Elton Hobson of Global News reports a concise and honest timeline of Aubrey Levin’s activities

Read it on Global News: Global News | Timeline of events: the trial of Dr. Aubrey Levin

It is good to see that the mainstream Canadian media has finally caught up to the facts of Levin’s not-so-glorious past, and is acknowledging that as well as his present capers. Once again, I encourage posters, readers, commentators on this site to directly contact any newspaper or investigative journalists, documentary-journalists,  or others who may want to know more about this man, and your own stories of what you experienced.  You can do it either confidentially or with your real identity by directly contacting legitimate writers. There are some journalists who have posted their coordinates in the comments on various posts and pages of the site, and if your story contains truth, it will and should and MUST be heard. As the intellectually-fierce, outspoken polemicist and author – the late Christopher Hitchens had said: “Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity; the grave will provide plenty of time for silence.”

A thank-you to Elton Hobson and Global News for covering more about Levin’s past than the tip of the iceberg that had hitherto been revealed in the Canadian media with politically-correct and timid pussy-footing around the heinous facts of this man’s past. Yes, we do have plenty of reason to be leery around the leering Levin.

In the past month all eyes of the world were on a couple of near-incredulous brutal crimes committed in South Africa in two different communities. One, the sickeningly macabre rape and butchery of a young girl (one among thousands that occur in the country every year), and the second – of the angry, jealous, dark side of a popular Olympic athlete who killed his lawyer-model girlfriend. The latter, though very different from Levin’s system-approved or rather system-protected crime, did reveal one glaring fact though – that beware the public persona of “dynamic, charming, qualified” people because their true nature in the bedroom and dark sides may be quite the opposite.

I hope the past of this man and his misdeeds in South Africa that Canada coddled for years is finally revealed without fear. Same goes for anyone who shows a facade to the world, and a twisted remorseless monstrosity in private.

Timeline of Events: The trial of Dr. Aubrey Levin

Elton Hobson, Global News : Friday, March 15, 2013 2:23 PM
Dr. Aubrey Levin has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. But the Calgary doctor has a troubled past that stretches back to apartheid-era South Africa.
Dr. Aubrey Levin has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. But the Calgary doctor has a troubled past that stretches back to apartheid-era South Africa.
Photo Credit: Leah Hennel , Calgary Herald

 WARNING: This story contains disturbing content that may not be suitable for some people. Discretion is strongly advised. 

CALGARY – The trial of Calgary-based psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin has been put over until April 5.

Levin, 74, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting three of his court-appointed male patients between 1999 and 2010. He currently faces up to five years in prison, and has been banned from practicing medicine by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons.

But the allegations against Levin go beyond his trial for sexual assault, stretching back over decades to apartheid-era South Africa. Even his wife Erica Levin currently faces charges in relation to the case.

Global News has compiled this timeline of events surrounding the trial of the once-respected psychiatrist and professor at the University of Calgary.

WATCH: Dr. Aubrey Levin granted bail


Dr. Aubrey Levin, 31, is first licensed to practice psychiatry in his native South Africa.


Dr. Levin is made a Colonel in the South African Defence Force. He becomes the chief psychiatrist at the infamous Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital, which catered to service personnel with psychological problems.

During this time, he earns the nickname “Dr. Shock” for his use of electroshock aversion therapy to “cure” conscientious objectors, as well as homosexual soldiers. According to South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, one gay solider claimed to have been chemically castrated by Dr. Levin. Others accused him of injecting patients with a barbiturate “truth drug” before questioning them.

In an interview with UK newspaper the Guardian in 2000, Levin stated that “nobody was held against his or her will. We did not keep human guinea pigs, like Russian communists; we only had patients who wanted to be cured and were there voluntarily.”


Citing “rising crime rates,” Levin emigrates from post-apartheid South Africa to Canada. According to the Guardian, Levin uses the threat of legal action to silence attempts to look into his past history despite being accused of gross human rights violations by South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Levin is licensed by the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons. Three years later, he is also licensed by Alberta’s College.


According to court documents, Levin allegedly assaults his first court-appointed patient at this time. The patient, who cannot be identified, told Global News that he was referred to Levin after an impaired driving conviction and several stints in jail.

“I remember the first time…he [assaulted] me almost every single time,” he told Global Calgary. “Guaranteed, I would have had a better life. Look what this guy did. These are memories I will never forget.”


In a resume from this time, Levin lists himself as a consultant for the Correctional Service of Canada, working with parolees. He also lists himself as a consultant with the Calgary Correctional Centre, where he hosts weekly clinics.

Also around this time, Levin takes up a teaching position as adjunct professor at the University of Calgary.

March 24, 2010

Levin is charged with sexual assault, after one of his patients secretly videotapes a session during which Levin is shown undoing the man’s belt and jeans and appearing to fondle him.

The patient, identified only as R.B. in court, was on probation at the time the videos were taken and had been ordered to see Levin twice a month.

Levin’s medical license is suspended by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons.

July 2010

The case against Levin expands as investigations continue into more than 20 allegations of sexual assault over an 11-year period, after many of Levin’s former patients come forward.

August 18, 2011

R.B., the victim who first came forward about Levin’s alleged sexual abuses, files a $5-million lawsuit against Levin, the Peter Lougheed Centre, The Alberta College of Physicians, Alberta Justice and the Attorney General, and Chief of Police Rick Hanson.

The next day, Levin is formally arraigned on nine counts of sexual assault.

October 4, 2012

Clinical psychologist Dr. Charl De Wet says Levin has dementia and below-average cognitive functioning, and is not mentally fit to stand trial.

October 9, 2012

The jury in Levin’s case decides he in mentally fit to stand trial, and formal criminal proceedings commence the next day, with an opening statement from Crown Prosecutor Bill Wister.

October 12, 2012

The video recording of Levin’s sexual assault is first played before the court.

January 16, 2013

The defence wraps up its arguments in Levin’s criminal trial. Levin is not called to take the stand in his own defence.

January 22, 2013

The Crown rests its case with a closing statement from Bill Wister, who argues there is no proof the patients were jumping on a bandwagon by coming forward with their complaints.

January 25, 2013

With the jury sequestered, it is revealed that earlier on January 11, Aubrey’s wife Erica Levin, 69, approached one of the jurors with an envelope of cash. She currently faces obstruction of justice charges and was sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of her husband’s trial.

WATCH: Dr. Aubrey Levin’s wife accused of attempted bribery

January 27, 2013

After three days of deliberations the jury sent a note to the judge saying it was unable to reach a verdict on any of the nine charges. Levin’s lawyer asked that the case end in a mistrial, but Justice Donna Shelley told the jurors to get a good night’s sleep and come back again the next day.

January 28, 2013

Levin is found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Levin initially faced charges involving nine different men, but was found guilty on three counts and acquitted on two others. The jury could not reach a verdict on four of the charges.

January 31, 2013

Levin is sentenced to five years in prison by Justice Donna Shelley.

WATCH: Jury delivers verdicts in Dr. Aubrey Levin trial

February 13, 2013
Levin is freed on $15,000 bail pending the outcome of his appeal. Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Clifton O’Brien said of the decision to release Levin that “Dr. Levin no longer enjoys the presumption of innocence. He has been convicted and his guilt was established by a jury. However, he does enjoy the right of appeal. His medical license has been suspended and, at his age and circumstances, he is not a danger to the public.”

March 15, 2013

Trial put over until April 5, 2013.

© Global News. A division of Shaw Media Inc., 2013.

Read it on Global News: Global News | Timeline of events: the trial of Dr. Aubrey Levin


4 thoughts on “Elton Hobson of Global News reports a concise and honest timeline of Aubrey Levin’s activities

  1. Your Levin timeline fails to mention Greefswald, the hard labor camp he created on South Africa’s northern border between 1971 and 1977 to cure suspected homosexuals, drug users and conscientious objectors of their deviant behaviors. The stories of what happened there are only now beginning to emerge. At least two documentaries about Greefswald are currently in production, but many victims are still too ashamed (by association) to come forward. I would urge anyone who was there, for whatever reason, or anyone who knew someone who was there to speak out before it’s too late. They can contact me directly, join my Greefswald group on Facebook, or use this valuable site as a platform to tell the truth.

  2. I am honored to be part of two documentaries currently in production. I have been back on three occasions to search for evidence of the existance of the camp Greefswald. Almost nothing exists. Every screw, nail, sandbag, building, swimming pool, fence post, telephone pole has been removed. The car pool, eight feet deep, twenty feet long, and 10 feet wide, filled with boulders, built by four recaptured escapees, is no more. Virtually all evidence eradicated. Bubbles’ experiment doesn’t exist……only his guinee pigs…

    • Very proud of you Shawn, to finally have a platform to speak.

      My apologies for the delay in your comment appearing. Due to certain other grave commitments, I did not get back on this site for the past 2 weeks, so there was a delay in placing comments which were in que.

      Yes, the man and his supporters certainly knew how to clean up evidence. Machiavellianism 101.

  3. My brother was happy in 1973.Engaged,working as an apprentice electrician,seventeen.
    Was conscripted into the SADF and landed up with Levine,now called Levin,in 1 military hospital.
    We last saw him there.
    Three months later we were told that he had died in a shooting incident,involving two people.
    Despite approaches to the SADF and Levin we never got explanations about Greefswald or his death.
    We had to fetch a tomato box at the railway station with his belongings.
    There were letters we had written to him in neatly sliced open envelopes.
    He never saw them.
    Spent three weeks in Vembe Military Base,previously Greefswald,which at least allowed me to see where his last months were spent.

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