New “About” page

This is a new ‘about’ page with the same information as the previous one, due to a bizarre turn in the previous page, or rather an over-reaction by another psychiatrist to some comments posted there.

To those who wrote openly regarding Aubrey Levin, your comments have not been deleted, but just on hold, till certain facts are resolved, or till victims can freely write. Part of me wants to out the truth, as it should be; the other part is baffled and is inquiring into the facts; the third is rather angry that a platform provided is now facing threats from a person (another forensic psychiatrist) who did not want some commentators to post certain unsavoury facts about his private conduct. Not having the guts to write himself, he got his colleague to go out on a limb for him.

Please read my posts on ‘strange development’ and ‘stranger still‘ to understand what has occurred. Those who have been regulars on this site may continue posting your valued comments under the posts in the main ‘Home’ page. Thanks.

This is a support group for all those who knew of the atrocities of former South African army psychiatrist/ Canadian forensic psychiatrist and professor at University of Calgary – Dr. Aubrey Levin.

This site is for those who were victimized by him but didn’t know where to go lest their voices were never heard, nor believed.

This is for those who directly faced his hypocrisy and/or were abused by him.

This is for those who worked in close proximity with him, saw his darker side, yet could not speak up as the face he showed to the world and to those in power was a mask.

This site is also for those who knew the various supporters, financial backers, and “disciples” of Dr. Levin, or those who got jobs in the future in the field of forensic psychiatry due to his recommendations. To think that his evil still continues through his supporters, is indeed repugnant.

This is for all those who believe that justice should be served. That a man capable of this massive proportion of evil, who has no remorse, no empathy, should be set free by the Canadian government, even after all the human rights crimes he has committed.

This is for those who believe in genuine justice and have genuine empathy for his victims.

For those who would like to write confidentially, or wish me to present your facts as a post on this blog — about this case, or  any other incident regarding abuse by a psychiatrist — you may e-mail me directly at Your name will not be used, unless you wish it to be.



4 thoughts on “New “About” page

  1. It’s a shame that Dr Aubrey Levine was not invited to appear before the ‘Desmond Tutu’ Truth and Reconciliation Committee in post apartheid South Africa because I am sure that a lot of what is now creeping out of the woodwork would have prevented him from ever becoming a Canadian citizen. Unfortunately he put an unholy fear into his past SA army and other patients that they were too scared to come forward because of the power and nature of his threats. I personally was incarcerated for 7 months under his ‘care’ in a military camp on the border of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe (Greefswald) during my 12 month conscription into the South African military. What happened there has affected my entire life from the age of 19 until now, I am 60.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your pain. It is true that sadly, the victims themselves are threatened into silence and suffer internally forever, while the monsters roam around free. Not only do they feel no remorse, but worse, focus on keeping their own reputations intact by silencing the victims of their crimes. I feel very, very sad about what happened to you. Would you like your story to be known, or do you prefer to keep it silent?

      • I really don’t mind my story being published as I have buried most of the horrible negative things that happened in that time of my life. It was more my observation of what was happening to some of my beatiful friends and fellow soldiers that will stick with me forever. I will never know what happened to these fellows who just disappeared into the world of daily existence once their military conscription and mental destruction was over (or was it). Life has to go on and a few of us still keep in touch via Facebook (Greefswald) if you care to have a look there. There are still many questions being asked about this terrible facility and its so called therapy that our ‘friend’ Aubrey ‘Bubbles’ Levin controlled and caused so much anguish (much stronger words could be used here) to happen in many precious people’s lives at the time.
        Publish my story by all means but I really don’t know if I have that much more to contribute.
        Thanks for a great blog. My very best wishes and thoughts to a positive outcome of all our utterances as this monstrosity unfolds.

        • Thank you Stanley. I really appreciate your bravery and strength. I shall contact you directly. Please make sure that no one else abuses your trust nor tries to impersonate me while contacting you. As you can see, this blog, just for being a platform to out the truth and a space for victims, is being threatened by those who would like to keep facts of someone’s hypocrisy concealed, although validated facts are now pointing that comments posted here do hold ground. Or better still, you may contact me directly at the email provided in the “about” section. I am determined to not be silenced and am working with my lawyer to keep this safe space intact.

          Kind regards.

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