A missed trial. And another mistrial.

From CBC News:


A Calgary judge has declared a second mistrial in the sexual assault case against former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin.

Levin first went on trial in 2012 for nine counts of sexual assault against former patients.

He was found guilty of three counts in January 2013 for fondling men who had been assigned to him as patients through the courts.
Levin was given a five-year prison sentence, which he appealed. That same jury found him not guilty of two counts and a mistrial was declared on the remaining four charges when the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

A new trial for two of those charges began earlier this month in front of a new jury. But on Friday that jury was also unable to come to a verdict.

It’s an outcome the Crown says is rare and frustrating.

“For everyone … part of the process, for the accused, for the complainants and certainly from the Crown’s perspective it is too. We’d like to see finality to proceedings,” said Shane Parker.

Crown considering 3rd trial

Levin remains out on bail pending the appeal of his sentence.

His lawyer said the drawn out process is tough on his client.

“Obviously it’s difficult,” said defence lawyer Chris Archer. “It’s hanging over him. As I’ve said before, he’s 74 years old, so it’s even more difficult when you factor in his age.”

The Crown is considering a third trial, but one legal expert questions that decision because of the costs involved and the likelihood of finding another jury that hasn’t been tainted by all the media coverage.

“These 12 people that sat on the jury could not come to a unanimous decision so there seems to be something that’s deadlocking them. Is that likely to happen again?” said Janne Holmgren, an associate professor in justice studies at Mount Royal University.

The Crown says there’s a lot to consider, including having victims testify again.

“Every time it’s not getting any easier for them, it’s getting harder,” said Parker. “They’re in a different place in their lives now, and we’d have to respect the fact if they said they want to move on.”

Jury deadlocked…

From the Calgary Herald: “Levin jurors struggle for unanimous verdict” by Daryl Slade.

A deadlocked jury appeared to be the outcome again late Thursday afternoon in former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin’s sexual assault trial.

Just after 4 p.m., following about 12 hours of deliberations over two days, the jury sent a note from the foreperson to Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes, which read “We the jury have made every effort to reach a unanimous verdict and cannot.”

After debate with both sides’ counsel, Hughes read the jury a standard exhortation to keep deliberating and make their best effort to reach a unanimous verdict.

For the rest of the article follow the link: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Levin+jurors+struggle+unanimous+verdict/9642904/story.html


Day old article from the CBC:



From the Calgary Sun, by Kevin Martin:

Jurors deciding the fate of convicted sex offender Dr. Aubrey Levin spent another night in a city hotel after failing to reach a verdict Thursday.

The five-woman, seven-man jury ended deliberations just before 9 p.m. despite earlier telling Justice Beth Hughes they were hopelessly deadlocked.

Hughes received a note from the jury around 4 p.m. indicating they couldn’t come to a consensus.

The Court of Queen’s Bench judge asked jurors deliberating Levin’s case to continue to try to come to a consensus.

Hughes decided to “exhort” jurors to come to a decision, but said if they can’t she has the power to declare a mistrial.

For the rest - http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/03/21/jury-cant-decide–no-consensus-in-trial-of-shrink-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-patients


Also from the Sun, “Obstruction Case against wife of Dr. Aubrey Levin has been postponed”:


Looks like the man will get away…..and those who will let him go will get his “gratitude” as he will sue against the province.

Time the jurors read Barbara Oakley’s “Pathological Altruism.” Showing mercy to a sick psycho does not change or redeem him, it gives him power to lash back. Machiavellians never change. They can only pretend.

It only sadly reminds us how little the sexual abuse of men count in our society. Had even a single one of those he touched been a woman, even if the woman may have been a cold-blooded murderer, you’d have seen how all the white-knights and feminist groups would have convened, protested, gone berserk and had the “dirty shock-doc” convicted.

But he abused men.

In our politically-correct society, that no longer matters any more. Men who are victims of sexual crimes – in whatever form – are now second class citizens of the system. Q.E.D.


But of course! “Victims lied or exaggerated,” claims Levin’s lawyer.

Kevin Martin reports the latest from the case. Direct link here:


One alleged victim’s a liar and the other an embellisher, the lawyer for psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin said Tuesday.

Defence counsel Chris Archer said the testimony of two men accusing Levin of sexually abusing them as patients can’t be trusted.

Archer said one, who claimed Levin fondled him at his Peter Lougheed Centre office, made the story up to gain financially.

And as for the second complainant, Archer said the patient misinterpreted Levin’s actions when the doctor examined his penis after the man mentioned he had a mole.

“It was a valid and necessary screen for cancer,” the lawyer said…..

For the rest of the article, follow the link.

And of course, Greefswald, conversion therapies, and other atrocities in the SADF etc. did not happen at all.  All the victims for decades have been lying and exaggerating. That is the only explanation. Even the articles in a reputed newspaper like the UK Guardian are lies and exaggerations. The doc is as pure as the milky white snow of the Canadian winter.

March 2014 Update on the case

From the Calgary Herald. Original article here: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Former+forensic+psychiatrist+Aubrey+Levin+will+testify+sexual+assault+trial/9619642/story.html

A jury will not hear from the former forensic psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting two male patients under his care.

Defence lawyer Chris Archer, who represents Aubrey Levin, advised Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Beth Hughes on Friday that he will call no evidence on behalf of his client.

Two men testified during the two-week trial that Levin, 74, fondled their genitals during appointments at his office in Peter Lougheed Centre in 2009.

They also testified at the opening trial in 2012 that resulted in a hung jury.

The trial continues Tuesday with final arguments.

Hughes will give final instructions to the jury Wednesday.


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Earlier from the Calgary Sun: 
“Witness describes alleged sexual assault at trial of noted psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin”
Note: I am often e-mailed information about the case from people who say they know a lot and/or have written to higher-up government officials about their own experiences directly with Levin. The reason I refrain from publishing that information here, is
(a) This is an ongoing case and for the sake of the jury and legal issues, such information should not be printed here, whether true or rumoured.
(b) This site is to ask questions, raise awareness, and document the infamous conduct of Dr. Levin both regarding his past in South Africa and his present charges in Canada, as well as similar crimes. It is always, always correct to place legitimate information regarding the case written by professional journalists in legitimate publications. It is their job to investigate and write, while it is the job of those with information to pass on their leads to journalists and let them take it from there.
In the near future, I hope to provide links to legitimate organizations set up to help victims of conversion therapy, abuse by psychiatrists who misused their power and abuse by clinical narcissists. But apart from the “how” of healing, I’m also  interested on the “why” of the reason Machiavellians and white-collar psychopaths can get away with crimes like these.

Technicalities, Excuses & Legal Loopholes as Levin’s case plods on

The duo who had shown no mercy or ethics in the treatment of homosexuals in the South African Defence Force, no respect for others’  legal rights when his patients were molested by him, and no sense of law and order while trying to bribe a juror, now have managed to get their lawyer to pull every legal loophole to be free, and hold up their rights, their “pain”.

And, of course, our dear Canada, with its red carpet treatment to bullies and those who know how to use its govt. system, will bestow upon this lovely couple whatever the duo wish …..I am quite certain in a few years Dr. Levin may even be eligible for the Order of Canada for his selfless service to this country, for his remarkable human rights record and honourable messiah-like work in South Africa……and anyone who called him out will be banished from this kingdom, or even arrested, for daring to call a sick abuser a “sick abuser.” Amen.

Latest developments in the case:

From the CBC:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/erica-levin-in-court-over-charge-she-tried-to-bribe-husband-s-juror-1.2503844

The lawyer representing a woman accused of trying to bribe a jurorat her husband’s trial wants to talk to the other jurors.

Last year Aubrey Levin was found guilty of sexually assaulting three former male patients.

During the trial a juror had to be excused after she told the judge she had been approached by Levin’s wife Erica and offered cash for an acquittal.

Erica Levin was charged with obstruction of justice.

Before the Crown begins presenting evidence, Erica Levin’s lawyer is asking the judge for the names and contact information of the other jurors.

Alberta’s Jury Act discourages personal information from being shared.

From the Calgary Sun: “Defence eyes juror interviews in case of Calgary senior accused of attempted bribery during husband’s trial”

The lawyer for a Calgary senior charged with attempting to bribe a juror in her husband’s sex assault trial wants to interview other jury members.

Defence counsel Michael Bates argued Monday the remaining 11 jurors could have information to shed light on the case of Erica Levin.

Bates told Justice Sheilah Martin that without the ability to quiz the remaining jurors, who later convicted Levin’s husband Dr. Aubrey Levin of sexually abusing patients, his client wouldn’t get a fair trial.

He wants Martin to order Crown prosecutor Brian Holtby to disclose the remaining jurors’ contact information to the defence, or make the clerk’s office provide it.

For the rest of the article, follow this link: http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/20/defence-eyes-juror-interviews-in-case-of-calgary-senior-accused-of-attempted-bribery-during-husbands-trial

And….drum-roll, please. Of course, victory for the Levins! Maybe he can become the next mayor of Calgary? He can “examine” his electorate thoroughly with his bare hands, while Toronto mayor Rob Ford applauds him and snorts crack-cocaine. Go Canada!

“Minor victory for accused in Calgary jury bribery case” 



The lawyer for a Calgary woman charged with bribing a juror in her husband’s sex-assault trial who wants to talk to other jury members won a partial victory Tuesday.

Justice Sheilah Martin agreed the Crown would have to provide the identity of one of the remaining jurors to defence counsel Michael Bates, because the woman was on the same C-Train platform where the alleged crime took place…..

For the rest of the article: http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/21/minor-victory-for-accused-in-calgary-jury-bribery-case

Warning: The following picture may be offensive to some as it shows a couple of pathological narcissists and white collar psychopaths who walk away free while many of their victims from decades ago have been damaged for life. But of course, in the eyes of the law, the rights of these two specimens matter more in Canada than the rights of those without money and power, and of course of those who were gay and thereby “deserved” to be tortured by this specimen.

Canada, you always claim, often wrongly, a misplaced “moral superiority” over the United States, but this is a shame, a travesty on your part. Even the U.S. finally convicted Jerry Sandusky.

For decades you gave a safe haven to this torturer who was wanted in South Africa for his crimes against humanity, but – no – you gave him his freedom, his license to practice medicine, a professorship and a lot more. Those who were complicit in this injustice, I wonder how you sleep peacefully at night. But, ah, oh well – anyone who has read the books of the brilliant Dr. Robert Hare (Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits- When Psychopaths go to work”) or his papers  know exactly why…..or more precisely, understand how you could sleep. And we shake our heads at the injustices that go unpunished in this world.

No words. In advance, for we can slowly see what the final outcome of this case may be. Any bets that Levin will then sue the Alberta govt. and wish to be paid by our tax money for the “injustices” perpetrated on him? I wouldn’t put it past this specimen.

Dr. Aubrey Levin

December update on the Levin trial

From the Calgary Herald. December 2, 2013.

“Hearing to determine admissibility of evidence in retrial of disgraced psychiatrist.”

A five-week voir dire began on Monday to determine the admissibility of evidence in the retrial of former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin for allegedly sexually assaulting three patients.

The trial within a trial will run for three weeks this month, then continue for two more weeks starting Jan. 13. The jury trial, set for eight weeks, will begin March 3.

For the rest of the article: http://bit.ly/1czh7M6

Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request

Source: cbc.ca: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/aubrey-levin-remains-on-bail-as-appeal-court-ponders-request-1.1991924

Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request

Former court psychiatrist appealing 5-year sentence for sexually assaulting patients

CBC News Posted: Oct 11, 2013 6:45 PM MT Last Updated: Oct 11, 2013 11:51 PM MT

Former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three of his patients, was in a Calgary courtroom today asking Alberta’s Court of Appeal for a new trial.

The three justices presiding over the case are now considering whether or not to grant his request. Levin remains on bail until the decision has been made.

Defence arguments today largely focused on the credibility of the Crown’s key witness and questioned his motivation for coming forward, given he’s launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Levin.

Levin — who is in his 70s — was released on bail in February after being sentenced to five years behind bars.

He was originally charged with sexually assaulting a patient in 2010 after the man who can only be identified as RB under a court order came forward with video he had secretly taken during an appointment.

The video shows the Levin fondling RB.

Levin denies wrongdoing

Soon after, a tip line was set up by police and that’s when several other former patients came forward with their own complaints.

The former psychiatrist has denied the allegations and claimed he was conducting examinations to help with sexual dysfunction.

Levin went to trial on nine counts of sexual assault and was eventually found guilty on three charges.

There were many twists and turns during the trial that was originally set for six weeks but lasted three months.

It was delayed when Levin fired his lawyer, when he was hospitalized and when a juror was dismissed.

The juror alleged Levin’s wife Erica tried to bribe her to acquit her husband outside the courthouse. She is now awaiting trial for obstruction of justice.

Please click on the direct link which contains a CBC news video and a timeline of Levin’s trial.