Levin out on bail already

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Dr. Aubrey Levin freed on bail pending appeal of sex-assault convictions


Former forensic psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin will be free on strict bail conditions pending his appeal of convictions for sexually assaulting three patients primarily under his court-ordered care.

Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Clifton O’Brien ordered Levin’s release in what he called a tough decision on Wednesday.

“Dr. Levin no longer enjoys the presumption of innocence. He has been convicted and his guilt was established by a jury,” said O’Brien. “However, he does enjoy the right of appeal. His medical licence has been suspended and, at his age (74) and circumstances, he is not a danger to the public.

“While his appeal is not assured, I don’t believe the public would lose confidence in the administration of justice if he is released pending appeal.”

Levin was convicted by a jury of three counts of sexual assault on Jan. 28. He was also acquitted of two other charges, and the jury could not reach a verdict on four other counts. He was sentenced three days later to five years in prison.

O’Brien, however, insisted he wants the appeal expedited.

O’Brien said there is time available in September and October to hear the appeal.

He ordered Levin to abide by a curfew of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and not leave Calgary without permission. Levin previously surrendered his passport and cannot apply for another one.

Although the conditions have not yet been prepared and signed by the judge, Defence lawyer Karen Molle said her client will also post $15,000 cash.

Molle argued that Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley erred in exhorting the jury the day after it gave her a note on the late afternoon on Jan. 27, saying it could not reach a verdict on any of the nine counts and no more deliberation would change that decision.

Shelley told them the next morning in an established court exhortation to try its best to reach a verdict. Eight hours later, it reached its decisions.

“It’s not an argument that the words used by the judge in the exhortation were in error,” Molle told the judge. “Part of the appeal is that in the circumstances, they (jurors) were under immense pressure to come to a verdict. (She) put pressure on them. From the time they gave her the note at 5:30 p.m. until the next morning, after 16 hours they were under immense pressure.”

Molle also said the judge was wrong in not disclosing tapes of some 50 TIP line calls from alleged victims of Levin, saying Levin could have had a more thorough defence to all charges. She said the Crown then cherry-picked the charges that were similar to the original complainant RB, who used a spy watch camera to record his last two sessions with Levin in March 2010.

Crown prosecutor Eric Tolppanen argued that the judge gave very well-reasoned decisions on all applications during the lengthy trial that began in early October and the appeal is frivolous.

He also said there was concern that Levin no longer has incentive to surrender himself to the court, if required, as he has been convicted and sentenced to five years.

He said Levin made all efforts to derail his trial, first by attempting to have the trial delayed for physical reasons, then mental fitness, then fired his first lawyer,

“The trial judge speaks of a series of events orchestrated by the accused that caused her concern,” said Tolppanen. “It was a series of conduct to bring it to a halt.”

Tolppanen said there was no pressure put on the jury by the judge in her exhortation, as they had already deliberated for three full days and they needed an overnight break to get a good sleep and regroup when the judge asked them to go back and continue.

“The trial judge’s ruling has no room for appeal,” Tolppanen said. “The trial judge thoughtfully considered the defence application and made an unassailable ruling.”

Levin was not in court for the interim bail hearing.

Meanwhile, Erica Levin, 69, the accused’s wife, makes her first appearance in court on Thursday on a charge of attempting to obstruct justice for trying to bribe one of the jurors.

Court heard she allegedly approached a juror on Jan. 11 at a nearby CTrain station and handed the woman an envelope with what the juror said was a large sum of cash.

The juror gave a note to the judge at the next sitting on Jan. 14, which outlined the allegations, and the judge dismissed her, saying she acted properly.

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Psychiatric Abuses in the South African Defense Force during Apartheid

At the end of this post is the scanned copy of a report written by Australian forensic psychiatrist Dr. Robert Kaplan on the systematic abuse of patients, personnel, gays and lesbians by the psychiatrist Aubrey Levin during his time at the South African Defense Force.

What is incredibly damaging and baffling, is that even after knowing all this, the Canadian government continued to cover up and made excuses for his presence and safe existence in Canada. Albeit, truth be told, and as the UK Guardian had written, whenever anyone tried to bring up Levin’s South African  past in Canada, he would swiftly silence them and even silence media personnel by threatening lawsuits or threatening to report them to the police.

Will the CBC Fifth Estate (documentary series) ever do a feature on how or why this criminal was allowed in Canada in the first place, and not only not punished, but “rewarded” with a medical license, a teaching position at the University of Calgary and worked as a court-appointed forensic psychiatrist? Or will the acknowledgement of brutal truth that many institutions, individuals and systems allowed this to occur and those responsible are as corrupt/apathetic/don’t-give-a-damn/complicit with evil, be  something too introspective to acknowledge, and therefore everything simply smoothed over, as though nothing had happened. (Never mind, that a man who was threatening to shut this very site down by threatening to contact the  server administrator and get the police to silence a commentator- due to his own skeletons getting exposed – was a South Africa-born “consulting forensic psychiatrist” for a current ongoing CBC prime-time entertainment show and a former graduate of the same University of Calgary psychiatry department currently working in a prominent hospital.)

I sometimes ponder on the narcissistic self-centredness of the above-mentioned forensic psychiatrist, who only thought of his own reputation, without one iota of empathy for the victims of Levin’s abuse, and that this site was for them and for those who have faced abuse from others who are seen as authority figures in their field of work. It was his colleague that he got to write in, that sent a second mail to say he had a great deal of empathy for the victims and supported this site.The shrink – who probably dictated his first mail to the colleague, did not even once say that he felt bad for Levin’s atrocities, but just how great and reputed and blameless he was (which of course, got completely overturned when several people sent me substantiated proof of his skeletons. Not just them, even the therapists of two of those people, indisputably agreed that what those two had experienced at the hands of the Toronto shrink was termed as Narcissistic Abuse, or abuse by someone with a Cluster B personality disorder.) But no, at the height of Levin’s conviction, this shrink’s own skeletons mattered more than having a platform that systematically covered news stories from valid sources outlining Levin’s atrocities.  Very, very telling. Red flags like these do not escape my attention and analysis.

Systematic abuse of power in factions of authority and institutions continue, and somehow in Canada, smoothing over ruffled feathers and looking the other way, or worse, silencing the whistle-blower is the norm, not the exception. Only when the truth is blatantly out there – like in this case – a video by a patient, only then the tiniest acknowledgement was made, i.e., yes,  Levin is a criminal. A sentence of 5 years now; which is minuscule to a lifetime of crime, which again will be appealed, citing various judicial technicalities and so forth. Goodness, do these people know how to play the system!  I strongly suggest people read Barbara Oakley’s excellent book Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed and… which looks into why entire systems often shield evil leaders and the quiet or docile among them are too afraid to speak up, even when they know what is going on. Her follow-up book Pathological Altruism shows how people’s optimism or faith make them continue showing misplaced compassion to and enable those who are irreparable in their evil.

Today, as the Pope steps down, is a perfect day to post this. Just as the Catholic Church for centuries hid their abuses, so do many systems in power. Even when those higher up in the church knew that young boys were sodomized, raped and abused by priests, they looked the other way, and rather than think of the victims, thought first of saving their own skin and reputation. They would send off these predatory priests to other dioceses as though nothing had happened. The lives of the boys were damaged and no one, no one cared. Occasionally they would be brought up by the media – sometimes by well-meaning journalists, and sometimes by some media-people more focused on cashing in or showing themselves as some great hero/story-reporter, rather than focusing on the lives of the victims.

You will notice that people who want to cash in on others’ victimhood often ask for cash or money for their own “causes.” Therefore, there are “professional victims”, and the real victims. True empathizers want the victims to heal, to have their side told, to have the peace of retribution of seeing the criminal brought to justice, or to just have their own peace. Rarely does this occur. The victim is left in the puddle of his own wounds, blood,devastation and tears; often just another pawn in the system. Those who are evil – be it an evil psychiatrist, priest, leader, authority figure or even relationship partner attribute all the victims’ misery to being their “own fault,” as though they deserved it. In their warped existence they themselves are blameless. They are not out to get others, others are out to get them. This is called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse (role of) Victim and Offender.) The Cluster B’s and the sociopath’s crutch. Evil. To.The.Core. Irreparably. Irreversibly. Pathologically. Pure. Evil.

Jerry Sandusky. Sir Jimmy Savile. Col. Russell Williams. “Dr.” Aubrey Levin. and every single one of those in power who knew about them but did not expose them out of apathy and opportunism.

It is because of these injustices that whistle-blowers exist. For when systems we are supposed to trust turn their faces away, the only way justice is served are through activists who prefer to remain anonymous, but know how to effectively hit the abuser where it hurts them the most: at their own black hole, which covers their masked, narcissistic exteriors, for they certainly have neither a heart nor a conscience. Perhaps, that’s why Abusers, Machiavellians,  Narcissists seek out work in complex systems even more – where they can hide and which will protect them, beneath all the bureaucracy, and layers of papers, legal jargon and levels of personnel. The abuser’s only fear is of being exposed for the monsters they truly are. Yes, the abuser’s greatest fear is of being exposed. Of being seen. Of having their fake facades ripped away to expose the black hole of a lack of conscience underneath. Of facing REALITY.


Click on the image to view it in enlarged print



Click on the image to view it in enlarged print

The text in the above file (pardon the formatting – it was copy/pasted from the original PDF):


– Robert Kaplan

Dr Robert KapLan is aforensic psychiatrist and medicaL writer based in WoLLongong, NSW, AustraLia.  March 2001

During the long years of apartheid in South Africa, doctors

were part of a system of systematic state abuse of prisoners.’ In

the most notorious example, doctors claimed that Steve Biko

was shamming when suffering from extensive brain damage as

a result of severe beating while in custody.’ There were

allegations of abuse of black patients in mental hospitals. Now

a report has revealed bizarre psychiatric abuse in the South

African Defence Force (SADF) over several decades.

The Aversion Project’ claims that there was extensive

psychiatric abuse directed at homosexual and, to a lesser

extent, drug-abusing conscripts in the SADF. The report was

publicised in a series of articles in the Mail & Guardian.’ The

revelations have cast a pall on a profession trying to establish

credibility after the apartheid era.

According to the report, over a period of close to 2 decades,

homosexual conscripts of both sexes were culled from the

military ranks and subjected to crude electric shock therapy

based on rudimentary behaviour therapy principles. Male

subjects were shown pictures of men to arouse them, then

given electric shocks followed by colour pictures of nude

women in Playboy magazines.s When – predictably – this

failed to change sexual preference, some of the subjects had sex

change operations. It appears that most female subjects were

spared the shock treatment but still went through the sex

change procedures.

According to the MaiL & Guardian article, possibly 900 sexchange

operations were carried out (a rate of about 50 a year

for 18 years) under the auspices of the SADF. In the half

century since sex reassignment surgery was first performed, it

must be unique for such operations to be done under the

auspices of the military, with many, possibly all, of the

procedures performed in military hospitals. Once the

operations were completed, subjects were discharged from

military service; their birth certificates were chmged and they

were given new identity papers. Some were discharged before

the sex-change had been completed, leaving them in an uneasy

state of limbo; they are now trying to get the military to pay the

cost of completing the procedure. Others are petitioning for

subsidisation of the expensive hormone treatments which are

required for maintenance of female or male characteristics.

Investigation of the claims is difficult in view of the passage

of time. In many cases records have been lost. Tracing the

doctors involved in the treatment has proved contentious. A

central figure in the allegations has been psychiatrist Aubrey

Levin, who had the rank of Colonel in the SADF. Dr Levin is

believed to be one of 24 doctors who have been warned by the

Truth and Reconciliation Commission that they may be named

as perpetrators of human rights abuses. From 1969 to 1974, Dr

Levin ran the notorious Ward 22 at 1 Military Hospital in

Voortrekkerhoogte, where most of the subjects were treated.

After he left the military, Dr Levin continued treatment of

conscripts in Bloernfontein while professor of psychiatry at the

University of the Orange Free State.

Dr Levin, now based in Calgary, Canada, has strenuously

denied that any abuse occurred with conscripts under his care

in the military and threatened to sue for defamation. Dr Levin

said the Health and Human Rights Project’s submission was

‘based on distortions of the fads, and raises doubts about not

only my credibility but also about several other doctors who

worked with me’.’ He claims he only used drugs and a ‘batteryoperated

device’ on patients, and denied that electric shock

treatment or gender reassignment surgery was conducted by

the military.

The approach followed by the SADF to homosexuals has

shocking overtones of coercive and punitive treatment.

Homosexuality was officially regarded as subversive and

unacceptable by the SADF but, in practice, attitudes were

ambiguous and inconsistent. Some homosexuals in the SADF

established relationships and were accepted by their

heterosexual counterparts. An all-homosexual unit operating

from Upington was regarded as highly efficient and was

praised for its combat record. Yet many other homosexuals

were mercilessly persecuted and professional soldiers denied


At the time the aversive treatments were used,

homosexuality was no longer regarded as a psychiatric illness

in European or American psychiatry. And, while aversive

therapy had a brief vogue to assist homosexuals who wanted to

change orientation (without success) or reduce potentially risky

behaviour such as cruising (often helpful), it was only

performed with consenting adults.’ Furthermore, the electrical

shocks used in treatment were of pinprick intensity; by

contrast, an intern psychologist, Trudi Grobler, described the

shocks administered to a female subject at 1 Military Hospital

as so intense that the shoes came off her feet.

The approach followed in the SADF appears to have

developed in complete ignorance of the scientific literature on

homosexuality and transsexualism, going back at least a

century if one uses Krafft-Ebing or Havelock Ellis as a guide.

The attitude was simplistic, crude and stereotypical to an

extreme: male homosexuals were perceived as effeminate and

passive, inadequate males who wanted to be female; female

homosexuals were the reverse – butch women who aspired to

be male. Considering that the first sex change operation

occurred in the 1950s and that there has been a flood of

literature on the topic since then, the only conclusion that can

be reached is that the psychiatrists involved were not only

woefully and balefully ignorant, but functioned as an extension

of the military ethos.

The requirement for transsexuals going through gender

reassignment surgery, in addition to involvement with

disciplines such as endocrinology, is to have extensive

psychiatric assessment and a period of supervision lasting 2

years to show that they can successfully adapt to their new

identity. This is in marked contrast to the procedure reportedly

followed in the SADF, where counselling was minimal or nonexistent

and no follow-up was provided. Whether subjects

selected for the operation were even given a choice is unclear.

According to the report, it is doubtful that the sex-change

operations proceeded with consent that would be regarded as

fully informed on an ethical or legal basis; some conscripts

were below the legal age of consent. By any standards, to

advise a subject that a sex change operation will change their

sexual preference is so egregiously misguided that it must

constitute gross medical negligence.

The belief that sex-changes would alter homosexuality is a

profound misinterpretation. Homosexuality is a matter of

sexual preference; transsexualism is a disorder of gender identity.

While some homosexuals (and heterosexuals) may engage in

cross-dressing, chiefly for sexual purposes, the vast majority

are comfortable and do not wish to change their gender.

Transsexuals, by contrast, have a sustained unease with their

biological gender and see cross-dressing and reassignment

surgery as facilitating their desired identity.

Drug abusers were also subjected to unethical psychiatric

treatment in the SADF.’ With homosexuals, political and

conscientious objectors and the seriously mentally ill, they

were regarded as ‘deviants’ in need of psychiatric cure,

shOWing ominous similarity with psychiatric ‘re-education’ in

the Soviet Union. arco-analysis was a favoured treatment in

addition to electric shock therapy. Drug users (the majority

were using cannabis or Mandrax) were incarcerated in the

notorious Greefswald camp, located in ~e far north and

unapproachable except by air. Here they were subjected to

extreme discipline, amounting to hard labour, the logic

apparently being that this would cure them of their drug

problem. Once again, there was an issue of informed consent,

resulting in complaints to the then-South African Medical and

Were the allegations confirmed, they would rank among the

worst psychiatric abuse since the azi era, exceeded only by

the systematic state abuse of dissidents in the Soviet Union. A

more recent and comparable event is the Chelmsford Deep

Sleep scandal in Australia. From 1963 to 1979, several hundred

patients were subjected to a discredited, dubious and

dangerous treatment, Deep Sleep therapy, in a private Sydney

suburban hospital. Flattened by huge doses of sedatives, with

little or no supervision, patients were left to wallow in their

excretions, resulting in severe morbidity and numerous deaths.

It took at least a decade before the media revelations and

public uproar led to a Royal Commission. By then, the chief

proponent, Dr Harry Bailey, had committed suicide.

In 1995, the Medical Association of South Africa issued a

public apology for past wrongdoings.1O As recent television

footage of police setting attack dogs on illegal migrants

showed, torture continues to be used by some elements of the

police in criminal cases. The South African medical profession

needs to demonstrate unambiguously that there will never

again be medical complicity in torture or other human rights

abuses. Until there is a comprehensive and public investigation

of medical abuses in the SADF, psychiatry in the new South

Africa will remain deeply compromised. To maintain

credibility there must be a full and open inquiry, the offenders

brought to justice and a regulatory system established to

ensure that such atrocities do not occur again. Anything less

will be a serious injustice.

1. Human Rights Commission Fact Paper FP’7. Deaths in Detention. Braamiontein: HRC, August


2. SiJove D. Doctors and the state: lessons from the Biko case. 50c Sd Med 1990; 30:. 417-429.

3. Van Zyl M, de Gruchy 1, Lapinsky S, Lewin S, Reid C. The Aversion Project: Human Rig1lts

Abuses a/Gays and Lesbians iT! the SADF by Health Workers During the Apartheid Era. Published

by Simply Said and Done on behaH of Gay and Lesbian Archives Health and Human Rights

Project, Medical Research Council, National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality. Cape

Town. October 1999.

4. Kirk P. Mutilation by the Military. Mail & Guardian 2000; 28 July· 3 August.

5. SAPA report. SADF used playboy centrefolds 10 ‘reprogramme’ gay recruits. 16 June 2000.

6. Thiel G. It wasn’t torture, says ‘Or Shock’. EIectronic MDil & Guardian 1997; June.

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9. Barrel! H. Levine used drugs and electric shocks to ‘cure’ gay men. Mail & Guardian 2000; 28

July· 3 August.

10. Van der Linde I. Sometimes having to say you’re sorry ews). SAMjl995; 85: 715-716.

Colonels with no moral kernels

It’s important to remember that Aubrey Levin had risen to the ranks of a colonel in the South African Defense Force. A flashback article from UK’s Guardian:


Mme. Erica Levin has been officially charged with obstruction of justice. The latest from CBC today:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/story/2013/02/08/calgary-erica-levin-obstruction-charged.html

A recent news story shows the video that finally got him. Warning – do not click unless you want to; contains explicit content: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnGg5oc4GEs In my opinion better not watched. However the evidence is pretty clear.

Also Kevin Martin reported from Calgary how the doctor’s “sick” strategy failed. Sickening yet funny. http://www.calgarysun.com/2013/02/01/sick-strategy-failed-dr-aubrey-levin

Levin is not the only colonel who was a predator. Canadian colonel Russell Williams also rose to the heights of power in his military career before proving to be a sicko lingerie stealing fetishist and then rapist and murderer . In this link, it is seen how he not only has no remorse for one of his victims, but also wants her to pay his legal fees! Unbelievable!





First off, thank you to all the people from all over who wrote me supportive, heartfelt, encouraging mails for how meaningful this site has been, and that it is necessary to have it.

It means a lot.

Thank you to the psychiatrist from Toronto too who worked for the Crown in Levin’s case, who also wrote that he very much supported sites like these, and clarified that it was not he, but his colleague who had problems with the comments. Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

Three points, to remove any illogical straw-man fallacies.

(1) I have set this site NOT to disparage psychiatrists in any way or form, but to find sociopaths among psychiatrists or any people we are supposed to trust completely in society. There are many sincere, well-meaning and kind psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists out there. The predators are an exception, but it does occur, as in other places of power and trust too. In fact  there are many great doctors in Toronto’s CAMH such as Director of the Neuroscience Research Department and Head of the Psychiatric Neurogenetics Section James Kennedy and others doing excellent ground-breaking work to help those affected by mental health issues.

However – it is true that a breach of trust by psychiatrists is especially heinous as their main duty is that of mental ‘healing’  – not creating more physical and mental anguish, trauma and irreversible pain.

I have other sites which take up predators in other professions, so sinister psychiatrists are not the only ones who I have on my radar. Personally, I have never needed nor taken the services of any psychiatrist or psychologist and have never been diagnosed with any mental health issues. This is to let it be known that I have no personal issues against anyone in Psychiatry based on any personal bad experience. I have heard of many shrink stories from shrinks themselves and their patients and friends and family. I have a normal profession and maintain sites like these where victims of various predators can have a support group. I happen to have journalists in my ancestry from both sides of the family and support free-lance investigative journalists greatly.

(2) Because both Levin and the name of another forensic psychiatrist which came up in two of the comments are Jewish, it may be presumed I have something against Judaism. Nothing could be more untrue. My mother herself is Jewish, and my father himself (non-Jewish) was a doctor. Also unfortunately some anti-Semitic websites have thrown all of Levin’s problems to his religious faith. Baseless discrimination and stereotyping like this is nothing more than crude and disgusting forms of hate-filled ideologies.

Psychopathy and Machiavellianism have nothing to do with religion and race. Traits like that have to do with brain wiring,  neurogenetics or in some cases early childhood trauma which irreversibly damage some people. There are many hard-core science books that give several reasons for why some people are natural-born predators, but some books like Without Conscience: the Disturbing world of psychopaths among usThe Sociopath Next Door, The Mask of Sanity, Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists,  Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work and Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron failed and my sister stole my mother’s boyfriend  are excellent reads. When it comes to religious views, I am someone more in line with the writings of Christopher Hitchens. So a site for Levin’s atrocities has nothing to do with his faith.

(3) Some in the scientific profession think that anyone writing anything against a psychiatrist – mind you, an evil one in this case – must be influenced or backed by the Church of Scientology and the eerie eyes of Tom Cruise arguing with Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

My thoughts on the ideas of Xenu-worshipping-Scientologists regarding psychiatry? Let me simply say that some of my friends who support this site not only can’t stand cult tactics as well as human rights abuses towards innocents and towards the LGBT community, but are also rather fond of a certain “verse” whose last lines go something like this: “….We are Legion. We do not forgive.  We do not forget. Expect us.”  ‘Nuff said.


This site is exactly for the reasons it writes in its “about” page. For Truth. For Justice. For Empathy. Especially for those who have suffered irreversibly due to certain opaque systems that shielded evil; and for people who cannot see their own hearts of darkness but continued to threaten their victims, lest they spoke up with the last ounce of bravery.

“Courage is the best slayer – courage which attacketh, for in every attack there is the sound of triumph” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Dr. Shock” was so sinister, he “inspired” even fictional villains

Some more details from a website link, lest we forget, what exactly the man who is getting off so easy with only 5 years which he is appealing, was responsible for: http://richarddenooy.bookslive.co.za/blog/2011/06/15/the-real-and-more-sinister-dr-shock/ 

The man was so sinister that it inspired the Dutch author de Nooy to base a character on him in his book. Is it any coincidence that Hannibal Lecter was also a psychiatrist? When they go evil, darn – they go evil. (Note: Of course not all psychiatrists are this way – like Levin and the predatory ones. This is an exception. Good and bad apples exist in every country, every profession. And there are many good and genuinely helpful therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists out there, never mind that – true – some of them do have more issues, than say those in other professions, but hopefully they are able to not transfer their own problems to their professional life. But a psychiatrist is in a position of trust and power, and therefore the abuse is a greater violation of trust and professional ethics. Hmmm – somewhat like the breach of trust when violations are made by religious priests? Interesting how both institutions spend more time and energy to keep their reputation intact, rather than think of the plight of the victims.)

Oh Canada! What does it say about you to give a safe haven and such prestige to a monster, and have him teach at a University?? Besides, easily work as a court-appointed forensic psychiatrist??

I prefer you read the story by clicking directly on the link above. If not, part of it is as follows:

The Real and More Sinister Dr. Shock – Richard de Nooy (written June 15, 2011)

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”

As a novelist, it is tempting to embrace the above quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson with a resounding “Yes!” Partly because fiction reduces complicated issues, developments and events to more human proportions, allowing the reader to more fully identify with the impact ‘reality’ has on individuals. And partly because ‘reality’ has begun to shift increasingly towards second-hand experience in the form of invalidated information that bursts from our screen whenever we type a term into our browsers. But let me tell you something you don’t know.

Dr Shock – I was recently prompted to reassess this interplay of fact and fiction when I was alerted to an article on charges of sexual assault brought against Dr Aubrey Levin in Calgary, Canada. Dr Levin, now 71, moved to Canada shortly before the apartheid regime was dismantled. In the preceding decades, he headed the psychiatric ward at the main military hospital in South Africa, at Voortrekkerhoogte near Pretoria. He later became the apartheid government’s head of mental health. In those years, he earned himself the nickname Dr Shock by initiating various forms of ‘therapy’ that were intended to ‘cure’ homosexuals and other ‘deviants’, such as drug users and conscientious objectors, of their ‘afflictions’. The array of therapies included electroshock aversion therapy, hormone treatment, truth serum, and various other questionable methods. (For further details, please check the links at the end of this piece.) [ed: links by clicking on the main link above]

Charged in Calgary – After South Africa gained democracy in 1994, Dr Levin refused to testify before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which was formed to hear the testimony of the victims and henchmen of apartheid. Dr Levin never faced trial for his work as ‘aversion therapist’, although a number of his victims did give testimony before the TRC. On arrival in Canada, Dr Levin soon resumed his practice as a psychiatrist in Calgary. He even lectured at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. In fact, Dr Levin regularly served as a court-appointed forensic psychiatrist in Canada, assessing the status of convicted criminals before sentencing. Dr Levin is alleged to have sexually abused some of the men in his care during these sessions. (Again, please check the links at the end of this piece for further details.)

The Big Stick – I have a special interest in Dr Levin because one of his henchmen features in my latest novel, which was published as Zacht als Staal by Nijgh & Van Ditmar in the Netherlands in 2010 and will be published in English as The Big Stick by Jacana Media in South Africa later this year. The novel tells the story of Staal Nel, a young gay man raised in a conservative Afrikaans family on the edge of the Kalahari desert. Staal’s family goes to great lengths to ‘bend Staal straight’ and, at wit’s end, they eventually decide to have Staal undergo aversion therapy with Dr Wynand Greefswald, a specialist working for the South African defence force.

Dr Greefswald does not exist. He was moulded on the basis of statements by South African men who suffered at the hands of Dr Levin and his henchmen. Many of Dr Levin’s victims were interned and ‘treated’ at the Greefswald military detention barracks, which was located in what is now Limpopo province, on the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. And so the place became the man.

Facts, Fiction, Truth – As I was ploughing through news articles and reviewing testimony on Dr Levin, I constantly had to remind myself that, while the information seems to speak for itself, it only becomes evidence or truth when it has been rigorously tested. Fortunately, there are still institutions – legal, scientific or otherwise – that do their utmost to gather, validate and present conclusive evidence. Unfortunately, the manner and language in which these facts are presented by fact-finding institutions is often far too dense and expansive for the average reader to consume and comprehend. And to make matters worse, the outcome of such fact-finding missions is not always conclusive or, in the case of the social sciences, often ends with the phrase: “…further research is required to confirm…”

So perhaps Emerson is right. Perhaps fiction does reveal truth that reality obscures. But I also believe that every reader should decide this for her/himself. I have therefore posted Dr. Greefswald’s full, fictional statement from The Big Stick below, followed by a series of links to news articles on Dr. Aubrey Levin and testimony from those who suffered at the hands of Dr. Shock and his henchmen.

That said, I feel I should warn more sensitive readers that the ‘facts’ are a lot more sinister than the fiction you are about to read.


Chapter 19 – The Big Stick

“Obedient men have the blood of millions on their hands.”

(Unknown prisoner, Berlin)


Statement by Wynand Greefswald, former SADF aversion therapist

I’d only just graduated when I arrived at Voortrekkerhoogte. I did three months’ basics like everyone else and then they posted me straight through. I went down on my bare knees and thanked God that I hadn’t been sent to some infantry camp with idiots who can’t even tie their own laces, let alone shoot in the right direction. All I wanted was to finish my two years in the army without burning my fingers. That’s why I did my work with great precision and carried out orders to the letter. I didn’t want any trouble and I definitely didn’t want to get transferred to Kimberley or Phalaborwa or some other hell-hole.

When I arrived at the detention barracks of the army hospital they were using masturbation therapy on homosexuals. But they were also experimenting with hormones and aversion therapy. It was all a load of rubbish, in my humble opinion. And that masturbation therapy was quite messy, if you catch my drift. What it boiled down to was the guys had to jack off while they viewed gay porn. They were encouraged to swap the gay porn for hetero porn just before they ejaculated, giving them a more appropriate stimulus to come to. Well, you can imagine that no one was really keen to keep an eye on masturbating men playing porno shuffle. So that was given to them as homework, in addition to other forms of therapy. They were all keen to toe the line, because they wanted to get out of detention barracks as quickly as possible. And some of them really wanted to be cured of their deviance.

As I said, the army was also experimenting with hormone therapy. Which was quite dangerous, because there wasn’t really any solid empirical evidence that it was effective. Anyway, the commanding officer told us to form a small experimental group, who actually didn’t know they were getting hormones. We were ordered to tell them that they were vitamin shots. At the time, I informed the CO that hormones were quite risky and that the group was actually too small to draw any real scientific conclusions from the results. But the CO had gotten the order to try every means at his disposal, and we carried out his orders. What it boiled down to was that the guys were given male hormones so that they would develop a more manly, heterosexual balance. But within a month, one of the guys began developing abnormal physical symptoms. So we stopped the hormone treatment and eventually closed the programme down.

Actually, we had the most success with aversion therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sadist, but pain can get down really deep into the brain and can have all sorts of effects. The problem is that pain and fear are partners. Pain teaches people to be afraid of certain kinds of behaviour, which they then try to avoid. But it was my belief that homosexuality wasn’t so much the problem. It was fear. That was the problem. The fact that two men want to satisfy each other isn’t necessarily a problem, as long as they keep functioning properly. Within the military context, of course. We even had a whole platoon of elite commandos who were almost all homosexuals. That wasn’t a problem. In fact, a platoon like that can be quite impressive and pretty scary, because no enemy will rest easy knowing that they’re going to be raped first before they are shot, you understand?

So fear is the problem. And the sensitivity, the shyness, the lack of aggression that often goes with homosexuality. I repeatedly brought this up in meetings, but we kept getting orders to continue with the aversion therapy, the electroshock treatment. Look, I didn’t want any trouble, as I said before, so I just kept using it on our gays. But I didn’t get any enjoyment out of it, you understand?

I clearly remember the kid. Mainly because he hadn’t come in via the normal procedure, which meant we had to treat him differently than the other troopies. Our CO was friends with the kid’s brother, or something. They’d fought in Angola together, helped each other through thick and think, life and death, blah, blah, blah. So we had to work overtime in the weekend in exchange for a long weekend pass. That made it easier to bend the rules a little. And I knew the kid would probably end up with us anyway, when he was called up for the army.

He was like a lamb going to slaughter. He was standing vomiting next to the car, so I went up to him and tried to put his mind at ease. It told him we were going to help him so that he could live a normal life. All rubbish, of course, but the wheels were in motion. I had heard that he liked music, so I arranged a cassette recorder and some tapes. I also borrowed some comic strips here and there, and I told the orderlies to give him sweets and cool drinks. I even toyed with idea of not treating him at all, but I knew what would happen if anyone found out. We weren’t too popular with the orderlies, because they thought we had too many privileges, so I couldn’t take the risk that they would inform the CO.

So I checked things out first and then decided to adjust the treatment because I thought it was sad to give this poor kid the full voltage. He was so jittery and sensitive that he started screaming even at the lowest voltage.

The treatment was quite simple, really. You stuck electrodes on the patient’s forearms. Those electrodes were connected to a little generator with a power dial that ran from one to ten. The patient was given black-and-white photos of a naked man and asked to fantasize about him. Meanwhile, we gradually turned up the power. As soon as the patient started screaming or otherwise indicated that it was all too much, the power was turned down and the black-and-white photos were replaced with a full-colour Playboy centrefold of a luscious lady, who I would then describe in the most positive terms.

This process was repeated three times every session, if possible. We did a total of two sessions with the kid, but he couldn’t take the pain, as I said. So I changed the treatment the next day. Instead of gradually turning up the voltage, I let him fantasize for a bit and then hit him with a big shock. But he fainted and messed himself, you know? So that was all pretty useless, because you need them to view the positive stimulus, the centrefold.

Because he lost it, we gave him a shot of sedative. Then I called his brother, who came and picked him up that same day. The kid sat on his bed in a kind of catatonic trance all day, but he broke down completely when his brother walked in. I offered the brother a couple of our straight porn pics to take home, but he didn’t think it was a good idea, because he thought the kid might leave them lying around, you know? Which would have caused all sorts of problems.

I remember I was about to go back inside – we had helped take the kid out to the car – when the brother called me and asked if I could give the kid another shot of sedative. Which I did, because he was sitting there like a frightened rabbit on a highway.

That’s all I remember, really. I was just doing my job. Carrying out orders. Can I go now?


The above article was taken from the following link, which has more details: http://richarddenooy.bookslive.co.za/blog/2011/06/15/the-real-and-more-sinister-dr-shock/

New “About” page

This is a new ‘about’ page with the same information as the previous one, due to a bizarre turn in the previous page, or rather an over-reaction by another psychiatrist to some comments posted there.

To those who wrote openly regarding Aubrey Levin, your comments have not been deleted, but just on hold, till certain facts are resolved, or till victims can freely write. Part of me wants to out the truth, as it should be; the other part is baffled and is inquiring into the facts; the third is rather angry that a platform provided is now facing threats from a person (another forensic psychiatrist) who did not want some commentators to post certain unsavoury facts about his private conduct. Not having the guts to write himself, he got his colleague to go out on a limb for him.

Please read my posts on ‘strange development’ and ‘stranger still‘ to understand what has occurred. Those who have been regulars on this site may continue posting your valued comments under the posts in the main ‘Home’ page. Thanks.

This is a support group for all those who knew of the atrocities of former South African army psychiatrist/ Canadian forensic psychiatrist and professor at University of Calgary – Dr. Aubrey Levin.

This site is for those who were victimized by him but didn’t know where to go lest their voices were never heard, nor believed.

This is for those who directly faced his hypocrisy and/or were abused by him.

This is for those who worked in close proximity with him, saw his darker side, yet could not speak up as the face he showed to the world and to those in power was a mask.

This site is also for those who knew the various supporters, financial backers, and “disciples” of Dr. Levin, or those who got jobs in the future in the field of forensic psychiatry due to his recommendations. To think that his evil still continues through his supporters, is indeed repugnant.

This is for all those who believe that justice should be served. That a man capable of this massive proportion of evil, who has no remorse, no empathy, should be set free by the Canadian government, even after all the human rights crimes he has committed.

This is for those who believe in genuine justice and have genuine empathy for his victims.

For those who would like to write confidentially, or wish me to present your facts as a post on this blog — about this case, or  any other incident regarding abuse by a psychiatrist — you may e-mail me directly at justiceandempathy@gmail.com. Your name will not be used, unless you wish it to be.


Stranger still….

This case had started with Dr. Aubrey Levin. Now it is beginning to show something even stranger.

This is a follow-up to the previous post: A strange development

Who should one trust? The past hour and two has, shall we say, been rather interesting. I am happy to report that the psychiatrist who contacted me seemed to truly have good intentions for his colleague. He may or may not know his colleagues’ true nature. However, that colleague has started taking measures which seem rather extreme which makes it look even more suspicious. Obviously, several people knew Dr. Levin – either professionally or personally. The man did not live in isolation. Why the fact or suggestion that someone might even have known Levin closely, or just known his name at all, is bringing such extreme measures to hide certain facts is rather bewildering.

In the meantime, three people (whose genders shall remain concealed) have contacted me. I have been sent a substantial amount of ‘proof’ – if I may so say, that does not exactly – to use an euphemism – place the doctor’s colleague in the glowing light he would like to see himself in. For the privacy of all parties, I cannot speak or show that proof.

It is a very sad case, and I have advised those concerned to take the necessary steps for their healing and psychological health.

But it would be best if the colleague of the doctor does not act the way he is now, as some of the proof will place him in an incredibly delicate situation to say the least. I am trying to be objective here to not reveal the nature of what I know now, but all I can say is yes – there is documented evidence of certain facts, at least, and the substantiated facts regarding some of his activities are indeed substantiated. If the colleague is contacting the police, it is the colleague who will be exposed and will not exactly come out with flying colours. I do not think he would want that.

I am now finding myself as an arbitrator and am trying to diffuse the situation the best I can. First off, the people who have been wronged need immediate counselling, and much more. I am thinking of making this into a closed forum where people will not be afraid to speak up.

The situation is also more complicated than that in this case. Lines were crossed by the shrink but how does one define those lines?  What if he told those affected that what he was doing to them psychologically/physically/emotionally was “for their own good”? Even though objectively and ethically it was not, and it was for his own sake. Yes – there is also more truth, and I am very shocked with some of the things which have been brought to my attention. I am no prude, but the colleague has certain sides that are to put it mildly, extremely dark and sinister.

A fourth person, this time from Toronto has now contacted me. This person is also undergoing therapy, not as the patient of the colleague, but due to her experience with him. She said she could very well relate with what the first reviewer (Echo) of this book has written.

I do not know what to say.

This person however has ascertained what one of the other commentators wrote – that yes indeed he did graduate from the University of Calgary in forensic psychiatry, he definitely knew Levin, and he does give an outer appearance to have graduated medicine from McGill and does not want people to know his real medical college. She too thinks his outer image is carefully crafted. She has added that among other things (which for privacy will not be mentioned) he has a frightening temper and is extremely verbally and psychologically abusive, which only those who have been intimate with him know of.

I do not write stuff based on emotional reasoning or subjective supposition. I base my judgements on facts, logic and fact-checking. My emotions are preserved for empathy and genuine understanding and compassion for those who have been truly wronged, not for false-accusers. Logic and inquiry therefore indicates that the comments were sent by different users (not the same user as the shrink in question has insinuated), and that certain statements written there are absolutely true, substantiated by hard evidence.

Those on-line monikers have indeed matched up with the shrink’s identity.  There are screenshots, explanations for the monikers given by the shrink himself originating from his own e-mail id, and those sites themselves if contacted will vouch for that perhaps as well. There is nothing wrong about having online monikers on  “hooking-up” sites. This is normal. But if there is truth in what occurred or how certain persons were treated, and this colleague’s extreme reactions to contact the police to threaten the poster of the comment which mentioned his online personas, there is something fishy.

Most secure people, if they have nothing to fear or hide, ignore comments like that as there is so much out there. His over-reaction, his getting a senior doctor to send a character reference etc. to me, and contacting the police over two comments on a victims’ forum, itself is bizarre, as the commentator only linked certain names online that this shrink goes by, which now it seems, are indeed correct. Perhaps this shrink’s position as a forensic psychiatrist and a “defender of women who are abused” in his public life makes him more vulnerable to his image due to any discrepancies or complete contradictions that occur in the reality of his private life.  A thought.

In other words to the colleague – if you are a public asshole and a private asshole – at least you are being honest. But if you are showing yourself as a white knight in public and are creepy/abusive/completely dishonest in private behind locked doors there is certainly a great amount of hypocrisy involved there. Other forms of hypocrisy are when you show yourself as a supporter of feminism and women’s rights in public, fully aware those women will help you by giving you media mileage, but in private, you religiously follow every sleazy “game” or “pick-up-artist” tactic and pick up young and naive women on the web, have a derision for feminism and wish women were still stuck with the limitations they had back in Victorian times. The same applies in knowing how to play trusting older good-hearted men among your colleagues to have your back while knowing how alpha-male “game” works to get support from both women and beta-men. Machiavelli’s paradise, eh, Dr. x?  quod erat demonstrandum.

“We should not pretend to be what we are not.” – Arthur Schopenhaueur

However,  to the good doctor who wrote to me, please advise your colleague to not take whatever rash steps he is taking. The situation can be diffused in a more delicate manner, if he is concerned. If things come down to furnishing proof , his shocking and rather strange skeletons may be revealed which he may not want the world to know, least of all the police, after his careful public image. In some ways, perhaps this is better, for everything to be in the open. Yet, due to the bizarre facts I am discovering, I think this is a more complex problem, as the abuse is of a very strange yet very dark and insidious nature. This woman from Toronto said she has been “excavated.” For reasons of privacy, I cannot write more details.

The individuals who have their grievances against the shrink are educated, sophisticated persons. It is extremely painful for them to speak up, and in that respect alone, this shrink already has his ass covered, because they do not seem the type to have any petty motives against him, but just heal their trauma the best they can.

They opened up here, because due to his position and threats he gives to anyone he wrongs, they feel helpless. They felt that since this was a board about an obviously evil forensic psychiatrist (Levin), they could mention their experience with another forensic psychiatrist. Had they wanted to truly slander, in this day and age, it is quite easy to create separate websites only for that, with proof etc. They could have also posted their grievances and his name and location on boards of more famous websites carrying Levin’s news story such as HuffPo, or CBC or the Globe and Mail. They did not – had they been maligners. They value their privacy and do not want their victimhood known, only healed. Part of the healing process consists of being able to confide without facing further abuse for speaking up the truth. Which further makes this “respected” shrink’s reaction seem even more bizarre. There is no smoke without fire. There are no frightened complaints by scared women until there is some semblance of truth.

Accusing the victims as though there is a plot against the perpetrator sounds vaguely familiar. Now where did I see that before….Oh yes, that’s right. Here: http://www.calgarysun.com/2013/01/21/court-psychiatrist-dr-aubrey-levin-victim-of-plot-by-accusers-to-advance-lawsuit-says-lawyer

To the psychiatrist who wrote to me earlier: Your sincere mail and your genuine efforts in your follow-up action have convinced me that you have good intentions, and, perhaps, too, may not be privy to the whole truth regarding your colleague. (You may also read the ‘update’ in the previous post explaining why I have to write to you directly through the posts, and not answer your mail.) I have a lot of respect for you and your work. I am afraid I cannot say the same for your colleague. While he is still relatively young in the field, he may be able to explain away his actions with superficial charm and cunning and convince or lie to his peers. But when he will be older, he will be openly called a twisted and remorseless pervert. In youth, there are other options outside the office for his problems. In old age, the office itself can become his playing field. What then? I have a feeling he is a man used to getting whatever he wants either through charm or coercion, and cannot accept any challenge or objective assessment to his own version of reality, however warped that version may be. In his own eyes, he is always blameless. Everything is someone else’s fault. Projection 101.

Remember Levin himself could keep his past quiet by, as quoted in the UK Guardian in this article: “After arriving in Canada …. he managed to suppress public discussion of his past by threatening lawsuits against news organisations that attempted to explore it.”

I think your colleague has himself made a mountain out of two instances which could have easily been resolved, and which very few people on this board had even noticed.  Instead, his reactionary measures have made him seem even more suspicious, and now more proof that reveals a lot more about his dark side  have come up. I will only state one thing to the doctor who wrote to me: your psychiatrist colleague needs serious therapy.  Serious. There is something not right with him – at least in his private and basal life. Dr. Steven Cohen CAMH

Please note that a Comment Policy has been put into effect, and I agree that no personal legal proper names should be used by any commentator, regardless of proof or otherwise. This is for both your protection and the privacy of others.

May peace prevail. And may Mr. Levin get the imprisonment he so richly deserves.

Addendum: I have just received a rather eloquently crafted mail from an individual who claims that the doctor’s colleague may have some deep issues himself but does not harm others intentionally. That he needs “kindness.” I am  not impressed. I do not care how damaged one is or the circumstances, but that does not give the right to torture another. I think kindness should be reserved for those who suffer, not those who commit acts of cruelty. I will also try to verify this last communique to make sure it is not from some false or frightened defender. The writer’s style of defending an abuser almost reeks of Stockholm Syndrome. Although, even his new kind and articulate defender has confirmed that this fella does name himself after Dionysius (Diony) online, even though the writer has given great reasons for that. Either way, the monikers match the very comment on this site that the shrink had problems with.

This site will focus back on the case of Aubrey Levin as new facts emerge about his case.

A strange development

(Updated post – see end of the post for the update.)

When I started this site – I had thought of this as a safe haven for people to speak out their problems as victims. It has been brought to my attention today, by a psychiatrist in Toronto who wrote in with a comment, that there are some comments posted here by two readers which constitute of statements not reflecting well on a forensic psychiatrist, his “friend” in the original ‘about’ section of the site.Dr\

This writer of this comment, i.e. the doctor has also threatened that the police have been/will be contacted due to this. His exact words: “The site hosting this blog has been contacted as have the police.”  (please read the update at the end of the post) This is rather strange and can either mean three things:

Postulate (1) A message board of this sort is unacceptable to some, especially to psychiatrists who need to keep their reputations intact, and wish to take extreme measures over something very easily fixed – i.e. asking for the name of a certain person to be kept confidential.

Postulate (2) There is truth to certain statements made by some commentators here which is why such a strong action is being taken against a website.

Postulate (3) Or, as he insinuates, these statements by the commentators are false.

If that is the case, he is damaging his “friend’s” reputation further by explicitly naming the fellow psychiatrist  and giving specific information about him in his defence. Thereby, to do him a favour I have not published the comment either, since it reveals the very name that he does not wish to be known to the public.  

All he had to do was ask the moderator to withhold certain names in the message board. Please note, that I have done so on my own, until further review by my lawyer to spare the subject any further scrutiny.  Should the 2 commentators’ statements be proven true, and those who wrote them can furnish proof, it will be even more embarrassing (to say the least) for his colleague for the truth to come out even more consolidated – rather than the simple act of politely asking the moderator to withhold names for privacy.

This therefore makes one wonder, if there is in fact truth in those allegations and this is perturbing to the “friend”.

I have noted that the comments/mails were regarding this University of Calgary graduate forensic psychiatrist’s personal/private/online conduct, not public or professional, and neither did the commentators suggest that he abused his patients, though his “friend” specifically seems to imply in his mail to me that his colleague has not had any complaints at the board against him and based on that he has not abused any patients. The commentators he had a problem with seemed to write that he psychologically abused and broke women in his private life, that they had met the psychiatrist in a non-professional setting, and he picks women on-line. Why this should make his “friend” so defensive  to say his colleague has not abused anyone professionally, which has not been implied in those comments, is rather cryptic. The friend has also mentioned that he himself worked on Aubrey Levin’s case. This is true. I have verified the fact based on his name and credentials under the identity under which he wrote to me. He is also in a powerful position both in his professional and academic world, with a vast knowledge of the Levin case. I do not know therefore if his “colleague” is merely using him to save his own hide.

I did do some research when I had first received the comments in question, and while I cannot personally vouch for some of the things mentioned in those – some things do hold solid ground. Such as:

Yes, his “colleague” in fact DID graduate from the University of Calgary in forensic psychiatry at the time Dr. Levin was a prominent professor there. Yes, he does seem to imply in his on-line presence that he graduated from McGill, when only his residency was done there. And yes, he does hail from South Africa. Yes, his father is a businessman in Toronto, who hails from South Africa and has business connections in western Canada. Yes, the said friend did try to join the Canadian military as a forensic psychiatrist but left due to problems with authority, which is documented in a psychology magazine. Yes, he does seem to wish people to know he worked overseas and likes showing himself off as a “rescuer” or the proverbial white messiah of sorts. He has worked overseas only for 6 months, not “several years” as he likes to allude to women he wishes to impress online. Yes, he currently schmoozes with people in a prime time tv show, and has charmed others to continue his façade  His brother-in-law is also a powerful investment banker type, and he uses his secure connections to make sure no one can have the guts to speak up anything against him, even if substantiated.

The Toronto psychiatrist who has written to me is saying that his friend had not even heard of Levin. How it is impossible for a student at University of Calgary studying forensic psychiatry and born in Johannesburg to not know a prominent professor teaching forensic psychiatry and  belonging to the same ethnic heritage and also hailing from Jo’berg is rather baffling. Unless the forensic psychiatry faculty consists of 100s of professors, which it certainly does not. 

I would ask the women and the brother to come up with further proof – either on the online identities this psychiatrist in question assumes, or other solid facts. I know this is difficult, but it is necessary. It is hard when the abused have to furnish the proof to be believed, while the abuser continues to threaten based on a position of power.

However, my sympathies are with the VICTIMS of abuse by psychiatrists and institutional systems, not with the outward façade of those in power. If for this reason, I am myself silenced, for simply providing a platform, it is indeed telling on how certain systems work.

I am rather baffled by the threats to shut this site down, for only having placed news articles from respectable sources (The Guardian, CBC, National Post, Canadian Press, Huffington Post) regarding “Dr. Shock”. Therefore I am going to look into the comments the doctor from Toronto has a problem with, and check them with an expert here, as well as with my lawyer. If found to be true,  it means the poster was speaking the truth. If found false, then they will be removed or kept pending until further review. Either way, for the moment, those comments will undergo my review, and I will give the benefit of doubt to what this Toronto doctor is suggesting about his “colleague”.

However, I find it rather strange, that after all the atrocities committed by Dr. Levin, even the smallest safe place for his victims is now facing threats. I shall look into this matter further, and keep certain postings private or protected for a while until I verify the facts.

To the writers of the comments, once again – if you have more proof, I encourage you to contact me directly. Since one of you already has, I ask any others. Regarding certain pseudonyms that were used, if you can prove that these are indeed the ones this person in question goes by online, anything would help. There are many forums out there that encourage group support.

I am somewhat intrigued by the rather threatening tone of voice in which the psychiatrist from Toronto has jumped in to defend his colleague, wishing to contact the site, the server, the police – all over something that could have been solved rather simply. Interesting.

To those who have been brave to come forward with stories of trauma of Aubrey Levin, I commend you for your courage and for supporting this site. I need your support even more now, as I am receiving threats, simply for providing a place for one spot where victims would not be silenced.

Until further notice,


Justice and Empathy.

A follow-up with newer developments: Stranger Still

“In times of universal deceit  telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.” –  George Orwell (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950)

*The update: Since the original comment by the Toronto psychiatrist, he has let me know that it was not him but his colleague (who he has specified is a colleague, not a friend) is the one who went to the police to silence the presumed commenter. The doctor who wrote to me said that he appreciates the work this blog is doing and supports it, and also felt really bad for Levin’s victims. Thank you, sir. As much as I would like to take your offer to write directly to you, based on facts I am now finding out about your colleague I need to trust writing back, as I do not know if he is monitoring your activities. I am an extremely computer-savvy person and know how mail ids, incoming mail servers etc. work to find locations  etc.  I also have several extremely computer-savvy persons, to put it mildly, who are supporters of this site and my other work. I also know how much your colleague is monitoring this site, looking up on anyone who posts here, and has been for a long time. Yes, he knew about Levin a long time back, not the first time through you, as he would like you to believe.  So,  while I am rather amused by his ongoing actions, I do not want to let your trust in him get in the way of any correspondence I have with you directly. Therefore, as much as I would like a private discussion, this is the only way through a public post, I can let you know.

A follow-up to the post: Stranger Still