The trial continues…

CBC Canada has the following news about the trial of Aubrey Levin:

The trial for a once prominent forensic psychiatrist has resumed with testimony from one of Dr. Aubrey Levin’s patients.

Levin is accused of sexually assaulting 10 male patients.

On Thursday, a 38-year-old victim — who can only be identified as RB — said he first met Dr. Aubrey Levin in the Bowden Institution in 2001.

Following his release from jail, RB was ordered to meet with Levin as a condition of his parole.

RB testified Levin fondled his genitals during a meeting at Peter Lougheed hospital, but said he was too scared to tell police or anyone in authority.

RB said he thought no one would believe him and Levin could easily send him back to jail.

The alleged victim told the jury the attacks continued for nearly a decade, ending in 2010 after RB secretly videotaped two of his appointments with Levin.

Levin’s trial is resuming after a two-week adjournment.

That break was needed after the Levine fired his first lawyer and then told the court he was not qualified to cross examine witnesses.

Other news articles about the ongoing trial:

ften breaking down in sobs, a former patient of Dr. Aubrey Levin’s testified Thursday how he was molested while being treated following a suicide attempt.

The man, who can’t be identified, told a Calgary court he was already seeing Levin as part of a five-week program to deal with mental health issues, when he had a breakdown.

“I wanted to kill myself and I wrapped some computer cables around my neck and I tried to kill myself,” the burly witness told court, breaking down in tears.

“There was too much going on,” he said, repeatedly wiping his eyes with a tissue.

He was taken to Rockyview Hospital, where he’d been seeing Levin as an outpatient, before being transferred to Peter Lougheed Centre.

There, he learned Levin had a permanent office, and he began seeing him there.

But during a Dec. 15, 2009 after-hours visit, Levin suggested the patient’s partner might be cheating on him and he should examine him for sexually transmitted diseases.

In a separate examining room the doctor had the man remove his pants and underwear and began examining his privates, the witness said.

“That’s the room he took me to, where he touched me,” he told Crown prosecutor Bill Wister, as he looked at a photo booklet.

He admitted continuing to see Levin until the doctor told him in March, 2010 he would no longer be his psychiatrist.

“He was always quick with the complements … ‘you’re a handsome man,’ ‘you’re a big burly brute,’” the witness said.

Under cross-examination, defence counsel Chris Archer suggested the patient had an ulterior motive for the sex assault allegations — a $400,000 lawsuit against the doctor.

Levin, 73, faces 10 charges of sexual assault involving male patients dating back to 1999.


Witness says sex assault by psychiatrist prompted suicide attempt: Levin trial

 A Calgary man says he visited several hospital emergency rooms for help, then attempted suicide by slicing his wrists and taking an overdose of medication, two days after former forensic psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin sexually assaulted him during an appointment.

G.G. told Crown prosecutor Dallas Sopko on Friday that Levin suddenly and unexpectedly grabbed his testicles while he was seeing the doctor for depression.

He said the incident on March 27, 2009, lasted about 10 seconds. He also got no explanation from Levin beforehand what he was about to do and nothing afterward as to why he did it.

“I looked away and grimaced in pain,” said GG. “I turned to the side, then he stopped. By the time I had turned, he had moved straight to my feet. I was surprised to see him move that fast.

The witness said Levin immediately grabbed a pen from his pocket after he touched his testicles, then began running it up and down the souls of his feet to test his reflexes, as if nothing has happened.

G.G. said he had had testicular examinations previously, but they were much shorter and did not involve pain. He said Levin was not using gloves and that all other doctors had used such protection.

G.G. said he was so upset he began looking for help at the hospitals, but was quickly discharged by the doctor or psychiatrist in each case. He then went home and tried to kill himself.

“I felt like I was literally being ripped apart. I wanted it to be over,” he testified.

He said he had never attempted suicide prior to that day, but has tried again since.

Levin is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting 10 men, most of them under his care through court-ordered appointments. GG, however, had sought help on his own.

The trial before Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley and jury resumes on Monday.




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  1. Disembowel him the English way (see the regicides in the year 1660) – check the web for details! That’s all we are going to say!

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