Colonels with no moral kernels

It’s important to remember that Aubrey Levin had risen to the ranks of a colonel in the South African Defense Force. A flashback article from UK’s Guardian:

Mme. Erica Levin has been officially charged with obstruction of justice. The latest from CBC today:

A recent news story shows the video that finally got him. Warning – do not click unless you want to; contains explicit content: In my opinion better not watched. However the evidence is pretty clear.

Also Kevin Martin reported from Calgary how the doctor’s “sick” strategy failed. Sickening yet funny.

Levin is not the only colonel who was a predator. Canadian colonel Russell Williams also rose to the heights of power in his military career before proving to be a sicko lingerie stealing fetishist and then rapist and murderer . In this link, it is seen how he not only has no remorse for one of his victims, but also wants her to pay his legal fees! Unbelievable!




First off, thank you to all the people from all over who wrote me supportive, heartfelt, encouraging mails for how meaningful this site has been, and that it is necessary to have it.

It means a lot.

Thank you to the psychiatrist from Toronto too who worked for the Crown in Levin’s case, who also wrote that he very much supported sites like these, and clarified that it was not he, but his colleague who had problems with the comments. Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

Three points, to remove any illogical straw-man fallacies.

(1) I have set this site NOT to disparage psychiatrists in any way or form, but to find sociopaths among psychiatrists or any people we are supposed to trust completely in society. There are many sincere, well-meaning and kind psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists out there. The predators are an exception, but it does occur, as in other places of power and trust too. In fact  there are many great doctors in Toronto’s CAMH such as Director of the Neuroscience Research Department and Head of the Psychiatric Neurogenetics Section James Kennedy and others doing excellent ground-breaking work to help those affected by mental health issues.

However – it is true that a breach of trust by psychiatrists is especially heinous as their main duty is that of mental ‘healing’  – not creating more physical and mental anguish, trauma and irreversible pain.

I have other sites which take up predators in other professions, so sinister psychiatrists are not the only ones who I have on my radar. Personally, I have never needed nor taken the services of any psychiatrist or psychologist and have never been diagnosed with any mental health issues. This is to let it be known that I have no personal issues against anyone in Psychiatry based on any personal bad experience. I have heard of many shrink stories from shrinks themselves and their patients and friends and family. I have a normal profession and maintain sites like these where victims of various predators can have a support group. I happen to have journalists in my ancestry from both sides of the family and support free-lance investigative journalists greatly.

(2) Because both Levin and the name of another forensic psychiatrist which came up in two of the comments are Jewish, it may be presumed I have something against Judaism. Nothing could be more untrue. My mother herself is Jewish, and my father himself (non-Jewish) was a doctor. Also unfortunately some anti-Semitic websites have thrown all of Levin’s problems to his religious faith. Baseless discrimination and stereotyping like this is nothing more than crude and disgusting forms of hate-filled ideologies.

Psychopathy and Machiavellianism have nothing to do with religion and race. Traits like that have to do with brain wiring,  neurogenetics or in some cases early childhood trauma which irreversibly damage some people. There are many hard-core science books that give several reasons for why some people are natural-born predators, but some books like Without Conscience: the Disturbing world of psychopaths among usThe Sociopath Next Door, The Mask of Sanity, Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists,  Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work and Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron failed and my sister stole my mother’s boyfriend  are excellent reads. When it comes to religious views, I am someone more in line with the writings of Christopher Hitchens. So a site for Levin’s atrocities has nothing to do with his faith.

(3) Some in the scientific profession think that anyone writing anything against a psychiatrist – mind you, an evil one in this case – must be influenced or backed by the Church of Scientology and the eerie eyes of Tom Cruise arguing with Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

My thoughts on the ideas of Xenu-worshipping-Scientologists regarding psychiatry? Let me simply say that some of my friends who support this site not only can’t stand cult tactics as well as human rights abuses towards innocents and towards the LGBT community, but are also rather fond of a certain “verse” whose last lines go something like this: “….We are Legion. We do not forgive.  We do not forget. Expect us.”  ‘Nuff said.


This site is exactly for the reasons it writes in its “about” page. For Truth. For Justice. For Empathy. Especially for those who have suffered irreversibly due to certain opaque systems that shielded evil; and for people who cannot see their own hearts of darkness but continued to threaten their victims, lest they spoke up with the last ounce of bravery.

“Courage is the best slayer – courage which attacketh, for in every attack there is the sound of triumph” – Friedrich Nietzsche


One thought on “Colonels with no moral kernels

  1. Some comments on “Colonels with no moral kernels”.
    Aubrey Levin became “Colonel” and “Doctor” in the Apartheid South African Government run Defense Force. His “theses” on Gays and Mental Illness are to say the least, highly questionable. We were his “guinea pigs” for “data collection” and “research” leading to a Ph.D from a University teaching eugenics? Surely the fact that Levin’s ‘credentials’ led to his esteemed position in Canada raises questions about Psychiatry in Canada?
    Levin’s decades-old ‘defense’, namely: “I was just doing my job…” is the same, failed, infamous “Nuremberg Defense”.
    When making your points “to remove any illogical straw-man fallacies”, beware of making an “appeal to authority fallacy” because pointing to the “many sincere, wonderful and kind psychiatrists… out there” and “others doing excellent ground-breaking work…”. When one investigates Psychiatry anywhere in the world, it reads like a horror story.
    The fact is one has to take Psychiatry and Psychiatrists seriously and be careful what one says to them because once you are labelled “The Mental Patient”, one is powerless and constantly at their mercy. You are robbed of the legal rights, (even basic human rights), that other members of a democracy enjoy. You live in a totalitarian world, tucked away out of sight – a “sitting duck” to any unscrupulous predators. Levin was an accomplice in the racist, sexist Apartheid Regime – a ‘stereotypical’ South African Official, who did not face the TRC..
    Please forgive my mistrusting “Truth” and “Justice” and “Empathy”. Was any “empathy” shown for the many, many victims who complained for over 40 Years? No, it took a hidden camera to finally “prove” Levin’s guilt on 3 charges not the “Truth” of all victims claims. Truth and Reconciliation? Where is it? Justice? Where is the Justice for even one of his victims? My courage fails me when I realize

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