts every question that Carolyn Jarvis asks – I wonder how does he sleep at night with no remorse, knowing that he allowed a predator to carry on? Or is the money of the businessman who supported Levin and the donations he gave to the institution keep him quiet?

It is difficult to know a lot and watch while those with secrets and skeletons make moves to try to shut down a website, rather than look even once into their own dark hearts. Why does the truth scare some people so much? This website is only carrying links and excerpts from already-legitimate news sources. Is the fear that some people on the board may let out too much scare the truth-fearers? (On that note – the person tracking every word and sentence on this website through changedetection in some paranoid frenzy – yes, you know who you are – just remember that sites like that have such low security, it is quite easy to find out who is monitoring this site when you sign up for those.)

In any case, an excerpt from the BBC article:

Gay injustice ‘was widespread’

By Julian Joyce
BBC News

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was forced to take drugs or be sent to prison after his conviction

Gordon Brown may have apologised for the “appalling” way gay computer pioneer Alan Turing was treated, but some believe the prime minister should go further.

Many gay men were “treated” in the same way as Alan Turing – given powerful drugs or electric shocks to “cure” them of their homosexuality.

Turing – a wartime hero who helped break the Enigma code – killed himself in 1954.

His suicide has been blamed on a combination of depression brought on by the loss of his government job, and on unpleasant physical side effects induced by the drugs he was forced to take.

But the talented scientist was not the only victim of Britain’s repressive anti-gay laws.

I would have thought a general apology to all those who suffered would be a good thing
Alison Braithwaite

In 1962, Army captain Billy Clegg-Hill died during medically-supervised “aversion therapy”, prescribed by a judge following his arrest for homosexual offences.

Like Alan Turing, Mr Clegg-Hill was given the choice of prison or “therapy” conducted by doctors who believed homosexuality was a treatable disease.

Mr Clegg-Hill’s sister, Alison Braithwaite, told the BBC: “Billy’s death was covered up by the Army – at the time his death certificate said he died of natural causes.”

It was only in 1996 a BBC documentary uncovered the real reason for his death.

General apology

It emerged the treatment, at the Netley military hospital in Hampshire, consisted of showing Mr Clegg-Hill pictures of naked men and then injecting him with the vomit-inducing drug apomorphine.

“The idea was to make him associate naked men with being sick. It was crude and totally ineffective,” said Ms Braithwaite.

“Unfortunately, the doctors neglected to give him any fluids, and he died of a stroke brought on by dehydration.”

She believes Gordon Brown should extend his apology to her brother and all the other gay men forced into “treatment” for their sexuality.

“This sort of treatment was routinely done, and I would have thought a general apology to all those who suffered would be a good thing.

“It was a terrible and unwarranted crime against people who were only expressing their sexuality in a way not harmful to anyone else.”

“By apologising to everyone who suffered, Gordon Brown would acknowledge that wrong was done by the state, and it will not happen again.”

Greefswald and its atrocities were also real. Even though so many facts were hushed up. Here are pages from some books which spoke of the abuse of gays and lesbians in the SADF:  (Chapter 5, page 119 to page 123) Name of the book:  Ambulances of the Wrong Colour: Health Professionals, Human Rights and Ethics in South Africa by Laurel Baldwin-Ragavan, Leslie London, Jeanelle De Gruchy. Scroll up to page 119. (page 99) Name of the book: South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come: Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom by  Brenna M. Munro. It also specifies how Levin sued publications and journalists to remove all traces of any electronic or web-reports of his past in South Africa.

On a last note –  what happens when a “doctor” can silence and charm others because he/she is a sociopath underneath. Chapter 5 (“Why conscience is partially blind”)  from Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door. The chapter outlines how a charming woman doctor is able to manipulate and fool her employers, colleagues and patients for a long time. It outlines the characteristics of sociopaths and why ordinary, or rather, normal people develop a cognitive dissonance when confronted with this level of hypocrisy and cold-blooded manipulation. For normal people, it then becomes easier to not talk about, or dismiss off such manipulative behaviour, or think of it as sporadic unintended  “craziness” rather than confront the truth that people they are supposed to trust can be this deliberately evil. The chapter also writes how the title of “Dr.” shuts up lesser-qualified people, even though their gut senses that there is something not right about that person.

Once again, speak up about atrocities committed by those in positions of authority who wear a mask in public. As well, anyone with more information about Levin and Greefswald please contact film maker Tarryn Crossman. Young courageous women like her bring back my faith in journalism, and that all is not yet lost to our reality-star and narcissism-obsessed world.

“Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, — and all it wants, — is the liberty of appearing.Thomas Paine ( 1737 – 1809) in The Rights of Man, 1791

P.S. To understand why Anderson Cooper calls his show 360º, see the comment on this post ;) or the  SNL finale with a celebration of LGBT rights:


Global News’ 16×9 investigative series looks into Levin’s crimes

About a week back, Global TV’s 16 x 9 investigative journalism documentary series made a feature on Aubrey Levin’s present and past crimes. Carolyn Jarvis makes an excellent presentation, asking hard questions. Shawn, who often posted on this message board is also featured in the documentary. Thank you once again, for those who took the time and effort to investigate, speak up, and have the guts. Those who documented for years, those who suffered silently, those who could not hold back from investigating and those who broke the news legitimately, truthfully and well, FINALLY on Canadian TV!

Interesting, eh? that when Levin is exposed in the last scene, he is more concerned about his public image getting shattered, rather than any empathy for his victims. The hallmark of pathological narcissism.

p.s. It gives me a sense of quiet satisfaction to see that certain facts that should have been outed decades ago are finally seeing the light of day. So much for the person (the South Africa-born Toronto-based Canadian psychiatrist who graduated from the University of Calgary in Forensic Psychiatry) who made threats to shut this site down, as some of his own skeletons were getting exposed by some comments: let it be known that people who lack a sense of remorse and empathy and only focus on their public image and power-pulls with money and connections, somewhere – even though they try to silence the voices of those who speak up – there are other bigger lights that expose the dark carnage that predators like Levin, and those who defend/support/comply with/learn from  him create.

Thank you Global News and 16×9 team. Thank you Carolyn Jarvis. Thank you Claude Adams. Thank you Shawn Driman. Thank you Mikki van Zyl ,  Jeanelle de Gruchy, Sheila Lapinsky, Simon Lewin, Graeme Reid.

And thank you Michael Smith. R.I.P

And thank you to that entity who has helped tremendously, has been protective of this blog throughout, but prefers to remain, well, Anonymous.

More facts on Levin in Canadian news

Yet another excellent article by Claude Adams, other than the timeline posted in the earlier post.

Another excerpt:

For the men and women of the Greefswald Facebook page, it seemed like justice would never come. . . They’d been waiting 40 years and more—exchanging their stories, nursing their grievances, consoling one another, wondering if they would ever find resolution. Most of them were still teenagers when they say they were traumatized in South Africa. The focus of their anger was Aubrey Levin, and the effect he had on their younger years. But the world had moved on, now they had children and grandchildren. Still, they say they bore the psychic scars.

When I reached Benjamin James in Australia, we’d barely begun to talk when he started to sob into the phone. In Denmark, Gerald Proctor, a political refugee, used the word “torture” to describe what had happened to him. In Johannesburg, Shawn Driman wrote on Facebook: “When I see the face we dealt with at the time, a great wave of nausea hits me.” Another Facebook contributor said: “There is no excuse for inhumanity in the name of science.”

The “face” Driman is talking about is that of a man who was sitting in a Calgary courtroom, fighting charges of sexual assault: Dr. Aubrey Levin, 74 years ago, a respected forensic psychiatrist who had been secretly videotaped touching one of his patients. Levin told police he was testing the patient for erectile dysfunction. Last January, a jury found Levin guilty on three charges, not guilty on two counts, and a judge sentenced him to five years in prison—a sentence Levin is appealing.


The full article is here: “The verdict heard around the world”

As well, here is a link to more articles by journalist, author and producer Claude Adams.

Claude had been one of the early posters on this blog’s message boards asking for more information and encouraging people who knew of Levin’s dark side to speak up. I am very happy that some of the people who wrote here had the courage and ethics to reach out to him.


Global News & Claude Adams make an excellent assessment of Levin’s timeline

Kudos to journalist Claude Adams for writing an impeccable, well-researched and concise yet comprehensive article on Levin’s present and past . The article is featured in Global News Canada.

For the full article please click here:

An excerpt:

The Calgary judge who sentenced Dr. Aubrey Levin to five years in prison for sexual assault used blunt language in her summation. Justice Donna Shelley said Levin was guilty of “horrible violations of trust” and that he had acted in a “predatory” manner.

Which leaves an important question unanswered: how did Levin manage to operate under the radar in Alberta for 12 years —trusted by justice officials, the academic community and the body that licenses doctors? As crown prosecutor William Wister said in an interview after the trial: “it’s a question of, does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?”

Calgary lawyer Richard Edwards, who represents one of Levin’s accusers, says authorities should have taken a closer look at Levin’s track record, both in Canada and in his native south Africa—a background that raises a number of “red flags” about his medical ethics and practices.

A timeline of the Aubrey Levin story highlights some of those red flags.

June 10, 1964: Aubrey Levin registers as a medical practitioner with the South African Medical and Dental Council.

Feb, 28, 1968: A 29-year-old Dr. Aubrey Levin submits a handwritten letter to the Secretary of the South African Parliament in Cape Town, asking to appear before the Select Committee on the Immorality Amendment Act, to offer his proposals on how to “treat” homosexuals and lesbians. “The problem of sexual deviation,” he writes, “requires re-evaluation; without encouraging an unnatural extention (sic) of this problem, it would be better contained and treated by the doctor (rather than by imprisonment).”

1969: Levin registers with the South African Medical and Dental Council as a “specialist psychiatrist.”

1969—1974: Dr. Levin joins the South African Defence Force as a psychiatrist, principal grade, with the rank of Colonel. In 1971, he is named Team Leader in the SADF’s Drug Rehabilitation Program at One Military Hospital, in Pretoria. It is here that Levin develops his aversion therapy techniques for so-called “deviant” conscripts—recruits who are identified as homosexual or who smoked marijuana. The therapy includes exposure to electro-shock, and drug treatment. Dr. Levin also sporadically visits a military detention camp in northern South Africa, called Greefswald, a camp with a notorious reputation for the harsh treatment of conscripts.

1975—1995: Dr. Levin holds various hospital positions, along with consultancies, and for seven years, is Director of Mental Health in the Department of Health Services and Welfare.


For the rest of the detailed article go here:

Once again, when systems we are supposed to trust, instead shield or ignore criminal individuals, it is up to independent objective investigative journalism to bring out the facts, if only for the sake of truth, and perhaps, in the hope of some elusive justice for the victims.

Thanks to Claude and Global News for writing this – something which the Canadian government, judicial system and academia should have looked into a long time back.

Please spread the link.