Sentence of 4 to 7 years

From the CBC this morning:

My own thoughts:

The Crown is looking at 4 to 7 years. Sadly, Levin’s crimes in South Africa will go unpunished.

Why does Canada allow people like these to get into such positions of power? How can they climb up the ladder  using superficial charm, intimidation and “qualifications”?

I encourage other people who come on this site to speak up more not just on Levin, but also on psychiatrists and therapists who have abused them sexually, physically, emotionally or psychologically in both a professional or private setting. It is very important that the truth be outed. Not just for your own sake, but for others too, to be aware and not seek the services of predators.

While certainly not all therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists are this way – it is still known as a field where several personality-disordered people enter to “cure” themselves, trying to “cure” others. And sometimes, for those who are predatory, instead of helping, they abuse those who trust them.

There are sites out there which specifically document the violations by mental-health professionals. These are extremely useful to get a grip on facts.

But healing in a shared setting is equally important and that is why message boards with private identities help. Do know, that if you have been violated mentally, emotionally and/or physically you may not be alone. And together, victims can make a difference, when they challenge the predator – no matter how well the predator tries to present a public mask of charm and intellect. The disparity between the public and private sides are hallmarks of pathological narcissists, and all predators, sociopaths, and psychopaths have narcissistic personality disorder, among other ailments, which make it impossible for them to view anything from a victim’s view and also have that chilling lack of empathy and remorse.

Speak up. At most, it brings one peace to have been heard. 


One thought on “Sentence of 4 to 7 years

  1. I live in south africa and was in the army (forced conscription) at the time of ward 22 and aubrey levin,s crimes. I was spared any abuse tho I am a gay man who was closeted. How can I become involved in trying to secure justice in south africa for this monster once he has served his sentence in canada? Can anyone please advise. I would like to be part of such a projest. Fundraising etc. Thank you in anticipation. Rory

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