A strange development

(Updated post – see end of the post for the update.)

When I started this site – I had thought of this as a safe haven for people to speak out their problems as victims. It has been brought to my attention today, by a psychiatrist in Toronto who wrote in with a comment, that there are some comments posted here by two readers which constitute of statements not reflecting well on a forensic psychiatrist, his “friend” in the original ‘about’ section of the site.Dr\

This writer of this comment, i.e. the doctor has also threatened that the police have been/will be contacted due to this. His exact words: “The site hosting this blog has been contacted as have the police.”  (please read the update at the end of the post) This is rather strange and can either mean three things:

Postulate (1) A message board of this sort is unacceptable to some, especially to psychiatrists who need to keep their reputations intact, and wish to take extreme measures over something very easily fixed – i.e. asking for the name of a certain person to be kept confidential.

Postulate (2) There is truth to certain statements made by some commentators here which is why such a strong action is being taken against a website.

Postulate (3) Or, as he insinuates, these statements by the commentators are false.

If that is the case, he is damaging his “friend’s” reputation further by explicitly naming the fellow psychiatrist  and giving specific information about him in his defence. Thereby, to do him a favour I have not published the comment either, since it reveals the very name that he does not wish to be known to the public.  

All he had to do was ask the moderator to withhold certain names in the message board. Please note, that I have done so on my own, until further review by my lawyer to spare the subject any further scrutiny.  Should the 2 commentators’ statements be proven true, and those who wrote them can furnish proof, it will be even more embarrassing (to say the least) for his colleague for the truth to come out even more consolidated – rather than the simple act of politely asking the moderator to withhold names for privacy.

This therefore makes one wonder, if there is in fact truth in those allegations and this is perturbing to the “friend”.

I have noted that the comments/mails were regarding this University of Calgary graduate forensic psychiatrist’s personal/private/online conduct, not public or professional, and neither did the commentators suggest that he abused his patients, though his “friend” specifically seems to imply in his mail to me that his colleague has not had any complaints at the board against him and based on that he has not abused any patients. The commentators he had a problem with seemed to write that he psychologically abused and broke women in his private life, that they had met the psychiatrist in a non-professional setting, and he picks women on-line. Why this should make his “friend” so defensive  to say his colleague has not abused anyone professionally, which has not been implied in those comments, is rather cryptic. The friend has also mentioned that he himself worked on Aubrey Levin’s case. This is true. I have verified the fact based on his name and credentials under the identity under which he wrote to me. He is also in a powerful position both in his professional and academic world, with a vast knowledge of the Levin case. I do not know therefore if his “colleague” is merely using him to save his own hide.

I did do some research when I had first received the comments in question, and while I cannot personally vouch for some of the things mentioned in those – some things do hold solid ground. Such as:

Yes, his “colleague” in fact DID graduate from the University of Calgary in forensic psychiatry at the time Dr. Levin was a prominent professor there. Yes, he does seem to imply in his on-line presence that he graduated from McGill, when only his residency was done there. And yes, he does hail from South Africa. Yes, his father is a businessman in Toronto, who hails from South Africa and has business connections in western Canada. Yes, the said friend did try to join the Canadian military as a forensic psychiatrist but left due to problems with authority, which is documented in a psychology magazine. Yes, he does seem to wish people to know he worked overseas and likes showing himself off as a “rescuer” or the proverbial white messiah of sorts. He has worked overseas only for 6 months, not “several years” as he likes to allude to women he wishes to impress online. Yes, he currently schmoozes with people in a prime time tv show, and has charmed others to continue his façade  His brother-in-law is also a powerful investment banker type, and he uses his secure connections to make sure no one can have the guts to speak up anything against him, even if substantiated.

The Toronto psychiatrist who has written to me is saying that his friend had not even heard of Levin. How it is impossible for a student at University of Calgary studying forensic psychiatry and born in Johannesburg to not know a prominent professor teaching forensic psychiatry and  belonging to the same ethnic heritage and also hailing from Jo’berg is rather baffling. Unless the forensic psychiatry faculty consists of 100s of professors, which it certainly does not. 

I would ask the women and the brother to come up with further proof – either on the online identities this psychiatrist in question assumes, or other solid facts. I know this is difficult, but it is necessary. It is hard when the abused have to furnish the proof to be believed, while the abuser continues to threaten based on a position of power.

However, my sympathies are with the VICTIMS of abuse by psychiatrists and institutional systems, not with the outward façade of those in power. If for this reason, I am myself silenced, for simply providing a platform, it is indeed telling on how certain systems work.

I am rather baffled by the threats to shut this site down, for only having placed news articles from respectable sources (The Guardian, CBC, National Post, Canadian Press, Huffington Post) regarding “Dr. Shock”. Therefore I am going to look into the comments the doctor from Toronto has a problem with, and check them with an expert here, as well as with my lawyer. If found to be true,  it means the poster was speaking the truth. If found false, then they will be removed or kept pending until further review. Either way, for the moment, those comments will undergo my review, and I will give the benefit of doubt to what this Toronto doctor is suggesting about his “colleague”.

However, I find it rather strange, that after all the atrocities committed by Dr. Levin, even the smallest safe place for his victims is now facing threats. I shall look into this matter further, and keep certain postings private or protected for a while until I verify the facts.

To the writers of the comments, once again – if you have more proof, I encourage you to contact me directly. Since one of you already has, I ask any others. Regarding certain pseudonyms that were used, if you can prove that these are indeed the ones this person in question goes by online, anything would help. There are many forums out there that encourage group support.

I am somewhat intrigued by the rather threatening tone of voice in which the psychiatrist from Toronto has jumped in to defend his colleague, wishing to contact the site, the server, the police – all over something that could have been solved rather simply. Interesting.

To those who have been brave to come forward with stories of trauma of Aubrey Levin, I commend you for your courage and for supporting this site. I need your support even more now, as I am receiving threats, simply for providing a place for one spot where victims would not be silenced.

Until further notice,


Justice and Empathy.

A follow-up with newer developments: Stranger Still

“In times of universal deceit  telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.” –  George Orwell (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950)

*The update: Since the original comment by the Toronto psychiatrist, he has let me know that it was not him but his colleague (who he has specified is a colleague, not a friend) is the one who went to the police to silence the presumed commenter. The doctor who wrote to me said that he appreciates the work this blog is doing and supports it, and also felt really bad for Levin’s victims. Thank you, sir. As much as I would like to take your offer to write directly to you, based on facts I am now finding out about your colleague I need to trust writing back, as I do not know if he is monitoring your activities. I am an extremely computer-savvy person and know how mail ids, incoming mail servers etc. work to find locations  etc.  I also have several extremely computer-savvy persons, to put it mildly, who are supporters of this site and my other work. I also know how much your colleague is monitoring this site, looking up on anyone who posts here, and has been for a long time. Yes, he knew about Levin a long time back, not the first time through you, as he would like you to believe.  So,  while I am rather amused by his ongoing actions, I do not want to let your trust in him get in the way of any correspondence I have with you directly. Therefore, as much as I would like a private discussion, this is the only way through a public post, I can let you know.

A follow-up to the post: Stranger Still


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