Dr. Levin’s arrest : A patient speaks out

This post is from a CTV news article dated March, 2010. The complete article can be found in the following link:



CTV News has spoken with a current patient of a Calgary psychiatrist charged with sexual assault.

The man says he was shocked to hear about the charges against Dr. Aubrey Levin.

“I’m glad someone was brave enough to step forward,” says the patient who was under court order to be assessed by Dr. Levin.

The patient CTV spoke too was dealing with a gambling addiction and felt something wasn’t right when Dr. Levin asked him , what he felt were, inappropriate questions about his sexuality.

“I didn’t want him to write anything negative about me. So I pretty much kept quiet through the whole ordeal and the next time I came forward I was going to bring a tape recorder and record everything he was going to say, just to protect myself,’ says the patient.

Levin is charged with sexually assaulting a 36-year-old male patient of his. It’s alleged the sexual assault happened repeatedly.

The alleged victim had asked for help but when nobody believed him he took a hidden camera tape to a therapy session.

CTV News has learned it was that video tape recording the led to Levin’s arrest.

Levin is a psychiatrist who often conducted psychiatric assessments on people facing criminal charges.

He has been stripped of his credentials pending an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Alberta Justice says it will review all cases in which Levin was an expert witness to figure out if any testimony has been tainted.

“We’ll be looking over every single file this doctor had any conduct with and, unfortunately, when something like this happens everyone looks back over the last 20 years with clients to see how bad it was,” says Adriano Iovenilli, a defence lawyer.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons says Dr. Levin had a clean record since arriving, several years ago, in Canada from South Africa.

Dr. Aubrey Levin


3 thoughts on “Dr. Levin’s arrest : A patient speaks out

  1. My name is Shawn and what can I say, this all has become a very large roller coaster from hell ride for me personally. At first, I thought, we got ya, ya son of a bitch, and then he had his lawyer delay the trial and come up with all sorts of BS excuses. Some of these were a bit of a concern for me personally because I know this man well enough to know that he was and is capable of using these tactics to stay out of prision. The good prevailed, and the courts and jurors were able to see through the maze of BS and red tape. Now I have to testify, and although I am a bit nervous, and in a sad way, I will be glad to testify against this guy because I know what he did to me: it is personal, and I will be there when he is sentenced and placed into custody where this man can live out the rest of his natural life in prision. In case he survives his ordeal, I have already commenced actions to challenge his citizenship, and all the the players are involved. Included are the CBSA, RCMP, various human rights groups, CSIS and the very prime minister himself. My prediction is that this trash is done, and I will be glade when it is finally over. I, like the other 9 guys that are involved here will carry our shit as well as other the other shit this man has done to others who were victims and never had a voice. This mo fo is going to burn in Hell I can assure you.

  2. I am the former girlfriend of the first victim… that monster has affected my life in ways I cannot even begin to explain. He never touched me….but messed up my life. I do feel ur pain as only that I can only imagine what you went through as my ex-boyfriend did too. And i do believe that he will go to hell….thats where he deserves to be

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